3 reasons to spend your summer vacation in Moldova

Choosing where to spend your vacation can be a really hard task, especially if you want an unusual experience (or, why not, you’re considering just the cheapest options). There are a few places to visit that could give a totally unique experience, you just have to be brave enough and ready for a different type of trip. You can choose a hotel in Moldova and enjoy the free time or take a short travel around the country, either way, you’ll be enchanted by these advantages of this small landlocked European country, found between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the east.

So, why would you stop in Moldova? Here you go – 3 reasons to spend your summer vacation there.

1. Beautiful places

Even though Moldova is a landlocked country or does not have mountains, the country has a few wonderful places to visit. One of them is Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei), Moldova’s most tremendous sight. This archaeological complex has a rich cultural and historical significance, also a place of stunning natural beauty. Besides the Răut River, this open-air complex features fortifications, baths, caves, ruins, and monasteries – all which date back as late as the Dacian tribes of 2000 years ago. Due to the uniqueness of the area, a museum has been built to offer exhibits and provide information about this wonderful place.

You also got to visit the Cricova Winery. The second largest wine cellar in the world; it is certainly a place to see before you get old. It has 120 km of complicated roadways above ground and an elaborate tunnel system underground that resisted since the 15th century. Admiring 1.25 million bottles of wine will motivate you to take some with you, for sure.

Or you can visit even a larger wine cellar (but you will need a car for that) which extends up to 220km, under the ground and won its place in the Guinness World Records Book for having the largest wine collection, more than 2 million bottles, Milestii Mici.

If you were born in a city, you’ll enjoy for sure a visit to Padurea Domneasca (Royal Forest) Natural Reservation. This is the largest natural reserve in Moldova, it’s located in Glodeni. Make sure to admire the country’s oldest old-growth oak trees (the oldest oak there is estimated to be about 450 years old) and the place named “One Hundred Hills,” a landscape of rolling knolls.

2. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Whether you are a great fan of organic food or just a food lover, you’ll be fascinated by the imbued taste of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Cherries, strawberries, peaches, plums, blackberries, raspberry – consumed as they are or in smoothies, sangria or with ice-cream – all of this opportunities are healthy, tasty and cheap. You never tasted such fresh and delicious tomatoes and cucumbers as those that are sold in Moldova during the summer. All types of fruits and vegetables, along with fresh and aromatic herbs make the traditional meals even better than usually (and they are already full-flavored and delectable).

Moldova is an agrarian country, so most of the seasonal fruits and vegetables are organic and not genetically modified. In order to find the best deals, most likely you’ll have to visit a market (which can be pretty crowded and strange for those who are used to stores, but it is worth the effort).

3. The hotels

The best hotels in Moldova have all the conditions for a comfortable stay and a little bit more. A nice hotel in Chisinau can be enough for a pleasant vacation, even if you don’t visit all the touristic objectives in the country. The country is pretty small, so you can even stay at the same place and take small, one-day trips, in order to visit Orhei or Cricova (or any other place you like).

Reservations are pretty easy to make, as the booking system is well-developed in the best hotels. In order to book a room in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, a phone call or a short online visit could be enough. The price range is quite large, so you’ll be able to choose the level of comfort you want and afford.

So, give it a try, take the chance and spend this year’s summer vacation in Moldova. You’ll make some unique memories, for sure!

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