7 Places You Must See in Cuba

Cuba is a hugely popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. The island country is the largest and most populace in the whole of the Caribbean and is host to eight different UNESCO world heritage sites; a mere hint as to the extent of the culture and wonder that is just waiting to be explored in some of Cuba’s must-see locations.

  1. Jardines del Rey

Known as the King’s Garden, this cluster of islands rises triumphantly from the Atlantic sea and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cuba. Abundant with crystal clear waters, dazzlingly white sands and majestic flamingos wandering freely around the many lagoons, it is easy to see why.

  1. Havana

Havana, the capital city of Cuba and largest in all of the Caribbean is bursting at the seams with the history of the country. Cathedrals, castles and museums display the architectural beauty of Cuba in all its glory, so much so that the historic area known as Old Havana plays host to over 900 attractions alone, marking it as one of the country’s greatest and most renowned world heritage sites. The city is also the ideal place to soak up the rich musical culture of Cuba; known for its fusion of African and European influences.

  1. Varadero beach

Cuba is home to over 300 beaches, distinguished by their uniquely coloured sand and clear, turquoise waters. The most popular of all those beaches however is Varadero with its enviable golden sand. With a sub-tropical climate and 330 days of sunshine each year, this makes Varadero and its neighbouring Cuban beaches equally as ideal for those who love to sunbathe as for those who love diving below the surface of the water.

  1. Zapata peninsula

The Zapata peninsula, protected by one of the country’s numerous biospheres, is covered in dense marshland and thick forest, making it an ideal destination for those who adore admiring diverse wildlife in their natural habitat. The clear waters and coral reef at its coast also make it popular among scuba divers.

  1. La Farola

This world renowned highway delves deep into the beautiful mountains near Cajobabo. 11 different bridges along the way allow you to gaze into the abyss below, making the most of one of Cuba’s so-called ‘seven wonders of Cuban architecture’.

  1. Pinar del Rio

Any lover of old-fashioned Westerns simply must visit Pinar del Rio. The home of the world’s most beloved cigars and cowboys that still roam the limestone mountains and flat plains, this place is also protected by UNESCO due to its natural beauty and rich heritage.

  1. Cienfuegos

Known as ‘The Pearl of the South’, this waterfront city is home to yet another world heritage site, thanks to its glorious architecture. It also plays host to some of the calmest waters in Cuba, making it a popular stop for lovers of sailing. Meanwhile, below the surface, the underwater maze of coral referred to as the Notre Dame makes this another favourite location for divers.

With cheap holidays to Cuba so easy to organise, there really is nothing stopping you from immersing yourself in a country steeped with culture, history and beauty.

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