Best Ways On Getting A More Affordable Cruise Ship Parking


Cruises are one of the best holiday trips for you and your family. Yet, there are some things that people tend to forget when going on a cruise – the actual transportation to the cruise ship. If you are driving there, you will have to think of your vehicle after you have arrived. Sad but true, this is the last thing that many people consider, but it should be one of the first priorities since you will be leaving your vehicle alone for an extended period of time.

The following are the tips and ideas you will have for your cruise parking:

Cruise Owned Lot

Without a doubt, most cruise companies give parking space to their customers. This may be the best and most convenient choice sine it will be located right on the property and you will only have to walk a few steps to the docks and the ship. However, it has a downside which is it will definitely charge you a higher fee.

Private Parking Place

There are various cities that offers plethora of privately owned parking areas that are much more affordable than any other options. These types of parking areas can charge by the day and by the week and when it comes to the cost of parking your car for weeks, this could naturally be the discounted option. The only negative effect it has is that you will not have as much security as you would in a different type of parking area. There is a high damage risk for your car since you could be leaving the car for an extended time.

City Owned Garage

Some cities often provide parking garages that assure best security for your auto. They are more expensive that a private garage but much more affordable than a cruise owned lot. You can avail a weekly parking pass that will help you save you more money. But, they may be far from your cruise location and you may have to walk a distance with your luggage.

Planning ahead of what’s best for your vehicle plays a crucial role when it comes to having a cruise vacation. Most people forget about this thing because they are focusing on planning for the cruise itself. But, you will need to assure your car is safe and sound for the length of your cruise. There are different options for parking available like Galveston cruise terminal parking and you must find a balance between safety of your vehicle and cost. You can visit online sites that will give you information about the city you are visiting so that you can find parking options and then assess those quotes to the fees that your cruise would rate to park in their own lot.

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