10 Camping Blogs You’ll Love

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Planning your next great camping trip?  You’re not alone.  Camping and camping blogs seem to be more popular than ever with travelers taking greener, back-to-nature and budget holidays.

“Camping is enjoying a huge surge in popularity all over the world. In fact, I recently read that China is building 180 new campgrounds in Shandong Province,” says Roy Scribner, aka CampingBlogger.

“But it’s the same all over; Indonesia, the Philippines, Europe – families are escaping the pressures of work and school with camping vacations, instead of more expensive holidays.”

We love the camping inspiration and information we always find at CampingBlogger.  Actually, Scribner shared his insightful 5 Green Camping Tips in a recent post here.

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In October 2008, Scribner launched CampingBlogger “to promote family outdoor activities and encourage parents to experience nature with their kids.”  Since then, his popular camping blog has “clicked with a lot of people.”

Here are 10 Camping Blogs You’ll Love:

  1. CampingBlogger
  2. Campr
  3. InspiredCamping.com
  4. Campist
  5. The Glamping Blog
  6. Cool Camping
  7. Hiking Camping Blog
  8. Glamping Blog
  9. Joy of Camping
  10. Love In A Tent

What is your favorite camping blog?  Tell us about it.

Photo credits: CampingBlogger.net

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  1. soultravelers3

    Cool list!

    We have have been RVing Europe since 2006, living large and very green in luxury campgrounds on 23 dollars a day per person!

    From Paris to Tuscany, Granada to London, Lisbon to Oslo, Romantic Road in Germany to Venice, Pompeii, Santorini, Dublin, Prague, Seville, Sweden and more….as there is not a site or city in Europe that doesn’t have a campsite, most are luxurious resorts at bargain basement prices.

    I’m still amazed at how few Americans know this or take advantage and it’s a fabulous way to really get to know Europeans & families from Oz & Nz.

    We’re not a camping blog per se , we are a family on an open ended world tour, but we do list all the fantastic campsites that we go to with details and links.

    I will be making an ebook soon of all the best campsites in Europe and secrets to making the most of them.

    Many in Europe are free, some luxurious ones as little as 7 dollars a night and pools, beaches, free kid’s clubs, restaurants, cottage rentals, bike rentals, plush exercise workout rooms & saunas etc are the norm.

    Glad to see someone else talking about the joys & fab deals of camping in Europe!
    .-= soultravelers3´s last blog ..Highest Sand Dune in Europe – Dune de Pyla! =-.

  2. Campr

    Thanks for featuring Campr! Camping is definitely taking off in the UK and with the weak pound it’s far cheaper than going abroad… and you take your chances with the weather.
    .-= Campr´s last blog ..Gone camping… =-.

  3. Sonya

    Thanks soultravelers3! These are great camping blogs. I look forward to your ebook on Europe’s best campsites.

  4. Eric

    I’m a big fan of my own blog of course – http://www. familycampman.com. It has camping tips, tricks, personal insights about my own return to the outdoors and camping.

    While I’m not as experienced as some of the other blogs, you’ll find I hope you’ll relate to my learnings.
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..8 Things To Take Camping That You’ve Probably Never Thought Of =-.

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  6. Alyse

    We so enjoyed your site and your kids getting to be a part of nature. We do our camping in Florida and have had some similar experiences, but love to read about other camping experiences. Check it out if interested http://flcampingfamily.blogspot.com/ I look forward to reading about your next trip. Thx!

  7. Megan

    We keep our camping green by using ancient camping gear (my sleeping bag was my mum’s in the 70′s, but it’s as warm as ever), taking a compact car, and doing the bulk of our camping within several hours of where we live. You don’t need expensive equipment and weeks off to enjoy camping: go small, go cheap, and go now!

  8. Liz LaFarge

    You left out my camping blog – it’s about being a woman of a certain age camping alone for months at a time in a tent. I am The Tent Soloist. thetentsoloist.wordpress.com. I hope you’ll like reading it as much as I like writing it – and living it!