10 Walking Blogs You’ll Love

TGWalkingHeadwaterInland Madeira 10 Walking Blogs Youll Love

Portuguese archipelago Madeira, a walking destination. Photo credit: Headwater.

“Man’s real home is not a house, but the Road, and that life itself is a journey to be walked on foot.” ― Bruce Chatwin, What Am I Doing Here?

English travel writer and novelist Bruce Chatwin had a legendary passion for walking which inspired us to walk, travel and write.

Walking has become the best way we know to travel and experience a place.

We’ve blogged about walking on holidays from safari in Kenya to California wine country to Portugal’s Madeira (above) to New Zealand trails.

Graphic AnatomyofWalking final 10 Walking Blogs Youll Love

Anatomy of Walking. Photo and video credits: Every Body Walk!

Want to walk more in your life and travels?  Be inspired by super online walking resources like Every Body Walk!, an educational campaign aimed at getting Americans walking.

Every Body Walk! is working to “spread the message that walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week really can improve your overall health and prevent disease.”

The campaign has created an Every Body Walk! app which helps users personalize a walking plan, connect with walking communities and learn about walking tips, advice and videos like the Denver Walkable City (below).

Look to the blogosphere and social media networks (Twitter, Facebook etc) for walking stories, tours, tips, gear, guides, blogs and more.

Here are 10 Walking Blogs You’ll Love:

  1. Walk Blog
  2. Every Body Walk Blog
  3. Country Walking
  4. Walks of Italy Blog
  5. Walk Simply
  6. Bushwalking Blog
  7. Where2Walk Blog
  8. walkitcornwall 
  9. Walk San Diego
  10. Walks And Walking

What are your favorite walking blogs? Share them.

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  1. Caro from Passport and a Toothbrush

    This post is inspiring and encouraging! I’ve started walking to work (it’s a 40 min walk) in preparation for our trip and it’s insane how quick I see results! I used to have a job where I walked all day but not since I work in an office, my morale and fitness levels plummeted! Love that graph, shows me I’m doing the right thing!

  2. Terry

    Awesome blog….congratulations! It’s so nice to know that I’m not the only “walk-a-holic” out there. My walking partner and I are attempting a 1,963 mile virtual walk from Key West to Quebec City. Give me a shout out if I pass through your town. http://momonawalk.com – Happy trails to all.
    Terry´s last blog post ..March 8, 2013