The best Kayak vacation places in the United States

Many Americans are taking kayaking to another level. However, this sporting and leisure activity has to be undertaken in the best rivers since the US has several rivers and lakes. Are you wondering where the best places to kayak are? Then worry no more because at we’ve got your interest at hand.

Below is a list of nine if the best kayaking destinations whether you are an amateur, a professional or just on leisure and you need that crazy and amazing view and breeze.

Devil’s River in Texas

Devils river tops the list as among the best destination. As its name suggests, the destination has some views that may not be friendly to the amateurs. The river rises in the northwestern part of Sutton County and flows for an approximate 100 miles towards the Rio Grande. The river is however seasonal along other parts as it, therefore, tends to flow from the underground for few miles. The river can be dangerous to unprofessional people, and therefore a permit is needed for you to kayak in this wonderful water mass.

Its good quality of fresh water makes its scenery beautiful, breathtaking and worthy some expeditions on. The best time to go kayaking along this river is during the early spring to mid-summer and during the autumn as the winds are usually cool and bearable.

River Indian, Florida

From mangroves, glides to giant manatee and bottlenose dolphins, Indian River is another suitable spot for kayaking. The river has a Lagoon that makes it more attractive during the winter period. The lagoon offers a perfect scenery to do some professional or leisure kayaks.

Besides, the bioluminescent tours are the best that peddlers can be offered, as fish light up the underneath water leaving behind a glowing trail.

River Arkansas

Situated in the state of Arkansas, river Arkansas spans nearly 1500 miles starting from Grand Canyon. The river has relaxing float trips and wonderful Class IV water rapids. Long the west, the river has a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains and the Royal Gorge.

Lake Guntersville.

This is the largest lake in Alabama. Beginners enjoy stress-free peddling while the professionals can move into the clear water.

Gauley River

Gauley River earned a reputation as the best kayaking destination in West Virginia due to its class V rapids. It has a Sweet’s fall in its upper part. The river has many features that can be unsuitable for the faint-hearted ones.

Lake Tahoe

This is the best destination for beginners and learners. Lying between California and Nevada, the lake has clear water that is calm for any kayaking. The beautiful mountains give the lake a breathtaking view during the day.

River Tuolumne

River Tuolumne is the best spot for kayakers seeking to experience thrills in the white water. It has intense class iv and v rapids from its source in Yosemite National Park all the way to its confluence. Along the river, a rapid named Pinball has rocks that make kayaking more adventurous.

River Tyger.

Kayakers around South Carolina can enjoy the natural and fun-filled rapids in river Tyger. The river has a beautiful surrounding scenery that makes your kayaking rememberable.

Pere Marquette River.

Situated in Michigan, the river is a must paddle for the people around. The clear and shallow water flow at speed favorable for all beginners’ waters run swiftly and obstacle-free during the summer months. In just three to four days, you can kayak down the entire river stress-free.

Few Tips For Your Next Camping Adventure

Do you have a taste of exploration and adventures? Do you like what it feels signing off from your phones and getting into the lap of nature? Is camping a thing that calms your mind? If you answered all this in a positive note then you’ve come across the right post. We are providing you with great camping tips which will be useful not only to novices but also to those who are experienced in this field. Contrary to common belief, you can have a successful camping trip without putting your comfort aside if you stay with companies like Royal Gorge Cabins which offers luxury camping. If done right camping is both enjoyable and adventurous.

Choose a camp that fits your size

When you choose a camp, make sure that it is of just the right size. It should neither be too big nor too small. Before choosing a camp it is best to take into consideration your exact need for space. Not only camps but choosing a perfect campsite is also a must for sleeping peacefully beneath the stars. Take care of the wind direction, so that you don’t have to inhale smoke coming all night. It is best to avoid a noisy neighbourhood and make sure you won’t be a noisy neighbour. People seek peace and adventure during camping, so keeping a low volume is counted as a camping etiquette. Although you must seek a tree shelter while placing your camp, but be careful about rotten trees or trees with dead roots as they are dangerous and can fall without warning!

Good food, Good day

Good food is essential to call it a day when one is out camping with friends and family. a successful day at camping. To have great food with the least amount of hassle one needs to make sure that they select special camping dishes that can be prepared easily. Selecting camping recipes and ready to eat meals will ensure that you have a less bulky travel bags. Another pro tip which not many people are aware of is to avoid the use of non-stick cookware as they emit toxic gases when used to cook food in a campfire.

Be Careful with the Bonfire

Fire is soothing at the end of a camping day but to keep it burning for long, 10 – 12 pieces of wood of normal size should be fed to the fire at a time. It prevents overuse and waste of both firewood and burning fuel. It is something standard and it may vary according to climatic conditions. Word to the wise, it is advised to fellow campers that they should take fire resistant gloves along as they come very handy when adjusting fire logs. If gloves are not available, a poker made of fire resistant material will do the trick.

Clean water is essential

Proper hydration while camping is a booster and keeps you from getting dehydrated. If you plan on collecting water from nearby water flow, carry a filter. These days a variety of filters with enhanced purification facilities are available. There are numerous varieties of water bottles available these days which can be good for space optimisation in your travel bags.

During camping, take care of your essentials and yourself. Don’t compromise while shopping for bare necessities for camping to save on some dough! Make sure you take basic medication, antibiotics and of course a First Aid Kit along as they may come in handy in emergency situations.


5 Unforgettable Annual Sporting Events in Las Vegas

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas and looking for exciting events to discover? If you’re a sports fanatic who loves the electric atmosphere that only a competitive sporting event can provide, the Entertainment Capital of the World has much to offer.

Each year, Las Vegas is host to a number of extremely unique events that can’t be found elsewhere. In this article, we recommend our top 5 picks for the most unforgettable annual sporting events to catch if you happen to be visiting the City of Lights.

Monster Jam World Finals

If you’ve never seen a 5-ton vehicle do a full front flip, you’re missing out! The Monster Jam World Finals at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas provide three days of adrenaline-fueled excitement complete with a BBQ, many kid-friendly activities and a six-hour Pit Party.

Watch as stunning monster trucks race at 70mph while avoiding obstacles and struggling to make turns sharper than a double-edged sword. There are plenty of activities for the whole family to do while here and the environment is well-suited to kids and teenagers.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Sin City is often considered the mecca of headline fights and with good reason. Among these is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the world’s biggest mixed martial arts competition, which brings multiple events to Las Vegas each year.

If you find traditional boxing to be a bit too yawn-inducing, the UFC ups the ante with faster paced thrills and more intense fighting. If you plan on visiting this July, you will have two chances to catch one of the UFC’s unmissable live events.

The Major Series of Putting Championship

The Major Series of Putting Championship puts a new spin on major golf tournaments by focusing on the art of putting to level the playing field. Pro and amateur putters from across North America compete for millions in prize money in an event that feels like a mix of the World Series of Poker and the U.S. Open.

You’ll never find an atmosphere this exhilarating at a run-of-the-mill golf tournament. This livewire event features thousands of cheering fans, giant leaderboards, music and animations in a custom-built venue.

National Finals Rodeo

The National Finals Rodeo is the leading championship rodeo event in North America. Pack your best pair of cowboy boots and bring your friends or family to enjoy one of the most exciting and unique atmospheres in Las Vegas.

Featuring great food and various special events, you certainly won’t be bored in between rounds of bull riding and steer wrestling. You simply can’t go wrong with this genuine slice of American pie.

Fall NASCAR Weekend

You would be hard-pressed to find an event with more dedicated fans than the Fall NASCAR Weekend in Las Vegas. One of the flashiest and most heart-pounding sporting events in Vegas, NASCAR will certainly satisfy your craving for excitement.

Whether you go for the fast bumper-to-bumper racing or the fan zones offering cool memorabilia and delicious eats, your Las Vegas experience wouldn’t be complete without buying a ticket to this action-packed extravaganza!

Final Thoughts

No other city knows how to put on a memorable show like Las Vegas. There are a wide range of sporting events to choose from year-round but the five laid out in this article are guaranteed to provide you with maximum fun and lasting memories.

The Most Adventurous Activities in Quebec

The province of Quebec is a veritable wonderland for those seeking a destination with a wide range of exhilarating outdoor activities to experience. No matter the season, you can find limitless possibilities for a one-of-a-kind adventure in the Belle Province.

Whether you are looking for family-friendly activities in Quebec or an exciting holiday with friends, you will certainly find something to enjoy among our recommendations. Here are some of the best choices for adventurous activities to do while visiting Quebec.

La Ronde Theme Park in Montreal

The perfect activity for families that want to experience some thrills, a visit to La Ronde theme park in Montreal offers countless spine-tingling rides that will provide an adrenaline rush while also being entirely safe.

Feel the unforgettable sensation of looping upside down in a gigantic rollercoaster, grab yourself a poutine (one of Quebec’s food staples) and gather around to watch the fireworks at night.

Skydiving in Farnham

It doesn’t get much more adventurous than jumping out of a plane at over 10,000 ft in the air. Skydiving is a great way to overcome your fears and take a literal leap of faith while accompanied by a professional instructor.

Moreover, your friends back home will be astounded to see photos of you giving a thumbs-up while flying through the sky. Nouvel Air in Farnham, Quebec is the go-to place for skydiving enthusiasts.

Snowmobiling in Quebec

Snowmobile tours are a great way to spend your winter vacation in Quebec. Different tours are available for all levels of experience and often include cozy lodging.

For this activity, you will need proper gear including extra-warm clothing and a map of the area. Seasoned snowmobilers can go straight to tearing up the trails while novices will want to find an instructor first.

Whale-Watching in Tadoussac

Tadoussac is a quaint village a few hours away from the capital city in Quebec. One of the town’s more famous attractions is its whale-watching excursion.

Hop on a sightseeing boat that will take you onto the Saint Lawrence River for a breathtaking view of some of the world’s most majestic sea creatures.

Skiing and Snowboarding in Mont-Tremblant

Quebec’s Mont-Tremblant is one of the most popular winter tourist destinations and for good reason. The famous resort is a genuine haven for skiers and snowboarders.

Both skilled and amateur skiers and boarders will have a ton of fun on the mountain, which features some of the smoothest trails in Canada. You can even go beyond these two activities and try ice climbing, snowshoeing and fat biking before enjoying some maple syrup snow candy.

Bonus: Dog Sledding

You might be surprised to hear that you can experience this uncommon activity that most people have only seen in the movies. A professional musher will guide you as you enjoy incredible sights while being pulled by a pack of huskies. Best of all, there are multiple locations available throughout Quebec for this amazing activity!


If a genuine sense of adventure is steering you towards Quebec, the activities in this article will hopefully provide you with a fulfilling vacation and help you create memories that last a lifetime.

Exciting Things to Do in Cape Town on Your First Visit

Cape Town is at the heart of South Africa and is one of the most visited places on the continent. Its rich history combined with its scenic spots make it an even more interesting place to visit. Here are things to do in Cape Town if it is your first time there.

Catch a cable car

If you are near Table Mountain, you can catch a cable car that extends up to 112 metres down. It is considered one of the world’s highest commercial abseils. This is not for the faint of heart though. Once you are up there, you will have a clear view of the City Bowl. If you don’t want to take the cable car, you can go trekking and appreciate the beauty of nature even more. Opt for the longer distance, Hoerikwaggo Trail, for more adventure.

Swim with the sharks

South Africa’s waters are teeming with sharks. There are over 98 species of sharks in the country. Of this number, 40 live in waters around Cape Town. Shark cage diving is becoming more popular. You are dropped in an area where there are sharks, but you are caged so you are protected against shark attacks. It is a booming industry due to the number of people who are willing to take the challenge. Just don’t forget that sharks are really powerful when they attack.

Eat out

South African food is definitely out of this world. It has some of the best dishes as they are an infusion of various tastes from many countries. Go for beef fillet with oxtail or the crayfish risotto. Whether you are into meaty dishes or you’re a vegan, you can find lots of options in Cape Town. Some restaurants even feature world-class chefs.

Take a walk down memory lane

If it is your first time in Cape Town and you want to know more about the country’s rich history, head to the District Six Museum. It is a must-visit site especially if you want to know more about the apartheid era in the country, which ended in 1990. It is an award-winning museum that showcases the time when Blacks were forced out of the area as the district was considered just for White people.

You can also visit the National Gallery, Houses of Parliament, Iziko Museum and Iziko Slave Lodge. Going to all these places will tell you a lot about South Africa and what the people have endured over the years. You will have a better understanding of what the country is now and how the slaves have changed the way they are treated today. The Iziko Slave Lodge, for instance, is really historical as it was built to house over 9,000 slaves and people who were considered mentally ill.

Even if you are just in Cape Town for a few days, you will learn a lot from its rich history and appreciate its natural beauty, and you will be convinced to come back for more.


Ten Unique Activities You Can Do In New Zealand

New Zealand has long been the center of wacky pursuits and unusual activities. Remember that this is the place that commercialized the extreme sport of throwing oneself head first off bridges attached to bungees and brought zorbing, a sport involving rolling down steep hills in spherical blow-up balls, to the world. But what other unique activities can you do in New Zealand? Read on to find out.

1. Wander through the Shire. When you take your first glimpse of New Zealand’s awesome landscape, you’ll understand why they choose the country to film the movie ‘The Lord of the Rings’. While you’re there, you can pretend to be Frodo for the day as you wander around Hobbiton, the little Shire village used as the set in the movie. If you’re lucky enough to be there on September 22nd, you can celebrate International Hobbit Day.

2. Look up at the glow worms. The country’s most amazing attractions aren’t just man-made. It’s doesn’t get more unusual than a New Zealand guided tour to the Waitomo Caves. As you navigate your way down through the tunnels, you’ll be guided by the millions of glow worms that light the passageways. Few things on earth are as awe-inspiring.

3. Hike along Tongariro Crossing. The Tongariro Crossing often adorns the top of many of the ‘world’s best hiking’ lists. Often achieved in a day, if you take on the crossing you’ll be treated to the spectacular views of mountains, lakes and steep valleys. In fact, the landscape is so dramatic, it was another filming location of The Lord of The Rings.

4. Escape the zombies. You couldn’t get any more unique than the Zombie Survival Challenge. Not just for Halloween, you can create your own horror story as you work in teams to survive the courses and ward off the zombies chasing you.

5. Leave your bra in Cardrona. No one quite knows why in the late 1990s four bras were left attached to a fence in the remote Cardrona Valley. A few days later, more began to appear and with the news spreading online, the site quickly became an attraction. You can add to this wacky place by pinning your bra to the fence along with the hundreds of others as you pass through.

6. Soak in the Rotorua Hot Springs. We’re sure that you’re going to have been doing some serious hiking when you’re in New Zealand, but be sure to take some time off to soak those weary muscles in the Rotorua hot springs.


7. Tick off swimming with dolphins. Swimming with dolphins sits at the top of most people’s travel bucket lists and there’s nowhere better to do it than in The Bay of Islands. Don your swimwear and jump into the cool waters to paddle around with playful bottlenose dolphins. As you cross over, you may even see them jumping in the boat’s wake. Return with memories that will last a lifetime.

8. Kayak to Cathedral Cove. Its name Cathedral Cove is a fitting for the eroded arches that rise dramatically out of the white sandy beach on the Coromandel Peninsula. Though you can walk along the beach to view the natural wonder, the best way to take in the inspiring sight is by kayak. You can easily rent one in the tiny town of Hahei.

9. Roll down the hill. Few things are as adrenaline-inducing as squeezing inside a blow-up orb and rolling yourself down a ¼ kilometer downhill track. The OGO Rotorua is where it all originated. When you’re here, you can race your friends or family down the straight track or try to beat your own time on the zigzag course.

10. Drive along the world’s steepest street. If you’re driving through Dunedin on a New Zealand guided tour, you’ll likely drive down the world’s steepest street. At 38 degrees, it’s not certainly not the faint hearted. Be sure to stop and take a photo and try not to slip down!

Preparing your car for a Road Trip

As summer slowly dawns on us people have started making plans for their summer holidays and the adventurous ones among us are going to be preparing for a road trip. Those of us that might not be able to afford driving to anywhere fancy because of lack of money or other commitment can also drive to destinations within the country. This post was written as a guide to first time road trip, the aim is to advise them on the proper ways to prepare their car for a long journey to make sure that it ends up fun and rewarding.

Owner’s manual

The first thing to remember is to have your owner’s manual with you in the car when you set off on your road trip. Your owner’s manual contains valuable information about your car, from towing a trailer to changing a tyre. And If you need to buy cheap car tyres you can find information on the type and size of tyre that works with your car. You can also get information on the type of engine oil to use or how to jump start the car it the battery dies. The number of things that your owner’s manual will help you with are endless and it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Engine Oil

To check your engine, you should park your car on a level spot and warm up the engine. When you are ready, pull the engine oil dipstick out and wipe it with a clean cloth or paper tower and insert back and the pull out again to check the level. It the level is not on or close to full, then you need to top it up before you head out on your road trip.

Air Pressure

Checking your air pressure before you go on a long journey is just common sense now and the instructions should be in your vehicle’s owner’s manual. You would normally find the recommended pressure marked on the side of the tyre, bear in mind that the recommended pressure marked on the side of the tyre is the maximum allowed and you should never exceed it. Remember to also check your spare tyre to avoid disappointment.


Make sure that you check your seatbelt before you leave, turn them sideways to see the edges. They are exposed to a variety of temperatures to, it wouldn’t be surprising to find out that their worn and ragged. If you spot this be sure to replace it before you set off on your road trip. Seat belts are not only important for the driver and his passengers, but also for pedestrians and other members of the public.

Wash your car

Before you head out on your road trip, you should try to make sure that you are leaving in a clean car. At the very least you should clean your windows for the best visibility with the sun. While you’re at it, you should also check your wiper blades and fluids and replace whatever needs replacing.

Cautions You Should Have When You Go Deep Sea Fishing

Even if you are the very best angler in the world you can still have huge problems when you go deep sea fishing as you will not catch anything. It is important to understand that any deep sea fishing trip requires preparations ranging from choosing a really great boat charter to seeing how to increase the possibility of catching what you are looking for. We should realize that deep sea fishing is definitely not for every single person out there.

If you want to have a really great experience, there are some things that you can do or think about. This is what we will focus on in the following paragraphs. Make sure that you plan your deep sea fishing way in advance and with due diligence.

Is Deep Sea Fishing For You?

This is the very first thing you want to think about. It is hard to figure it out before you actually are on a fishing charter but there are some things to consider. For starters, if you know that you get sea sick, the experience should be avoided. You can only have a great experience if you are patient and you prepare properly.

If you never went on a deep sea fishing trip before, it is recommended to take it slow. Start by taking advantage of the cheaper, smaller options that will only take you out to see for a short time frame. That will show you if deep sea fishing is something you would enjoy or not.

Spending Time In The Sun

One of the factors that are rarely considered with deep sea fishing is the effect of spending a lot of time in the sun. When you go deep sea fishing you will be on a boat deck for hours. The sunlight that you are faced with while at sea is totally different than what you would expect when you are on the beach. That is because the sun reflects back from multiple sources.

Always be sure you have enough water with you and that you avoid dehydration at all times. Do wear sunscreen and in the event you do not feel well, take time off. Headaches due to sun exposure are really tough to deal with while out at sea.

Choosing A Suitable Deep Sea Fishing Charter

The fishing boat you will be on will drastically impact the entire deep sea fishing experience. It is very important that you take all the time that is needed to make a good choice. Be sure that you read reviews and that you learn all that you can about the staff. If you find out that way too many complain about the services offered, you want to find something else. In many cases we see that people just hurry or try to save money. That is not the case. If you want to have the best possible experience, you want to be sure the experience offered is the best it could be. That is something that you want to remember at the end of the day.

How Golf is going Green?

As golfers, we are regularly spoilt by lush, rolling fairways and immaculate, true running greens. However, with climate change and other environmental issues causing damage to our fragile planet, golf has been taking great steps to ensure it is playing its part in going green. So exactly how is golf going green?

Golf has come under criticism from environmentalists, who are concerned about the practices of keeping golf courses in great condition. However, golf courses around the world have been implementing water saving irrigation systems, which cut down the amount of water being used to maintain golf courses, significantly. Many golf courses in hua hin in Thailand have also stopped using chemical and pesticides and have become pesticide-free venues. There is even a golf course in California, which is using grease from its restaurant, to help power maintenance equipment. Drought tolerant and salt water resistant grasses are also being used on golf courses, which limits the damage done to them by the weather and nature, meaning less chemicals are being used to restore them.

Golf carts are another aspect of playing golf, which has come under question. However, with the introduction of golf cart solar panels, this is starting to change. The panels attach to the top of the golf cart, which reduces the need to keep having the battery recharged. This is very popular among Vietnam golf courses.

It’s not just the golf courses themselves which have been working hard to make golf more green, there have also been great strides made with golf equipment. You can now purchase golf tees, which are made from recyclable plastic and people are also making tees from corn starch, meaning they will leave no trace, if left behind.

How often do you buy new golf balls? Millions of golf balls are lost every year but that doesn’t mean they are not being found. Many golf courses will now look for lost balls, clean them up and sell them in the shop. So next time you want some new balls, why not recycle some which have been lost on the course? Biodegradable golf balls are also available, which are great for practice, especially when you know you want be able to collect them.

Finally, there is golf attire and this also has an impact on the environment. Companies are now producing golf attire which is made from 100% organic materials, including polos, trousers, shorts and hats.

Golf is making a great effort to improve its impact on the environment and will continue to make strides to become greener.

Your Utah Hiking Trip: Pointers for Packing for Any Season

When you are planning a hiking trip in Utah, one of the most important things you have to consider is the gear that you will pack. If you pack the wrong equipment, this can affect your enjoyment of the hike, so it’s always best to go prepared. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when packing your hiking gear.

Pack According to the Season

The time of year that you go hiking will determine the items that you take with you. In the winter, snow can cover trails and hiking can become more dangerous. Some hikes are available all year round, like in the Wasatch Mountains, especially the lower hikes.

You may want to go hiking directly from your Park City Utah lodging, but in winter you may find that some hikes are not available. If you want to hike in high elevations, these are typically only accessible in the summer months. Whenever you go hiking, check the forecast and know what the weather will be like so you can plan your clothing and gear accordingly.

Good Pair of Hiking Boots

No matter what time of year you go hiking in Utah, you will need a good pair of hiking boots. Spend as much as you can on these because a good pair will last you years and will prove to be a good investment. They should provide solid support for your ankles, and you will also want to wear them in before you go hiking to reduce the risk of blisters.

Layers of Clothing

What you wear is incredibly important when you go hiking, and the best rule is to dress in layers. This way you can add or remove layers according to how hot or cold you are.

Nylon hiking pants are a good option, but you could wear shorts if the weather is hot. Try to wear about three layers, consisting of synthetic fabrics that are more breathable. This could consist of a base layer to wick the sweat away from your skin, an insulating layer above this, which could consist of a fleece, and a lightweight shell jacket for the outer layer to protect you from the wind and rain.

First Aid Kit

Picking up an injury is no laughing matter when you are hiking, and even a small cut needs attention. Take a small but comprehensive first-aid kit in your rucksack, and make sure it has all the basics including bandages, plasters, and scissors. You may also want to pack a blister kit in case you pick up any blisters while hiking.

Navigation Equipment

You do not want to get lost while on your hike, so make sure you pack a map and compass as well as a GPS unit if you want. It can be easy to get lost in the wilderness if you don’t go prepared.

Survival Kit

Depending on where you are going and for how long, you may want to pack some basic survival equipment. This may contain a tent, sleeping bag, waterproof matches, and fire-lighting material so you could survive the night if you had to stay out.

Sun Protection

The sun can be fierce even when the weather is cold, but it can be especially dangerous in the summer months. Pack plenty of sunscreen as well as a hat and sunglasses, and stay out of the sun as much as you can.

Other Essentials

As well as all of the above items, you may also want to pack:

  • Food and drink, including snacks, hydration packs, energy bars and nutrition supplements.

  • Trekking poles if the hike will be challenging.

  • A cellphone.

  • A whistle to use in emergencies.

  • Insect repellant.

  • Purifying tablets for water.

  • A flashlight.

  • A pocket knife.

Pack Properly and Enjoy Hiking in Utah

Utah is a fantastic hiking destination, but make sure you pack properly to get the most from your experience. Go through the list and make sure you have everything you need when you go hiking, then enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings in the knowledge that you have prepared properly for your hike.

Mary Adams works for a ski school. She loves to share her love of outdoor sports. Look for her articles on many vacation and sports sites.