What Your Waiter Wishes You Knew When Dining in an Expensive Restaurant

Dining in an expensive restaurant can be an exquisite and unforgettable experience. You want to make sure you know how to order the Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon and continue from there. From impeccable service to exquisite flavors, every detail is carefully crafted to provide a luxurious and indulgent dining experience. However, for many diners, dining in an expensive restaurant can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time.

Knowing what to expect and how to conduct yourself can make the experience more enjoyable and make the waiter’s job easier. Therefore, before you step foot in an expensive restaurant, here’s what you should know. Here are seven tips that can help you have a more enjoyable experience and make the waiter’s job easier.

  1. Reservations are essential.

If you are planning to dine in an expensive restaurant, it is crucial to make a reservation. These establishments are usually busy and popular, and walk-ins are often turned away due to limited seating. Reservations also give the restaurant a chance to prepare for your arrival, making sure everything is ready for you. Therefore, make sure to call the restaurant or use their online booking system to reserve a table in advance.

  1. Dress appropriately.

When dining in an upscale restaurant, it’s essential to dress appropriately. Your attire should match the restaurant’s ambiance and level of formality. The waiter wishes you knew that it’s not about being fancy or wearing expensive clothes, but rather showing respect for the establishment and the dining experience. Therefore, avoid wearing overly casual clothes like shorts or flip-flops and dress up accordingly.

  1. Time is of the essence.

Expensive restaurants are known for their impeccable service, but they are also expected to be timely. Therefore, try to arrive on time for your reservation, and let the waiter know if you are running late. Also, keep in mind that the restaurant may have a specific seating schedule, so try to finish your meal within a reasonable time frame to avoid inconveniencing the staff and other diners.

  1. Understand the menu.

Expensive restaurants usually have elaborate menus with various dishes and preparations. Therefore, it’s essential to understand the menu and make informed choices. The waiter wishes you knew that they are happy to answer any questions you may have about the menu, including ingredient sourcing, cooking methods, and pairing suggestions. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations or ask for changes to accommodate your dietary restrictions.

  1. Be mindful of the pace.

Dining in an expensive restaurant is an experience that should be savored and enjoyed at a leisurely pace. The waiter wishes you knew that they are trained to pace the meal appropriately, serving each course with adequate time to savor and appreciate the flavors. Therefore, try to avoid rushing the meal or requesting to speed up the pace, as it can affect the overall dining experience.

  1. Treat the staff with respect.

The staff at expensive restaurants are trained to provide impeccable service and make your dining experience memorable. The waiter wishes you knew that treating them with respect and kindness can go a long way in ensuring a positive experience for everyone. Therefore, be courteous, say please and thank you, and avoid snapping fingers or speaking rudely. Remember that the staff is there to help you and make your experience enjoyable, so treat them accordingly.

  1. Tipping is expected.

In most expensive restaurants, tipping is expected as it is an essential part of the staff’s income. The waiter wishes you knew that the standard tip is usually 15-20% of the total bill, depending on the quality of service. If you received exceptional service or had a memorable experience, consider leaving a higher tip as a sign of appreciation. However, if you had a negative experience, speak to the manager rather than using the tip to express dissatisfaction.

In conclusion, dining in an expensive restaurant can be a luxurious and unforgettable experience if you know how to conduct yourself. Understanding these tips can help you make the most of your dining experience while making the waiter’s job easier. By showing respect for the establishment, the staff, and the dining experience, you can ensure that everyone enjoys their time at the restaurant.

The 5 most popular foods you have to eat in France

France is known for its beautiful language, famous landmarks and art. It’s also famous for its rich in flavour cuisine all around the world. If you’re planning a trip to France you can’t miss out on this culinary experience. What are the 5 most popular foods you can eat in France?

 1. Croissants

Is there anything more French than croissants? It’s typically eaten for breakfast, but it also makes for a good treat! Croissants are made from buttery layered pastry. They are best when fresh and crispy. It’s a good idea to visit a local bakery early in the morning to serve fresh croissants with favourite coffee.

 2. Foie Gras

It can be enjoyed with a simple toast or as a part of another dish. Foie Gras in French means literally fat liver. It’s a speciality in the south-western and Alsace region of the country.  It’s considered a delicacy and is usually eaten on special occasions. The dish is made of a very fatty liver of a duck or goose which has been force fed with rich grains. The dish stirs a bit of controversy.

 3. Ratatouille

This dish includes a mix of sautéed vegetables. A classic recipe includes eggplant, zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic, onions and fresh herbs. It can be served both ways – as a cold or hot dish. It’s a summer dish and tastes best with the fresh ingredients. What makes it special is that each vegetable is cooked separately and then mixed together. It creates a complex taste of the dish.

 4. Bouillabaisse

The French cuisine wouldn’t be complete without the seafood. Bouillabaisee is rich in different kinds of  it. The dish started out as a poor man’s platter in Marseille. It used to include the items, which the fisherman couldn’t sell. That’s why the dish is so full of different kinds of seafood. These days it’s a delicacy. The stew is made with olive oil and different kind of fish.

 5. Créme brûlée

France is known for its rich traditions of great desserts, but nothing beats the simplicity of créme brûlée! It’s a cream dessert, which is topped with hard caramelised sugar. If you’re visiting France, then you can’t miss this one!

 For a taste of French cuisine you can visit London’s Salt Flakes Restaurant, which specialises in a French cuisine with a modern twist.

Where to eat in Bansko?

Bansko is a preferred place for fun and amusement both during the winter and the summer. The resort town, comfortably nestling in the bosom of the Pirin Mountain, attracts tourists from near and far all year round. Nature here is uniquely beautiful, the town is ancient and filled with many sights and the tracks … oh, the white tracks are among the most favorite ones of skiers and snowboarders from all over Europe.

Apart from all the beautiful things, sights and entertainment opportunities, Bansko attracts tourists and its many restaurants where dishes are offered for every taste.

The options for a delicious meal in the resort town are many and the restaurants in the town offer an extremely varied cuisine that will satisfy even the most demanding taste.

Yet, if you are visiting the resort for the first time, despite the numerous restaurants offering international, traditional and specialty cuisine, you are probably asking yourself…

Where and what to eat in Bansko?

*Traditional cuisine

Going to Bansko and not tasting home-made traditional cuisine is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope.

So just choose one of the many taverns in the town and try kapama, chomlek, katino meze, banska blood pudding or bean in a pot.

Nowhere else will you be lucky enough to taste such delicious dishes as those prepared in Bansko. The secret of the delicious food that is prepared there is that the Bansko natives keep their traditions and prepare the dishes from old, homemade recipes handed down from generation to generation. Almost all dishes typical of Bansko and the region are prepared in clay pots, with many spices, a pinch of love and on a slow fire.

The kapama for example is made in a crock in which rows are made of cabbage, rice and several types of meat (pork, beef, chicken, rabbit and blood pudding). The dish is seasoned with salt, pepper and bay leaf and then is left to simmer for at least 5-10 hours.

Chomlek – knuckle of veal, potatoes, onions and garlic are placed in a crock, seasoned with tomatoes, salt, pepper, bay leaf, water and red wine are poured in and the meat is again left to simmer for a few hours.

Katino Meze – veal or pork tenderloin is cut into pieces and fired, onion, leek, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and white wine are added. The dish is seasoned with salt and pepper. It’s served in a gyuveche (a small clay pot).

Prepared in this way and with eco-grown produces, the traditional cuisine in Bansko will definitely make you lick your fingers and ask for more.

And if you are not up for cooked food, then you must try the pride of Bansko natives – banski starets or a flat-sausage. And don’t forget that these appetizers are even more tasty with a beer or a jug of wine from the wine-cellars of the Bansko natives.

*Mediterranean cuisine

You didn’t think that in Bansko, in the middle of the Pirin Mountain, you can enjoy your favorite Italian cuisine? Not so fast! Look for the Leonardo Bansko Italian restaurant on the map and make way for it.

They will not offer you traditional Bansko cuisine here, but will make your senses start to flicker with pleasure. Mediterranean cuisine, astonishing desserts and chocolate delights await you and all that in an extremely stylish and refined setting.

*Serbian cuisine

Who doesn’t like Serbian grill? If you are a fan of pljeskavica (a Serbian spiced meat patty) and huge portions of meat, in Bansko you will find at least a few great places where you can taste as many delicious Serbian grill dishes as you like.

*Irish pub

If you are a beer and fries lover, Bansko has several pubs where you can have some of those. The pubs at the resort offer a simple but tasty food and an abundance of different beers.

*Greek cuisine

The cuisine of our neighbors is well-known and loved here. Therefore if you feel like eating something from the Greek cuisine, in Bansko there are several restaurants where you can enjoy Greek moussaka (a meat-and-vegetable hash), zucchini, lamb chops and different types of fish all prepared deliciously, served together with ouzo and large Greek salads.

Enjoy Turkish delicacies in Dubai through these restaurants

The dining experience in Dubai has been always one of the emirate’s shining points and landmark, due to the flavors characteristics diversity and versatility, as well as its ability to satisfy the tastes of thousands of visitors to the charming city from all over the world. Among the many restaurants scattered there.

You will find a variety of wonderful Turkish restaurants, which will cruise you whenever you want to the Ottoman land; the cradle of its civilization through the ages, through its unique varieties of authentic dishes, within unique views and intimate atmosphere that makes your experience truly exceptional! Follow us!

  1. Mado Restaurant

Dubai Mall has long been a crucible for many local and international restaurants. But If you’re looking for experience full of appeal, do not miss the opportunity to visit the amazing “Mado” restaurant, where you will be greeted with a selection of authentic Turkish cuisine in a distinctive atmosphere, which is enhanced by tts elegant design and luxurious décor, and by the friendly staff there.

  1. Harput Restaurant

If you wish for a special Turkish meal, do not miss the opportunity to visit the “Harput” restaurant on Sheikh Zayed Road. Despite the simplicity of the decor and the decorations there, the restaurant welcomes you with a selection of the finest Turkish meals prepared with unique ingredients that make the flavors truly exceptional. Enjoy the most delicious salads and dishes of Papa Gnogh and Turkish pizzas, and your stomach will never forget the splendor of flavors.

  1. Nusr-et Restaurant

A wide selection of high-quality dishes and delicious flavors that blend authentic Turkish tastes with a variety of European flavors. This is what you will find at Nusret Restaurant; the chef who learned the arts of cooking and meat grilling by the most famous American chefs, to return to his hometown with a rich experience that enabled him to harvest many of success there before opening a second branch in Dubai, specifically at the Four Seasons Resort in Jumeirah. Enjoy grilled shrimp with mango sauce, and varieties of grilled meat of steak, hamburger and other grilled meats, as well as ice-cream-baked baklava, which is the favorite dish for all pioneers.

  1. Kaftan Restaurant

Another bright lighthouse, this time overlooking the Um Suqeim area to offers you one of the most unique dining experiences. The place is decorated with a large green courtyard pleasing to the viewers, and when you enter will be greeted by a selection of the finest meat dishes in traditional crockery, on the side a selection of appetizers, salads and really delicious pastries.

  1. Turkish Village Restaurant and Café

For sure, you would not be satisfied by just one visit to that great restaurant, as it has many attractions points, starting from that spectacular location in the beautiful Jumeirah area, and continues with the design of the unique place, which gives visitors the opportunity to sit indoors or also at the outer section. In order to complete the splendor there, the Turkish Village restaurant celebrates a varied menu of Turkish specialties, like shawarma, as well as a selection of delicious pastries such as konafa and others.

Best Restaurants For Brunch In Singapore

For some, Sundays are just meant for lazing and grazing. Whether that means staying at home, relaxing and picking at leftovers in the fridge, or heading out to find the perfect spot for a delicious brunch prepared by someone much better at cooking than you!

At its heart, brunch is meant to be laid-back and easy-going, providing a delectable spread for you to enjoy while relaxing in the company of friends or family.

Ready to tuck in? If you’re looking for some brunch-worthy inspiration, just take a look at this lot to discover some of the best brunches in Singapore!


Offering appetising all-day international buffet dining throughout the week, Town restaurant puts on its Sunday best to serve up an amazing Sunday Champagne Brunch at the end of each week. Situated within the magnificent Fullerton Hotel, Town provides a comfortable yet stylish dining experience, complete with panoramic views of the Singapore River.

What’s on offer at this sumptuous Sunday brunch? Indulge yourself in a delightful smorgasbord of Asian and western delicacies, including classic breakfast favourites, plentiful pizza and pastas, mouth-watering roasts, the freshest seafood, an excellent cheese selection and a superb range of desserts.


With an exceptional location within Marina Mandarin, AquaMarine offers a fantastic selection of Asian and international cuisine, set out in an extensive buffet. Sunday brunch lovers can watch as their desired dishes are prepared by highly skilled chefs within the glass-enclosed show kitchen while delighting in the delicious selection of brunch favourites in this modern Singapore restaurant.


Treating brunch-goers to a truly tempting selection of foods, Mezza9 at Grand Hyatt is definitely worth a visit. Enjoy free-flowing Perrier Jouët Grand Brut champagne as you soak up the lively atmosphere at this splendid Champagne Sunday Brunch in the ever-so stylish Mezza9.

Why Mezza9? Well, there are nine distinct dining experiences to choose from. There’s the grill and the deli, the patisserie and the steam basket, there’s sushi and seafood, Thai and yakitori, and of course, a bar. With a focus on sustainability, this is a restaurant that not only puts up delicious dishes, its ingredients are also thoughtfully sourced.

Brasserie Les Saveurs

As an elegant dining destination serving up contemporary French cuisine, Brasserie Les Saveurs at the St. Regis Hotel tantalises tastebuds each weekend with its enchanting St. Regis Champagne Brunch.

Diners can start the morning with an appetising apéritif at Astor Bar before indulging in the scrumptious spread of hors d’oeuvres, charcuteries, cheeses, seafood and an exclusive degustation of the chef’s signature dishes. Then it’s simply a matter of sitting back and relaxing, to enjoy the alluring sounds of the restaurant’s resident band.

Truly, there is no better way to start a Sunday than with brunch!

Culinary Classes Abroad

Do you love eating out? Do you cook and entertain at every opportunity? Do you enjoy trying new foods and new methods of preparing foods? You just might be an official ‘food aficionados”! If you go to restaurants at every available opportunity and have taken advantage of cooking classes in your area, and you like to travel, you might be a great candidate for culinary travel. Maybe a trip to the cooking schools in Italy or France is already on your bucket list! With the right frame of mind and preparation, like any good meal, this could be the trip of a lifetime. It certainly won’t be a trip on which you’re apt to experience much weight loss!

Advance planning and research will be the keys to a successful trip. Select the time of year you’d like to travel and narrow down your dates. If you’re interested in taking classes at a culinary school, this will need to be planned well in advance. There are abundant agencies available that provide tours to different restaurants and cooking classes in the restaurants with the private chefs. These are really exciting, hands on experiences. Local travel agencies specializing in culinary travel can provide a wealth of information. Online sites have become plentiful, but be sure to carefully read all the reviews, offerings and details about what is included in the tours, deposits and terms of participation.

Some of the tour agencies specializing in culinary travel will manage accommodations as well as booking cooking classes, and some will require accommodations to be booked separately. Do your booking and planning early to ensure the greatest selection of accommodation options. Frequently the agency will arrange for transportation from your hotel to the restaurants or cooking schools. Quite often tours of vineyards are included in these programs to give participants a greater understanding of wine parings. Have a grand time, take loads of pictures and be sure to try out your new found culinary skills on friends and family upon your return. Best of luck to you!

Montreal. A perfect place for foodies

Find out for yourself why foodies love Montreal. The city has the highest number of restaurant per capita in Canada- almost 65 restaurants per kilometer squared- which makes it second in North America close after New York. Menus are heavily influenced by flavors from all around the world, ranging from the finest French cuisine to cheap, local favorites. For bonafide foodies and for people looking for a late night bite alike, Montreal’s a welcoming treat.

Top lunch and dining destinations can be found all over the city. Most downtown restaurants are concentrated between Guy and Peel Street and on the side streets that run between René Levesque Boulevard and Sherbrooke Street. There, try out the city’s epic breakfast or brunch at Universal or Eggspectation, for a classic Montreal bagel breakfast or delicious eggs benedict. If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, order heavenly fluffy waffles topped with a mountain of sweet strawberries and bananas, or head off to café Myriad for a real taste of an authentic European croissant along side an exquisite coffee. Trendy restaurants can also be found in the Mile End and the Plateau, as young chefs move out of downtown to open new restaurants in the area. From Saint Denis Street and Saint Laurent, between Sherbrooke and Jean Talon, range the best food sanctuaries with everything from all-you-can-eat sushi to high-end gourmet dinners. If you continue on Jean Talon West up to Decarie Boulevard, you will run into Dunn’s famous for offering hand cut 14-hour marinated smoked meat Montreal. Dunn’s is one of the oldest smoked meat restaurants in Montreal dating back from 1927. Choose from a wide variety of smoked meat sandwich specials, each featuring a unique twist on the old classic, whether it is for their smoked meat with Swiss cheese and sauerkraut, a club roll or an all-beef salami and stuffed chicken, you should find your happiness. Old Montreal is also a must to pass by to really get a feel of the city. Experience a night of good vibes, prosecco and oysters at L’Original or find a nice little spot along the old port at Muvbox and enjoy yummy treats to go.

Montreal really loves to celebrate anything and everything, especially when it comes to food. The city is home to many culinary festivals of all kinds. For instance, join the fleet of Montréal’s food trucks every Friday from May to October at the Esplanade Sun Life (Olympic Park) from 4 p.m to 11 p.m for some awesome open air treats. The Omnivore Food festival takes place form August 20th to 24th in collaboration with the Society for Arts & Technology to discuss and demonstrate trends and innovative techniques by world-renowned chefs. In winter, you cannot miss the famous Poutine Week with over 40 different restaurants trying to win the title of the city’s best poutine or the Montreal en Lumière festival where food is celebrated alongside art and music.

So, foodies around the world, now is the best time to go on a pilgrimage to Montreal, the mecca of things delicious in North America.

Discover the Unique Flavours and Characteristics of Vietnamese Food

Eating food from Vietnam is a real treat, and Vietnamese food is rapidly gaining in popularity due to its intense flavours, tasty meat and noodle dishes, and succulent stews and soups. Vietnamese food is distinctive and unforgettable. Here is a quick primer on the different dishes you can expect to find on the Vietnamese menu, and why the cuisine is becoming so popular.

The Beauty of Pho

For a start, the classic Vietnamese dish of Pho is a must-eat whether you are starting out on an adventure in Vietnamese foods or you are already an expert. When talking about a classic Vietnamese restaurant London has the top examples in the country, and these probably all serve a variation on the Pho broth. Pho is a soup made from a slightly salty broth with beef or chicken. In the soup you will also find beansprouts and noodles along with the herbs that make the dish so recognisable – coriander, basil, and ginger. Added to the mix are fish sauce and chilli. Pho is so popular it is even eaten for breakfast in Vietnam.


Spring Roll Popularity

There are so many different types of spring rolls available that it is hard to choose. For example, has a range on the menu from thin-skinned rolls to heartier, chunkier fried rolls. The healthy version is steamed and packed with salads and lean meat. The deep-fried version has more calories and both can be dipped in sauces. They make a good starter or a quick snack.

Sticky Rice Cakes

Another staple in the Vietnamese food arsenal, the sticky rice cake is a chewy snack made from sticky rice and it can be stuffed with meat or mung bean paste. These cakes are cooked in banana leaves and steamed until tender and sufficiently sticky.

Vietnamese Salads

The salads in Vietnam are nothing like the concoctions of lettuce and tomatoes you get in the West. Crisp salads may contain green mango or papaya, grated carrot, onions, fish sauce, fragrant herbs and crushed roasted peanuts. Meat or fish can be added for a main meal. Salads are crunchy and bursting with flavour in Vietnam.

Noodles in Vietnamese Cuisine

Rice is undeniably popular in Vietnamese food but noodles provide a delicious alternative and are found in many different thicknesses and flavours. Noodles may be eaten cold in salads, stir-fried, added to soups and stews, or served as an accompaniment to a main meat meal.

Vietnamese Fruit

So many different fruits are available from Vietnam. If you can, try the dragon fruit and the mangos – yellow mangoes for desserts and juices and green mangoes for salads. Or try rambutans or papaya. The durian fruit has a foul smell but if you can get past this, the actual taste is delicious.

What is Vietnamese Coffee Like?

Coffee is a big part of Vietnamese food culture ever since the French brought this drink to the country in the 1800s. People drink it all the time, and the most popular incarnations are strong plain coffee or alternatively the highly sweet iced coffee flavoured with condensed milk.

Image courtesy of rakratchada torsap/

Best Fine Dining In Canada

Canada can accommodate any adventurer’s desires, including those on a culinary quest. Every major city in Canada has its share of fine dining options, but which options are the best? In this article I will argue for the best dining option in each major Canadian city.

images (2)

If you find yourself taking a trip to Toronto, Canada anytime soon, you should make a reservation at Truffles. Located in the Toronto Four Seasons Hotel, Truffles offers a variety of exquisite French cuisine. The restaurant has an acclaimed signature dish comprised of spaghettini pasta, a light truffle sauce and Perigord Black Gold. Truffles can come at a hefty price, but the experience is well worth it.

Le Montrealais
Speaking of French cuisine, Montreal, Canada is located in the French speaking region of Canada, Quebec. So, it follows that the best dining Montreal has to offer is Le Montrealais. This restaurant is renowned for its Mediterranean style French cuisine and their famous desserts. Le Montrealais offers specialty seafood and succulent meats. If you are not trying to spend an fortune, Le Montrealais also offers daily specials at reduced prices.

So, what else does Canada have to offer besides French cuisine? In Vancouver, Canada there is a unique restaurant by the name of Chamblar. They can be described as a fusion between traditional Belgian cuisine and North African flavors. The restaurant also carries a wide selection of Belgian Beers and sophisticated cocktails. With such a uniquely-inspired style, Chamblar is one of the best fine dining options in all of Canada.

Au Vieux Duluth
Winner of every Consumers’ Choice Award since 1986, Au Vieux Duluth is arguably the greatest restaurant in Quebec, or maybe even all of Canada. If you really want to fully commit to the Au Vieux Duluth experience, you must try their signature Filet Mignon dish. It is prepared using a secret blend of spices and herbs and served with a delectable side of pepper or wine sauce.

Ben Thai
Edmonton, Canada is the location for the finest Thai restaurant in Canada, Ben Thai. The restaurant’s interior design resembles a traditional Thai restaurant with furniture that was relocated directly from Thailand. The Western coastline of Canada is known for their sushi, so you should make an effort to give it a try.

Regardless of whether you choose to dine at any of the aforementioned establishments, the variety of Canadian cuisine is astounding. For the most part, French and American cuisine will be commonplace in Canada, but you will have no trouble finding disparate international restaurants wherever you go. If you are really looking for something completely unique to Canada, you will have to look for the specialty fish restaurants in Western Canada. The area is known for their salmon, so it’s the perfect place to find the freshest salmon in the world.