Planning a trip to Florence in the best time of the year

When planning a trip to Florence it is important to carefully organize your schedule, in order to be able to see all the stunning pieces of art

Italy has certainly some of the most amazing cities and places in the whole world and planning a visit there is the dream of a lifetime for the vast majority of the people. If you are lucky enough to have the possibility to visit Italy it is crucial to choose the best destination where to begin your journey.

Of the many cities of Italy, one could say that it is absolutely mandatory to explore at least 3 of them: Rome, Venice and Florence. Since Italy is not too big of a country it is certainly possible to visit the 3 cities during the same holiday, the important thing is to carefully plan your trip so that you do not end up missing the important things to see.

Let’s think for example of a trip to Florence: the city is small enough to be explored on foot, though it is also very rich in monuments, beautiful places and pieces of art to explore and see. The most important thing is, maybe, choosing one of the best hotel in Florence, located in the very heart of the city this enabling you to wander around the city on foot, without the need of renting a car or taking the public transport.

The things to see in Florence are really a lot, starting from the architectonical buildings like – above all – the Duomo: Santa Maria del Fiore was designed by Brunelleschi himself, maybe the most famous architect of the Renaissance; the dome is one of the most well-known pieces of architecture in the whole world and is a wonder to witness.

Another mandatory place to visit are the Uffizi, the most important museum in Florence, which is full of famous paintings as sculptures, like the Venus of Botticelli, the Tondo Doni by Michelangelo and the Madonna col Cardellino by Raffaello.

Apart from the artistic sites, the city is itself a wonder to explore, because it is full of small streets, amazing corners and piazzas where to meet people and enjoy the typical Italian lifestyle: a big part of your journey to Florence will in fact be eating, because the region of Tuscany is really very rich of delicacies that are absolutely worth a taste.

Get the Most Out of Your Vacations

If you’re someone who loves to travel, you should by now be one who gets the most out of their vacations.

When you head to relaxing and exotic locations, there is always something to do.

As it stands, you may very well run out of time with all the options in play. If that turns out to be the case there is no problem. You head back there again and again to enjoy all there is to offer.

One such area of the world that fits that description is the Caribbean.

Stop for a moment and think about all there is to do and see when you head to this part of the world.

Right off the top of your head, you can imagine things such as:

· Beautiful beaches and great weather

· Great food and drink

· Entertainment to keep you hopping every night

· Local cultures to welcome you with open arms

· Plenty of amenities for the little ones if you have kids

With that in mind, thinking about a trip to the Caribbean soon should be high on your priority list.

So, will you head there and get the most out of your vacations?

Planning Your Caribbean Visit

If the Caribbean sounds like your idea of fun, where do you start your planning?

The best thing to do is hop online and see all there is to learn about this part of the world.

If Jamaica catches your fancy, there is a good reason for that.

One of the most popular areas of the Caribbean, the country packs in visitors year after year. Whether you lean towards Jamaica all-inclusive resorts or others, you’re going to have a good time.

By using the web, you can scout the best resorts, airfares or cruise ships, attractions and more.

Also look at social media as a way to learn more about this area of the world.

As tourists and locals post on social networking sites, you can learn more on the Caribbean.

Ask locals or tourists about their positive experiences on any Caribbean islands.

Another feature of the Caribbean is the proximity of many of these islands to one another.

Without much effort at all, you can jump from place to place in no time at all. Now, what could be easier than that when it comes to getting the most out of your vacations?

Create Memories for a Lifetime

Even if you plan on heading somewhere other than the Caribbean, make memories for a lifetime.

From cell phone cameras to video cameras and more, be sure to record as much of your vacation as possible. There is nothing better than sitting at home or elsewhere and looking back on a great vacation. Not only does it bring back great memories, but it inspires you to start planning the next adventure.

So, get making those reservations and packing your bags.

If you’re off to the Caribbean sooner than later, prepare yourself for the vacation of a lifetime.

Top Ski Holiday Destinations from Around the World

Skiing is a type of sport and leisure activity that uses a ski to glide through the snow. This type of recreational activity is played in Temperate and Polar Regions mostly in Europe, Asia, and North America and is enjoyed during winter and holiday seasons.

There are several places in cold and temperate countries offering ski holiday packages. Aside from skiing, some ski resorts also offer gondola lifts, indoor climbing walls and a spa and fitness suite for the customer’s enjoyment. Lists of resorts include the top ski holiday destinations from around the world in no particular order.

1. Girdwood, Alaska

Girdwood has several ski resorts including the famous Alyeska Ski Resort, known as one of the largest ski areas in Alaska. This resort has 567 hectares of ski terrain and is a good spot for heli-skiing and cat skiing. Ski Lovers and Enthusiasts would definitely add this resort in their bucket list because this is regarded as the state’s Premier Ski Town. Alyeska Ski Resort offers great accommodations, ski packages and a wide array of restaurants which sells delicacies like Alaskan seafood dishes such as Pesto Roasted Scallop Bisque and Mesquite Grilled Alaskan Salmon. This area also has picturesque views and sceneries where one can see the Northern Lights during winters and early springs.

2. Méribel, France

Méribel, France is a home of great snowboarding and skiing terrains where one can view the French Alps and enjoy lively resorts and night life. It is picked as a favorite spot among ski lovers due to its several skiing resorts with the famous world-class Three Valleys Resort with 600 km. piste. Established by British winter sports enthusiast Peter Lindsey, Three Valleys Resort is considered as a popular ski area for British people and other European skiers.

3. St. Anton am Arlberg, Austria

St. Anton am Arlberg is the home of the world’s most famous ski resorts that offers fun and lively après–ski or after skiing activities which can only be found in this area. The first cable car installed in the Alps, well-trained ski guides and experts, winter sports resorts, high-end intermediate and expert-level slopes and live music or DJ partying all night long can all be found in this place.

4. Whistler, Canada

This Northern town of British Columbia is definitely the biggest ski area in North America and is totally the place with the largest terrain parks, steepest steeps and gets the most snow in the continent. This place contains several ski resorts with Whistler Blackcomb as a major ski resort having around 8,171 acres for skiing. Resorts in this place also offer some non-skiing activities like late-night music bars, multi-screen cinemas, amenities for bobsledding and a fitness center and spa.

5. Zermatt, Switzerland

The Swiss town of Zermatt is great for skiers who would love a great skiing experience, a taste of Swiss history and a view of one of the world’s beautiful mountains, Matterhorn. This town is known as one of the World’s ultimate ski resorts, and it is also considered as one of the world’s most expensive skiing resorts. The area has three interconnected skiing zones and vertical drops of about 7,152 feet on the terrain. One could experience a ride on the cable car to see the view of the Alps via Matterhorn Glacier Paradise cable car.

6. Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

Cortina, a town in Northern Italy region, is called as the most beautiful in the world when it comes to ski areas. A skiing activity, good food, and delicious wine are offered in this area. The place is a must-visit to beginners, intermediate and also expert skiers from around the world because of its ambiance where one could take a glimpse of the famous Dolomites mountain ranges. Other ski areas in Cortina are Tofana and Pomedes where the former is the highest while latter is the largest in terms of the ski area.


7. Hokkaido, Japan

In the Asian Continent, Hokkaido is a famous spot for ski lovers and tourists who want to experience great skiing and snowboarding. One popular ski area in the island is Niseko Ski Resort, known as the best ski terrain in Japan. Niseko offers a night skiing with 2,560 vertical feet of skiing. The place has several hot springs or onsens which could be a great activity or relaxation after skiing.

8. Montana, USA

Montana has famous skiing resorts like Bridger Bowl, located in the city of Bozeman and Madison Range which overlooks the mountain ranges of Montana. Aside from skiing, one can enjoy hiking through the Hyalite Canyon, one of Montana’s most-visited recreational valleys.

9. Canillo, Andorra

Canillo is a new favorite for Ski lovers and enthusiasts. It has Soldeu and Pas de la Casa, two modern ski resorts forming 195 km of piste. Ski holidays in Andorra include months of favorable skiing from December right up to April. Skiers prefer Andorra because of its high altitude skiing area and nice climate. Resorts situated here also offer good deals on great accommodation.

10. Colorado, USA

Colorado is the home of many ski resorts not only in the US but in the whole North America. This place is best for skiers and snowboarders who really want adventure, great food, and beautiful sceneries like the famous Elk Mountains. Some resorts also offer ski lessons like powder skiing and steep skiing for beginners. Intermediate skiers expect to improve their skiing skills and to become experts in this place.

Final Thoughts

It is worthy to note that skiing has become a hobby or sport of the people living in mild and polar areas and a tourist attraction. With more ski resorts opening and emerging, it is likely to help boost the tourism industry and the cultural heritage of the place and of the country and, of course, promote the physical wellness of ski fanatics, fun, and healthy lifestyle.

Visiting Hawaii: 3 Bootstrap Tips for Your Paradise Vacation

You’ve made the choice to enjoy an upcoming vacation in Hawaii. You get excited when you think about the warm weather, the sun and the beautiful beaches. But, the plane tickets aren’t cheap. So, how do you have the best possible time visiting Hawaii without taking out a second mortgage? Follow these 3 bootstrap ideas to get the most out of your Hawaiian vacation.

Value Housing

On any Hawaiian island, including Maui and Oahu, the cost of housing rises as you get closer to a beach. It makes sense, since there’s only so much beach to go around.

But, if you want to have more money to spend on your vacation, there are a few things you can do while planning that can pay big dividends.

First, consider Hawaiian vacation housing that’s not close to the beach. Even a distance of a few blocks can make a huge difference in cost, including hotel rates. And, while we’re talking about hotels, there are lots of alternatives to traditional hotel chains when coming to Hawaii for vacation.

You can use sites, including and to find people who are renting portions or all of their home or condo. And, you can pick and choose based on location, amenities and other things that are important to you. Want a place with a pool? No problem. Someplace close to lots of restaurants? Done.

But, the real benefit is looking for a place that is more than a few blocks from a beach. In Waikiki, this means looking for a place that’s closer to the canal than the beach or further up in the surrounding Honolulu hills. You can find great accommodations for less than $100 per night, often much less, depending on how many people are traveling with you.

Now, before you wonder how to leverage that distance, let’s move on to the next Hawaiian vacation bootstrap tip, transportation.

The Joy of Motion

Maybe it’s the thought of cruising around a Hawaiian island in a Jeep with the top down that drives (sorry, bad pun) the crazy amount of visitors who think renting a car is a great idea. Think again. Remember the earlier point about Hawaii only having so much beach? What do you think that does for parking opportunities and cost?

If you just couldn’t resist and booked a suite at a swanky Hawaiian resort, the daily parking rate can easily outrun the daily cost of the car rental itself. And, why do you need a car in the first place?

Hawaii is not a 3rd world country. Every possible means of transportation is available. Let’s look at a few, before you burn lots of vacation time hunting a parking spot.

The most popular Hawaiian Islands all have solid public transportation systems. If you’re headed to Oahu, there’s The Bus. On Maui, you’ll find the Maui Bus System. Even Kauai has a public bus system. And, smart tourists use the buses to move about the island for pennies.

If you want to check out the largest open-air mall in the world, Ala Moana Mall on Oahu, you can grab a bus for $2.50 per person and do a roundtrip, as long as you head back in under 4 hours. You can even take the bus from Waikiki to the world famous North Shore, although there’s probably a better way to get there.

Pro Tip- Most of the public bus systems don’t allow full size luggage on board, so the bus is not an option for getting from the airport to your vacation rental. Book a roundtrip, prepaid shuttle for that trip.

You’ll also find a plethora of transportation rentals, including bikes and scooters, that can be parked almost anywhere and pedaled or motored around town for peanuts, or less.

Uber and Lyft also have a strong presence across much of Hawaii. If you’re dressing up for a night on the town, let someone else drive while you see the sites. Even if you took a roundtrip rideshare every day of your vacation, you’d still likely pay a fraction of what a rental would cost and you’ll be a lot less stressed, although listening to your phone’s GPS try to pronounce Hawaiian street names can be pretty funny.

And, finally, let’s revisit that Waikiki to North Shore excursion again. Scattered throughout every Hawaiian city are lots of smaller car rental services. You can also find them in most hotel lobbies and they aren’t restricted to hotel guests.

Longer trips across the islands make a single day car rental an inexpensive way to go, without paying car rental fees while you lounge on the beach or losing half the day to the bus rides.

And, now that you have a place to crash and wheels, or a lack thereof, you’re only missing one thing- Hawaiian activities.

Having fun in Hawaii

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll see everything that there is to see on your first visit to Hawaii. So, you’re going to have to make some choices. Do you want to visit Pearl Harbor? Volcanos? A Luau? Pick a few things that you want to do, but remember that there are a ton of free things, including the dozens of unique beaches, that you can spend time doing.

Once you have your list, head over to an activity booking service, like and book your fun. A site like this is a huge time saver, because all of the best activities are available in one place. Plus, how many websites do you want to trust with your credit card information?

PRO TIP- avoid the “vacation clubs” that offer free activities for a “brief” presentation. You’ll probably also want to skip people handing out activity flyers. The prices might look great, but these tours are usually short or poor versions of activities. Do you want to parasail for 3 minutes and wonder about the crew or for 20 minutes and enjoy the view?

Try to avoid over-booking your vacation. It’s understandable that you want to do a lot, but vacation is also about relaxing by the pool or surf and hiding behind a great book or whatever you love to do when there’s nothing you have to do.

There you have it, 3 simple bootstrapping ideas for your visit to Hawaii. And, with the money that you’ve saved, you can buy more t-shirts and chocolate-covered macadamia nuts to take home to your poor frozen friends who couldn’t visit paradise with you.

Beach Vacation Season is Here so Find the Right Plus Size Swimsuit Online

There’s nothing like enjoying a perfect trip to the beach, especially when you have the perfect swimsuit. Plus size swimsuits are no longer boring and shapeless with bland colors as they once were in your mother’s generation. Today, as the plus size fashion industry grows, there are many cute and affordable swimsuits available on the market. Finding trendy vacation swimwear in both your size and preferred style can be a difficult task when shopping at a large department store, but there are very few limitations online. If you have an upcoming vacation, don’t fret. The options online are nearly endless. Online shopping is the biggest trend for finding the styles and designs for swimwear that you want and whatever your figure — hourglass, apple- or pear-shaped — there’s something for you. 

Trendy vacation swimwear can be especially hard to find during off seasons or in cities that are usually cold. Shopping for swimsuits online can allow you to find exactly what you’re looking for with ease, and without having to search many stores. The convenience and luxury of e-commerce makes shopping for your beach vacation at swimsuitsforall simple — browse your favorite swimdress or tankini options from the comfort of your home. In the winter, many stores have nothing to offer in the way of offseason swimwear, and this can be a problem if you are traveling to a sunny destination. Don’t be unprepared for your trip or have to buy a swimsuit that isn’t flattering by not shopping online. Find a plus-size-exclusive retailer like swimsuitsforall and you’ll have thousands of choices to peruse year-round since their stock is never depleted due to weather or seasonal trends.

There are many styles that look very appealing for plus size bodies. Plus size swimsuits are no longer limited to just one piece suits. There are many two piece swimsuit options available in plus sizes. A two piece with a skirt bottom and halter top can be a great way to show off curves while still looking modest. Monokini style swimsuits with a wrap design can drape over the midsection giving a look of curvy, sexy hips. This type of suit can give you more coverage but still be cute for a day out in the sun. Two piece swimsuits with ruched tops and skirts can also keep you covered up but still looking flirty. Prints and patterns are also very trendy now, and aren’t something you should be afraid of when choosing your swimwear. Find a pattern that flows with the curves of your body and is in a bold color that you like. To see what the hottest plus size swimsuit trends are now, visit Oprah’s site to have a look at what she’s recommending this year.

There are so many great plus size swimsuits out there and you shouldn’t be afraid of trying any of the new styles or designs for yourself. Finding a swimsuit that is comfortable, stylish, and offers support can be a difficult task. But looking for your swimsuits online can make the process a lot easier. Any one of any size can have a bikini body if you know where to find the best trendy vacation swimwear online. So visit a site like swimsuitsforall to see the newest in plus size trends before time runs out and the beaches fill. Summer’s nearly here, after all; do don’t wait.

3 Freebies That Should Top Your List

[W]hen we have left Rome … we are astonished by the discovery … that our heartstrings have mysteriously attached themselves to the Eternal City, and are drawing us [back] again, as if it were … more intimately our home, than even the spot where we were born.”

Nathaniel Hawthorn, 1860

(American Author)

Maybe the Hawthorne quote seems a little heady, but, man, is it true! If you’ve been to Rome, you know what he means. If you haven’t, you should start planning your trip now.

No matter how the dollar is doing in Europe, you can embark on grand adventures without paying a dime. That’s right – just click your heels together and say, “There’s no place like Rome. There’s no place like Rome. There’s no place… “ Okay, so maybe you do have to pay for the flight to Rome. (Tip: To get last minute travel deals, check out travel agencies’ social media sites.) But, once you’re in Rome, free sites abound. And you don’t have to take city transportation to get to where you’re going. Although there’s no yellow brick road to follow, getting lost on foot as you wander through Rome’s cobblestoned streets is the best way to experience the city.

So, put on your walking shoes, and grab your water bottle. In one day, we’re going to three free sites, which exude the historical significance, mythical grandeur, and sumptuous gelato for which people come to Rome.

1. Roman Forum (Forum)

Archeological excavations have revealed layers of history that tell the story of people who walked the pathways of the Forum centuries ago. Originally a marketplace, the Forum evolved into the center of Roman public life. All major commerce, political and judicial events once took place here. Thus, many of the most important structures from Roman antiquity are in the Forum. Among these ancient ruins are temples of worship, seats of government and monuments to ancient heroes. Prior to the construction of the Colosseum, the Forum also hosted gladiatorial battles.

Here, you can walk the on the same road where Julius Caesar’s chariot ran. You will stand where Mark Antony, Cleopatra’s beloved, gave Caesar’s famous funeral oration. And you can look upon the Senate House, where a precursor to modern democracy was born. When you are inside the Forum, you can’t help but feel the pathos of the Ancient Rome Empire in its rise to glory and, among the ruins, its eventual decline. The haunting remains of the Temple of Saturn, the Arch of Titus and the House of Vestal Virgins conjure up stories of ancient sacrifices, great public processions and mythical tales that still form part of Western culture.

Now, if you can tear yourself away from visions of the Vestal Virgins, you might get out your smartphone and Google the shortest route to the Pantheon. And then, get walkin’ because it’s about a mile and a half. Stopping by any site along the way is highly encouraged. One warning: there is something amazing to see around every corner, at every piazza (public square) and down every narrow street. If you don’t watch the time, it will take you all day to get your original destination.

1. Pantheon

The Pantheon, like the Forum and so many other sites around Rome, represents an historical evolution over the centuries. The Pantheon dates back to the 27 A.D. It was built by Marcus Agrippa, whose name is inscribed on the portico. Agrippa’s Pantheon was apparently dedicated to the seven gods of the seven planets (a pagan temple). It was twice destroyed by fire and rebuilt. Between 118-125 A.D. , the Emperor Hadrian finished constructing the third Pantheon. Debate exists as to whether the earlier structures were of a similar monumental shape and magnitude as Pantheon now stands. One point is certain, however, the Pantheon is the most well preserved Ancient Roman structures.

In the seventh century, the Pantheon, a pagan temple, officially morphed into a Catholic Church, with its consecration as such in 609 A.D. This transformation reflected the changes in political power, spreading of Christendom, and desire to preserve ancient Roman buildings. To this day, it remains a Catholic Church.

Regardless of religious convictions, everyone is welcome to experience the Pantheon. Walking through the front portico, this downright massive structure with its rows 40-foot Corinthian columns, made of heavy Egyptian granite, feels both impressive and intimidating. Once through the entrance, you meet with a breathtaking interior. Natural light shines through only one opening in the coffered, hemispherical dome (the oculus). It remains a mystery how this ancient structure could support the weight of its domed top. As artist Michelangelo put it, the Pantheon appears to be of “angelic and inhuman design.”

If you can pull yourself away from the ethereal interior of the Pantheon, it’s only a short hike to our next destination. In a half mile, you’ll find something no less impressive and a bit more trendy. According to U.S. News, the Trevi Fountain is ranked the number one tourist destination in Rome.

1. Trevi Fountain

Arguably the most beautiful fountain in Rome, the Trevi Fountain too has ties to the first century B.C. The Trevi Fountain is located at the end of the Aqua Virgo, an ancient aqueduct constructed in 19 BC by Agrippa. This aqueduct still brings water 21 kilometers away from Rome to supply the fountains in the historic city center with water. (Can you believe that a than 2000-year-old aqueduct still works?)

The elaborately designed baroque fountain is built into the side of Palazzo Poli. And it absolutely dominates Trevi square, where it is situated. At 85 feet high and 65 feet wide, it is the largest fountain in Rome. Each part of the fountain, each sculpture and section, either allegorically or literally commemorates an historical event or represents a moral or mythical tale.

But not everyone comes to the Trevi Fountain to fuss over Neptune or whatever else is depicted there. Most tourists come to participate in another mythical story, which requires tossing coins into the fountain. Two legends actually inform the ritual of throwing coins into the fountain. One says that if you throw a coin from your right hand backwards over left shoulder, you will return to Rome. The second legend inspires people to throw three coins into the fountain. The first coin guarantees a return to Rome, the second coin means you will fall in love in Rome, and the third coin will lead you down the aisle with the spouse of your dreams. You might have seen the 1954 American film inspired by the latter legend: Three Coins in A Fountain.

If you find yourself tired of myths and figure that flipping coins into the fountain may be a bad investment, just walk to Piazza Navona (.5 miles), where the locals hang out. Then, as the saying goes, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”: sit and savor a lemon and raspberry gelato, enjoy a glass of vino or sip on a café’ latte and talk with your friends. I bet you’ll find yourself saying that you’ll never forget this trip— because there is truly no place like Rome.

“… the best things in life are free.” As the saying goes, the best museum is the city itself.

4 Extravagant Ways to Experience A Celebrity-Like Sydney Vacation

Sydney is one of the favorite destinations of most travelers. This multicultural city is the state capital of New South Wales in Australia. It is also known as the most beautiful harbour in the world and takes pride to its golden beaches, impressive monuments, breathtaking landscapes, and world-class restaurants.

Once you visit this paradise, you will never be disappointed. Apparently, there are a lot of things you can do while you are here. You’ve got numerous options on how you can spend your vacation like a celebrity in this captivating city.

Hence, here are some of the great ways on how you can spend your trip to Sydney like an A-lister:

Dine like the rich and famous

The stunning city of Sydney is packed with tons of fine dining restaurants. If you want to dine like the rich and famous here or even have the chance to be seated right next to a celebrity, then you can opt to eat at Quay. This award-winning restaurant offers both Asian and European cuisines, making all diners satisfied with their delectable food. Also, the atmosphere is truly impressive as you can see the gorgeous harbour views and the staff are very accommodating and friendly too.

Spend a night at a luxurious hotel

To experience superb amenities, exclusive service, and a great view, spend an overnight at one of the Darling Harbour hotels. One of the best and most visited here is The Darling Hotel. Your Sydney trip will definitely be memorable as this five-star hotel offers a one-of-a-kind hotel experience to everyone. With its elegant boutique-styled design, you will absolutely have an unforgettable stay that you deserve.

Shop like a millionaire

In case you love shopping, then Sydney is the ideal shopping paradise for you. You may shop at Harrolds boutique and purchase high-quality items from various top brands. Its two branches, for men and women, are actually located inside the Westfield mall. You will be able to find fashion-forward designer bags, shoes, and other creations that are totally impressive, especially for all types of shoppers, including celebrities.

Sip a glass of champagne at sunset

The best way to start your meal is to drink a glass of champagne first. Sipping a glass of it at Jonah’s Whale Beach while waiting for the sun to set is one of the greatest things you will ever experience in Sydney. Jonah’s is not your typical restaurant, rather an ideal beachside escape that you’ll love. Surely, you will enjoy the casual and friendly ambiance that this place offers to all its visitors.

All in all, you can experience a Sydney holiday like a star with these things mentioned above. You deserve to feel special and be treated like a king or queen from time to time, so make it a point to treat yourself sometimes. Since it would be too costly for you to go to a private island or rent a yacht, you may have a grand vacation in Sydney instead and definitely have the time of your life, just like the A-listers.

4 Significant Benefits of Renting Green Cars in Australia

Traveling to a new destination is an exciting thing you will ever experience in your entire life. Taking a break from work or school and having time to unwind for a little while can never go wrong. However, you need to make the most out of your vacation and ensure that you will totally have fun.

download (67)

One of the most favorite places most travelers from across the globe love to visit is Australia. This stunning country is blessed with breathtaking views as well as thrilling activities fit for all ages. Once you get the opportunity to be here, you will absolutely have an unforgettable vacation.

Moreover, if you want to explore one of the beautiful cities in Australia, you can try renting a car. The best way to discover a city is by roaming around and enjoying every part of it. DriveNow offers hybrid car rentals in Cairns and Australia-wide, which makes it more convenient for every traveler who wants to go sightseeing.

While it is unusual for people to rent an environmentally friendly car while on a trip in a different city, it could still be a great idea. Apparently, there are numerous benefits of simply renting a green car, such as the following:

Renting a green car can save you more money.

Sure, some car rental companies charge more for environmentally friendly cars. Nevertheless, you could still save a lot of money when you choose this type of car because of fuel savings. There is nothing to worry about the extra cost for gas that might be charged on you once you rent a green car.

Renting a green car provides great environmental effect.

These eco-friendly cars emit greenhouse gases and add to the atmospheric pollution. Once you plan to do quite a bit of driving during your stay in Australia, it is a good idea to rent a green car to help save the environment. Everyone knows how much it is damaged today, hence, you can do a small act to prevent it from getting worse.

Renting a green car has a significant impact for business travelers.

If you travel for business and are trying to impress your partners, then choose a green car for your trip. It does not seem to be that of an impressive act, but being seen as environmentally responsible by others is really something desirable. People will look up to you as you show concern to the environment and make a difference to the world.

Renting a green car gives you peace of mind.

You won’t have to think about running out of gas when you are in an unfamiliar region, for a green car has enough “fuel” of its own at all times. Thus, this gives you peace of mind and you won’t be stressed out too when things don’t fall into place.

On the whole, your small act of choosing to rent a green car for your trip can make a huge impact. So, it is highly recommended that whenever you travel to a new place, opt for a green rental car and be one of those who want to make this world safer and more beautiful.

Going Flightseeing in New Zealand

When traveling to New Zealand from out of area there is a good chance you will take a commercial plane. Once you arrive though, have you ever thought about sightseeing not from land, but via flight?

Sightseeing via a small aircraft or helicopter is truly the premier way to view New Zealand’s spectacular geography and sites. In fact, it is a very popular activity in many sections of the country including Northland, Canterbury and the West Coast.

When going on a flightseeing tour you will have the ability to fly over active volcanoes, glaciers or even experience the highest peaks of the Southern Alps.

Still to hard to believe? Just imagine this scenario:

You travel into the Queenstown airport, rent a car using and take a ride to the Milford Sound, also known as one of the world’s most scenic areas. Here you will head over to the Milford Sound Scenic Flights where all passengers get a window seat for truly uninterrupted viewing. During the air tour, experienced pilots provide informative commentary of all the great views you are viewing.

Views include primeval forests, walls of rock with cascading waterfalls, snowcapped peaks and so much more! You will never want to get off of this one-hour incredible experience.

While land tours are a wonderful way to take in New Zealand, flight seeing is something you can’t do just anywhere, especially anywhere with picturesque views that will be remembered forever. How often can you say you viewed the entire Milford Sound all the way to the Tasman Sea including Miltre Peak and Bowen and Stirling Falls.

This is truly a must for anyone’s “bucket list”. Just make sure your smartphone is charged to take great photos or that you have a fresh battery in your digital camera.

Memories are for sure to made flightseeing in New Zealand!

Top Ski Resorts – Private Jet Charter

When you begin to think about winter ski vacations, you may also start to think about all the stress that accompanies traveling during the colder months. However, when you choose to travel by private jet, you can feel confident your trip will be more relaxing and enjoyable. Chartered flights offer a more direct route, which means you can avoid the long lines at commercial airports, not have to worry about checking your ski gear or luggage and walk directly off your private plane into your waiting transportation. If you are contemplating a ski vacation in the near future, in addition to booking it through a private jet charter, consider the destinations here.


Zermatt, Switzerland

Found on a high-altitude plateau, at the base of the highest and most iconic mountain in Switzerland, the Matterhorn, the charm of Zermatt is derived from the strict building codes and absence of traffic. You can access the quaint town by taking the cog railway from the valley, where you can leave your vehicle – as well as the rest of the modern world – behind. Zermatt provides visitors with some of the best skiing in the world and one of the largest lift inter-linked skiing areas featuring over 70 different lifts. This includes an underground funicular railway, which moves, on average 50,000 skiers each hour. The airport is just a two hour drive away, which makes private jet travel well-worth it.

Mammoth, California

Home of the highest summit of any California resort at 11,053 feet, Mammoth Mountain offers a higher quality snow, beautiful, picturesque views and a skiing season that lasts into July. Also, with more than 3,500 acres of skiable land, 400 inches of snowfall each season and 300 days of sunshine each year, Mammoth has established itself as the only big mountain experience in all of California. You can also enjoy a vast array of dining, as well, from intimate settings at the Parallax and a kid-friendly atmosphere at Campo Mammoth, both of which are only accessible by way of the snowcat. There are endless activities on Mammoth Mountain, as well, which includes scenic gondola rides, snowcat rides and cross-country skiing.

Catedrales, Argentina

Located near the city of Bariloche in the Lake District of Argentina, Catedral Alta Patagonia is one of the most developed ski resorts in South America and the only resort with a full service mountain village. The name was derived from the scenery present, which resembles a medieval cathedral. The views at 1300 meters above sea level are nothing short of breath taking. There are over 40 lifts here and quite a few opportunities for access to advanced level bowls and tree-skiing adventures.

Deer Valley, Utah

The upscale and elite tend to flock to this resort area more so than its direct neighbors. This is partly due to the free ski valets, fine dining, free parking shuttles and boutique shopping that amenities that are available. Deer Valley is home to more mountain runs than any other resort in Utah and limits access to the mountain to only 7500 lift tickets each day, preventing issues of overcrowding. This creates a more civilized skiing experience. Just 37 miles from Salt Lake City and minutes from Park City, this is the ideal destination for private jet charter travel.

Take some time to consider the destination for your next ski adventure and then begin planning the trip with a free jet charter quote. Vacation is supposed to be relaxing and fun and this includes the trip to the destination and home. Private jet travel minimizes stress and hassle while providing a safe option to arrive at your selected ski destination.