Tenerife things to do

The summer gets closer each day but if you just can’t wait for a further 3 months why not book a visit to the warm and friendly Tenerife? This sunny Spanish island has lots of amenities on offer which will have you raving on and on to friends and relatives about your adventures during the last holidays in Tenerife long after your return. In this article we present you with 4 of our favourite activities taking place on the island from splashing around a fun waterpark to walking towards the highest peak of Spain which also happens to be one of the three volcanoes that gave birth to the island itself!


Siam park

If you decide to bring family along or even if you just are a fun loving individual, the Siam Park is a great place to visit during your holidays in Tenerife! Amongst the newest amusement parks in Europe, Siam Park has a wide array of water slides and amusements for a full day packed with fun and exciting splashes! The only issue might be its good reputation which attracts lots of people during peak season so if you happen to visit then, it would be good to spend the extra money for a fast pass to all the rides. If you get tempted for a second try to any of the slides or activities you can do so for half price before you leave the park, which is a further reason to make you want to visit!

Teide National Park

For the hikers or plain admirers of nature, the Teide National Park is the place to visit! Walk around this wonderful natural monument and climb atop the highest peak of Spain (3718 metres), which also happens to be the volcano that started it all! If you are not a fan of hiking, you can always take the cable car to the top to enjoy the scenery and take some of the best pictures overlooking Tenerife with the horizon stretching to the nearby islands. Worry not about its volcanic nature as the crater has been inactive for the past 7000 years, making it an absolutely safe destination for enjoying nature of the island on your holidays in Tenerife!

Playa del Duque

This golden stretch of sand in Costa Adeje is amongst the most well-known beaches on the island! Home to some stunning views and good quality resorts and restaurants, this is a crowd favourite which is kept well warm into the winter, making it a great beach to visit with family any time throughout the year. If you want to make your life a bit easier, you can opt for renting electric bikes to carry you on the promenades and atop the hilly area surrounding the beach.

Cruz del Carmen to Punta del Hidalgo, Anaga Mountains

Probably one of the best hikes on the island, the trek from Cruz del Carmen passes through the Anaga mountains and through the wonderful Mercedes forest, ending at the beach of Punta de Hidalgo 7.5 miles away. This is a well signed trail that carries you through the magnificent nature of the island and as such it is a must see during your holidays in Tenerife if you want to get a taste of something different to the usual tourist attractions.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Day Spa in Sydney

There is a wide range of day spas you can visit, so how do you go about choosing one? Here are some things you have to look for when choosing a day spa in Sydney.

Decide on your Budget

While it is essential that you decide on your budget before making a decision, it is not wise to base your choice solely on the price of the spa services. If you consistently look for cheap prices, then you are likely to get mediocre to poor customer service.

With that said, take note that you must also not choose a spa because it is expensive. Luxury day spas tend to overcharge. Find a balance between quality service, customer satisfaction and reasonable price.

Do not Rely on Reviews

We’d like to make it clear that there is nothing wrong about asking around about day spas in your area and checking online reviews. However, don’t just read about them and listen to people’s stories. If you read about a bad experience at a local spa, for instance, use your best judgment to determine whether it is a well-rounded review. In short, never base your decisions on what others tell you.

Look for Good Customer Service

Nothing beats great customer service. Say you go to two different nail spas for a manicure. Both salons give the best manicure in town, but one of the staff members of the other spa took his way to make sure you are comfortable and pampered well. You are likely to come back for more services and recommend that spa to your friends.

Prioritise Cleanliness

One of the things that should go on top of your list when looking for the best spa in Sydney is cleanliness. A spa often accepts clients one after another so if the sheets and tools are not cleaned or changed every now and then, bacteria will spread easily.

Check the Services They Offer

Contact the spa to check if they offer the services you need. Visit the spa personally to speak with someone directly and get a feel of the ambience. Day spas usually have a list to choose from and packages to make you save money.  An average day spa is likely to offer facial treatments, manicure, pedicure, and massage.

Products and Medical Information

A good spa will want to know about your medical background before doing any treatment. This is also for them to suggest the most effective alternative treatment. They will ask about pregnancy, any recent operations, and medical condition.

As for the products, a reliable day spa will use high quality organic products that are good for the body.

Therapists and Treatments

Ask whether the therapists are trained and experienced for the services they do. Their website should mention about their employees’ experience and training. A spa can save a lot of money by hiring inexperienced and untrained people but the services are most likely to be terrible. If the website does not mention anything about their therapist’s experience and training, ask a staff personally about it.


Traveling to Israel with your kids – Some ideas of enjoying together

While Israel is a popular destination and is well-known for being a religious pilgrimage, but still majority of the tourists don’t place Israel at the top of their holiday destinations. Due to the mostly negative press coverage that the country is bestowed with, it is not accepted in a proper way as it deserves. People rarely realize that Israel is a living history goldmine so ancient and deep that you can hardly believe it. There are tourists who find each and every facet of the country so meaningful and rich which the kids won’t definitely understand but there are many other things that the youngsters would love in Israel. Read on the article to know more on some traveling ideas to Israel along with your kids.

  1. Nimrod’s Fortress: We all are sure about the fact that kids usually love the idea of castles and fortresses as this give wings to their imagination. Who wouldn’t love the ancient castle-like fortress with staircases and tunnels, vistas and statues as far as your eyesight would reach. History, hide and seek, princesses, pirates and there are endless things that your kid can imagine about. Even the parents of kids will surely love the history of this location and its essence.
  2. Eating Hummus & Pita: Most of the kids fear the idea of eating new food, but not in Israel. In this country, the norm is to eat with your hands. When you dip your pita bread into the hummus which is covered with cream. The cost varies from one location to another and hence there is no fixed price.
  3. Mount Bental: This provides a vast view for adults and it also offers mysterious excitement for the kids. Although these dark tunnels have a drab past, they give new life to your children to move through and search things. While tourists visit there, a group of tourists release a bunch of balloons to watch where the wind takes them and this is seen as a great exercise and activity. This location offers kids a hands-on experience to know about some important chapters of history and the modern state of Israel.
  4. The Dead Sea: The Dead Sea constitutes of 33% salt, which is 10 times the typical amount which is found in other oceans. This is called the Dead Sea as there’s no life that grows in this sea. Due to the high salt content in this sea, you can float with ease, lift up your arms and legs, read a newspaper and stay high out of the water. The mud at the sea-bed also carries some healing properties and your kids will simply love to spread the mud all over their body.

Therefore, if you’ve travelled to Israel and you don’t know how to travel to different parts, you can opt for a Shlomo Sixt car rental Israel and use the vehicle to move to various parts. Take into account the above mentioned tips to enjoy your vacation with your kids.

Sydney Holiday Tips- Where to find Relevant Information

Sydney has definitely come across as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia. Right from Sydney Harbour to Bondi Beach, you have many incredible options at hand. Hence, if you are one of the lucky ones who are blessed with the opportunity to visit this amazingly beautiful place, you must be well aware of some efficient traveling tips that are discussed in this article.

Digging into the Sydney travel essentials

Now that you have decided to spend your summer holiday in Sydney, you need to know more about good accommodation facilities in accordance to your personal needs as well as the budget factor. You will be amazed to know about the huge array of options that are available at your discretion. Of course you will find the finest hotels and resorts in the nation. Beside these, you will have the option to rent a beautiful apartment or a condo for your stay in Sydney.

Once the accommodation factor is sorted out, it is vital that you are informed about the availability of different kinds of entertainment facilities. Do you know that Sydney is home to some of the most amazing pubs and night clubs across the world? Yes, if you are a party animal, it is deemed that you are going to love the night life of this place in the most amazing and carefree manner possible.

If you are one of those who are interested in enjoying the scenic beauties of Sydney, you ought to know about the varied types of landscapes that are simply breathtaking all the way.

Visiting Sydney means it is mandatory to enjoy some of the local delicacies and render a different and vibrant flavour to your taste buds. For this, you need to have good information regarding the popular restaurants that serve amazing and delicious food.

Food and shopping definitely goes hand in hand and as Sydney is rightly regarded as one of the ideal fashion capitals across the globe, you need to go for the incredible shopping spree that is deemed to blow your mind away.

Where to find Sydney travel information?

Owing to the busy schedule of the modern world, you require something that is valid and quick at the same time. Hence, you can trust online business web directories that communicate to you each and every detail regarding Sydney holiday, places to visit, accommodation facilities, available resorts, pubs and other forms of nightlife, landscapes and other scenic beauties and so on. As a wise traveller, you get the opportunity to compare and contrast the price of varied Sydney hotels or resorts and eventually choose the one that meets your standard and also fits your pocket.

Hotfrog Australia is such a platform where you can dive into a pool of authentic information with regards to your trip to Sydney. It is here that you can scan through all types of holiday essentials and make the apt moves. In the end, it is guaranteed that your Sydney visit will be memorable.

What Should You Pack if You Go Traveling?

Traveling is such a fantastic thing, but what should you actually take with you? Naturally, much of this depends entirely on the type of travel that you will do. A backpacker traveling through Australia for a year will have very different needs to someone who booked on one of the many Globus Tours that exist. Below, however, are some of the things that everybody needs to carry with them, whether physically or in their mind.

Day Packs

A day pack is what you carry with you during your travels when you are exploring. It needs to be big enough to carry some souvenirs that you may purchase, but not so big that it gets in the way. Always have some money in there (not your entire vacation budget) and a bottle of water.

Things to Have Prepared

You also need to have a number of things prepared. Most of these don’t have to be physically taken with you. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Travel insurance. If something does go wrong, you want to be ok.
  • Your Skype details. If you stop by an internet café and you know your Skype login details, you can quickly contact your relatives and let them know how your vacation is going.

What to Actually Pack

So what do you need to pack in your suitcase? As stated earlier, a lot of it depends on the type of travel that you will be doing. For instance, a backpacker should always carry a first aid box, but someone who goes on a regular holiday really has no use for it. However, some things everybody needs include:

  • Clothing. Make sure they are suitable for wherever you are going to. Even if you go to a hot area, however, you should still carry at least one pair of long trousers or a long skirt, and a long sleeved shirt or wrap of some kind. This is because even the hottest areas can get cold during the day and it is sometimes beneficial to be wrapped up against mosquitoes.
  • Toiletries. While you should be able to easily purchase these (same with clothing), it is generally better to bring something you are used to. Things like shaving cream and razors, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, makeup and so n are all important to go in your toiletries box.
  • Your camera. Never, EVER, leave home without your camera. Whether you are using an actual camera or sticking to the camera on your phone is irrelevant. You simply cannot go on vacation without taking plenty of holiday snaps. It is an opportunity for you to look back at all the fantastic things you have seen and to reminisce about the good time that was had by all.

If you have paid attention to all of the above, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time while you are away. Vacations are about releasing stress, so the last thing you want is to feel stressful because you have forgotten one of these thinsg.

Montreal. A perfect place for foodies

Find out for yourself why foodies love Montreal. The city has the highest number of restaurant per capita in Canada- almost 65 restaurants per kilometer squared- which makes it second in North America close after New York. Menus are heavily influenced by flavors from all around the world, ranging from the finest French cuisine to cheap, local favorites. For bonafide foodies and for people looking for a late night bite alike, Montreal’s a welcoming treat.

Top lunch and dining destinations can be found all over the city. Most downtown restaurants are concentrated between Guy and Peel Street and on the side streets that run between René Levesque Boulevard and Sherbrooke Street. There, try out the city’s epic breakfast or brunch at Universal or Eggspectation, for a classic Montreal bagel breakfast or delicious eggs benedict. If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, order heavenly fluffy waffles topped with a mountain of sweet strawberries and bananas, or head off to café Myriad for a real taste of an authentic European croissant along side an exquisite coffee. Trendy restaurants can also be found in the Mile End and the Plateau, as young chefs move out of downtown to open new restaurants in the area. From Saint Denis Street and Saint Laurent, between Sherbrooke and Jean Talon, range the best food sanctuaries with everything from all-you-can-eat sushi to high-end gourmet dinners. If you continue on Jean Talon West up to Decarie Boulevard, you will run into Dunn’s famous for offering hand cut 14-hour marinated smoked meat Montreal. Dunn’s is one of the oldest smoked meat restaurants in Montreal dating back from 1927. Choose from a wide variety of smoked meat sandwich specials, each featuring a unique twist on the old classic, whether it is for their smoked meat with Swiss cheese and sauerkraut, a club roll or an all-beef salami and stuffed chicken, you should find your happiness. Old Montreal is also a must to pass by to really get a feel of the city. Experience a night of good vibes, prosecco and oysters at L’Original or find a nice little spot along the old port at Muvbox and enjoy yummy treats to go.

Montreal really loves to celebrate anything and everything, especially when it comes to food. The city is home to many culinary festivals of all kinds. For instance, join the fleet of Montréal’s food trucks every Friday from May to October at the Esplanade Sun Life (Olympic Park) from 4 p.m to 11 p.m for some awesome open air treats. The Omnivore Food festival takes place form August 20th to 24th in collaboration with the Society for Arts & Technology to discuss and demonstrate trends and innovative techniques by world-renowned chefs. In winter, you cannot miss the famous Poutine Week with over 40 different restaurants trying to win the title of the city’s best poutine or the Montreal en Lumière festival where food is celebrated alongside art and music.

So, foodies around the world, now is the best time to go on a pilgrimage to Montreal, the mecca of things delicious in North America.

Choose Your Dream Running Vacation

Serious runners don’t leave the running shoes behind when they go on vacation. In fact, the most dedicated runners often choose vacation spots with superb running trails either as the main draw or part of a getaway plan. The United States has some of the finest running vacation destinations in the world. Here are some of the best.

Chicago in the summer

The 18-mile trek along Lake Michigan’s shoreline is a breath of fresh air. Cool breezes and the Chicago skyline make this a terrific summertime trail. Chicago also offers tons of other attractions, including the Natural History and Art Museums, theater, concerts, professional sports and fine dining and superb shopping along the Magnificent Mile.

Colorado’s Estes Park

Colorado has multiple running vacation spots, but none of them beat Estes Park’s Active at Altitude lodge. The spacious, relaxed accommodations have mountain views from every bedroom. Options include bed & breakfast, private rooms with full-service kitchen living room, deck and entertainment center, and group apartments. From the lodge it’s a 15-minute drive to Rocky Mountain National Park with 355 miles of trails. Run level ovals around a lake or challenge yourself on an adventure run up a mountain. Numerous forest trails are within a half mile of the lodge.

Minnesota Nice

Outside magazine awarded Duluth, Minnesota, the No. 1 spot on its 2014 “The 16 Best Places to Live in the U.S.” list. Criteria included the availability of green spaces, bike lanes, running trails and healthy eating options. Running is a favorite pastime of Duluth residents and visitors alike. The Lakewalk, a four-mile path alongside Lake Superior, is ideal for bikers, walkers and, of course, runners. The Superior Hiking Trail is 43 miles around Jay Cooke State Park then on to Duluth. Highlights include magnificent Lake Superior views, Spirit Mountain and Enger Tower.

The Oregon Trail

Portland, Bend and Eugene, Oregon, are all in close proximity to one another and all have great running trails. The moderate temperatures make a running vacation doable even in July. See stunning views of the city as you run along Portland’s Willamette River tree-lined trails.

It’s a Grand Canyon

What better vacation could there be than running in one of nature’s wonders?   The Grand Canyon gives runners of all skill levels a challenge. North Rim temperatures average 77 degrees in the summer and South Rim temps average 84. Check the visitor center for information about trail runs of varying lengths along the rim and the ultimate rim-to-rim run. Don’t attempt a rim-to-rim run unless you’ve trained heavily for it. It’s a killer.

Mammoth lakes

Mammoth Lakes, California, is where runners go to for elevation training. A favorite of the elite, including Meb Keflezighi, winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon, Mammoth Lakes offers a wide variety of terrain and trails that make it ideal for recreational runners as well. Trails include the paved Town Loop and Lakes Basin Path. Non-paved wilderness trails in the Inyo National Forest are plentiful.

Very Nice, A Trip To The French Riviera

Planning a holiday to somewhere romantic in Europe is nothing new. Neither is picking France as your destination. Picking Nice over Paris, however, that’s uncommon right now. Nice is the anti-Paris in many ways. Its coastal location saves it from the sometimes drab grey skies of the French capital. Even in winter, the weather can stay calm. It usually goes ten years between snowfalls too. Not to mention Nice doesn’t suffer from a smog problem, due to all the traffic Paris has.


Nice is more about contemporary France. It is something you have to live in the moment of. Drinking a glass of wine or enjoying a cool beer is the best way to enjoy Nice. The bars of Nice are full of atmosphere. Les Distilleries Idéales is one of the most popular bars in Nice. The tables outside it are almost always in use. Whether you’re watching the world pass you by or just getting a bit of sun, having a drink outdoors in such a lavish environment is bound to be relaxing.


If you want to go all in with your sun tan, Nice’s beaches are the place to go. While the beaches are not the soft sandy fare but instead pebble beaches, deck chairs and mats are available for rental to save you discomfort. Not all parts of the beach are a public space. Some are private to a few Nice hotels. have a good options of hotels with private beaches. Others may be reserved for certain people or require payment for access. Nice is less about specific landmarks and more about the experience. However, guided walking tours through Nice are available if you want to see what it has to offer culturally.


The Parc du Château for instance is a great vantage point. It overlooks Nice and the Baie des Anges. If walking up there isn’t possible for you, or you just don’t feel like it, there is a lift up to the location. Just don’t forget your camera. The nightlife in Nice is bubbling. As already mentioned, the bars and cafes are great places to socialise and congregate. Live music is also a part of this, if you find the right venues. Enjoy a drink from an ice cold glass and a tune from an acoustic guitar.


If you’re more the solitary and introspective type, Nice still has its wonders for you. Night walks along the coast while you breathe in the sea air. The Nice lighthouse is a nice attraction to watch if you’re something of a night owl too. Nice is a popular holiday destination. If your grasp on French isn’t sufficient to sustain a conversation, who’s to say there isn’t someone else there that you can conversate with in English? It’s never advisable to just hang around with other tourists though. Get out there and cross cultural and national boundaries.


When all is said and done, Nice is unique in that it’s a holiday destination where you don’t really have to see anything. You’re not pressured to visit as many landmarks as you can in a week. All you have to do is enjoy.


Voluntourism: Holidays That Make A Difference

Over recent years, voluntourism has had a lot of negative press. Which is unfortunate, considering the good that you can do, giving up a few weeks of your holiday to help the betterment of others and the environment. You only need to do a quick Google search, in order to find horror stories about voluntourism, but if you choose the right company and pick the perfect project, you can really help impoverished areas of the world.

Choose Your Project Wisely

Rule number one of voluntourism: choose your project with care. Some projects are created without the permission of the community, in order to cater for voluntourists. Many of these well-meaning travellers leave feeling cynical and disappointed by being placed in a poor project that has very little impact.

Assess your skills. Don’t just choose whatever you’re offered, because you think that every little helps. Unless you are skilled at brick-laying, don’t go and build a library. Unless you have some sort of teaching experience or qualification, don’t go into a school to educate children. You’re doing more harm than good. Ask yourself: what can I offer as a voluntourist? You may find that staying in the UK is your best bet.

Save Money Where You Can

Try to go to your area of choice for a reasonable amount of time, to make a stronger impact. In order to do this, you will have to be clever with how and when you book your flights – try following Bravofly on Twitter to find out about travel discounts. You can also save money on your accommodation, if you live like the locals, instead of opting for a hotel outside of the area you’ll be working in.

Look For The Lesser-Known Charities

If you stumble upon an organisation that has flashy advertising, this should be your first red flag. Usually, it’s the quiet charities – doing good work on the ground – that are your best bet. If organisations are spending a load of donated money on heavyweight promotion, you may want to look elsewhere. Obviously, steer clear of any for-profit businesses. You may be able to ask-around to find recommendations for great charities to work with.

Always do your research before you make your decision. Voluntourism can be expensive to do, so it’s important to make it count, for you and for the people you are helping.

The Benefits

We all go on holidays to escape the monotony of our daily lives. You may be surprised at how relaxing and life-enriching it is to work hard for others, in a climate and country that you are unfamiliar with. If you are someone who is a spa/beach addict, this may not be the adventure for you. But if you’re not afraid of going back to basics, and getting your hands dirty, you could make memories that will last forever.

Would you consider giving up your holiday for others? Let us know in the comments below.

Take A Volunteer Vacation!

If wanderlust is calling you, consider taking a volunteer vacation to South Africa. You’ll see this beautiful and interesting country from a totally different perspective, experiencing South African culture unlike any tourist. As a volunteer, you’ll work alongside community members to make a difference in the lives of children and animals who need your help.

If you’ve always wanted to see wild animals up close, there are over 10 packages available that place you right on rehabilitation reserves. Depending on what species you choose, you can be living with cheetahs, rhinos, horses, elephants, or various marine life. After an extensive training orientation, you’ll be responsible for the daily care of these animals. Your chores will cover the day-to-day operations of these sanctuaries, ensuring that the animals have a clean, safe, and comfortable place to live. Under the direct supervision of animal experts, you’ll help feed these creatures, making sure that they are healthy enough to one day be released back into the wild.

There are also rewarding opportunities that connect you with sick or orphaned children. You’ll be placed in a community hospital, offering a distraction to these ill children. Your number one duty will be to provide love and attention to these children who are so often ignored. By supporting them during their time of need, you’ll create a significant difference in their quality of life. As just one of many helping these children, you’ll create long-lasting bonds with your fellow volunteers and the patients alike.

When you’re ready to schedule your volunteer vacation, ensure that the best and most experienced travel tourism company facilitates your stay. Companies like Volunteer SA can guarantee your safe travel by offering reliable transportation to and from the airport and a supportive network of guides that will welcome you to your accommodations. Of course, accommodations and meals are provided by these tourism companies, so you only have to worry about your duties as a volunteer.

A volunteer vacation is a great way for anyone over the age of 18 to see South Africa in a completely unique way. You won’t be a typical tourist, seeing only the sites for your own purposes. As a volunteer, you’ll be working towards something bigger than yourself. The reward will be in seeing the animals and children you help live happy and healthy lives. The added bonus will be all of the long-lasting relationships you’ll build with community members, children, and fellow volunteers.