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A Great Australia Railway Journey

TGTheGhan A Great Australia Railway Journey

The Ghan. Photo credit: Great Southern Rail.

The Ghan, an interstate passenger train operated by Great Southern Rail, marks the 10th anniversary of its first transcontinental journey from Adelaide to Darwin.

We love this energized video, The Ghan, Time to Explore, which highlights the destinations reached by this Australian rail adventure.

Carsharing In The City

TGNY95346 a Carsharing In The City

car2go autopartage has launched carsharing in Montreal, Canada. Photo credit: PRNewsFoto/car2go Canada, Ltd.

The carsharing program car2go has 500,000+ registered members worldwide. This fall, Montreal, Canada will become the 13th car2go city in North America and the 25th car2go city worldwide.

A low cost public transportation alternative, car2go autopartage, a subsidiary of Daimler North America, will launch its point-to-point carsharing model in Montreal by early November 2013.

An initial network of 250 car2go edition smart fortwo vehicles will be deployed and available for shared use in the metropolitan Montreal area, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

TGNY95346 INFO b Carsharing In The City

The 5 steps of car2go: 1. Become A Member; 2. Locate A Vehicle; 3. Access The Vehicle; 4. Drive and 5. Finish Your Trip. Photo credit: PRNewsFoto/car2go Canada, Ltd.


Anywhere within the car2go Home Area, car2go members pick up and drop off any car2go vehicle. They drive the car, park the car at their destination and swipe the card on the car’s windshield reader to end their trip. Then the car becomes available for the next car2go member.


car2go members pay 38 cents per minute or discounted hourly and daily rates for the time they use the car. Parking fees, fuel, maintenance and insurance are included at no additional cost.


To locate available car2gos, members can use a smartphone app or the car2go vehicle finder at Members can use the first available car2go they find parked on the street. They can also reserve a vehicle up to 30 minutes in advance.

Cool Electrics

TGElectraTownieGo Cool Electrics

The Townie Go! Step-Through electric bike model in ebony. Photo credit: Electra Bicycle Company.

“Electra is about enjoying life, having fun, being slightly irreverent and making great products that capture the joy of riding and put a smile on your face.” – Electra Bicycle Company.

Whether you’re traveling or living and working in a city, look around and you’ll likely find more and more electric transportation options available.

We’ve blogged about fab green travel designs like The Sparta X2 Electric bike and we’re constantly discovering other cool electrics we want to share including these two:

Electra Bicycle Company – The Townie Go!

Electra Bicycle’s Townie is the blog’s bike so we’re huge Electra fans and excited to share the news that the company has launched the electric, pedal-assist bicycle Townie Go!. Designed around Electra’s patented “Flat Foot Technology”, this Townie also has an easy-to-ride frame design which gives you comfort and control, letting you sit up and put your feet flat on the ground when you’re stopped.

What makes it the Townie Go! is the SRAM’s fully integrated E-matic zero maintenance pedal-assist propulsion system.  The E-matic is built into the rear hub with one wire connection and a thin lithium-ion battery tucked up underneath the rear rack. The way it works is you start pedaling and with each pedal stroke the E-matic will sense your effort and add “oomph”’ until you reach 16 miles per hour. The bike’s fully charged 8-amp battery will last about 30 miles.


TGTownieGo2 Cool Electrics

Townie GO! Step-Over electric bike model in matte gold. Photo credit: Electra Bicycle Company.

Electra Bicycle Company specializes in lifestyle, leisure and recreational cycling and distributes its bicycles and accessories in 25 countries worldwide. The California company features six different bicycle collections: Townie, Townie Go!, Amsterdam, Cruiser, Ticino, Verse and children’s bikes.

The Townie Go! is available in two models, The Step-Through and Step-Over, and four colors (sky blue, ebony and matte gold).


The new BMW i3. Video courtesy of bmwuk.

BMW – The BMW i3

The BMW i3, BMW’s recently released electric car, is BMW’s first “pure electric series produced model.” This car’s electric motor generates an output of 170hp, with peak torque of 250Nm on demand instantly. The BMW i3 can sprint from zero to 37mph in 3.7 seconds and zero to 62mph in just 7.2 seconds. While the car’s lithium-ion battery is designed to give a range of 80 -100 miles in everyday driving.

On BMW’s Become Electric website, you’ll find the highlights of the BMW i3′s green design features including:

  • Electricity used to make the BMW i3 at its Leipig plant is generated from wind turbines;
  • Natural wool is used on the seats for its “active-climate” quality, keeping cool in summer and insulated and warm in winter which can lead to reduced use of air conditioning and heating;
  • Locally-sourced leather processed with natural substances;
  • Eucalyptus wood on the dashboard is sourced from timber grown in Europe and “certified as 100% sourced from responsible forestry” and
  • Olive leaf-tanned leather tanned using a natural agent extracted from olive leaves from European olive groves.

We love the mobility services which support the BMW i3 “before, during, and after the journey.” Using the BMW i Remote App makes it simple for you to charge the BMW i3 at home or elsewhere. When driving, the BMW i Navigation with range assistant will show you how far you can go and the location of the nearest charging station.

In the UK, for public charging BMW offers customers access to BMW ChargeNow, a UK service for cashless access to the nationwide network of public charging stations with the BMW i ChargeNow card. ChargeNow charging stations and their live availability are displayed on the BMW ConnectedDrive services page in the navigation unit.

Green Cars For Long Distance Travel

TGHondaCivic Green Cars For Long Distance Travel

The Honda Civic 1.4 i-VTEC SE. Photo credit: Honda.

Seeking a green car for long distance travel? Whether you’re looking for a commuting car or the perfect family road trip vehicle, you’ll need to compare options carefully to find the right balance of efficiency and convenience. Mileage is important, but there are other factors to consider.

For example, the Nissan Leaf is a great city car but with a range of only 73 miles it may not be suitable for longer distances. Furthermore, the most efficient vehicles tend to be small in size, which can be problematic for carpooling and family journeys. Yet with improved efficiency standards, you’ll now find both spacious hybrids and efficient crossover SUVs to choose from. The following are a few of the top green car options on the market today:

Honda Odyssey

If you’re planning a road trip with the whole family, it’s hard to beat the comfort and efficiency of a classic minivan. The Honda Odyssey retains its value well, meaning that you can resell it for a decent price when you have finished your journey. A 2011 model offers 28 miles to the gallon on the highway, with the Touring models giving even better mileage thanks to a six-speed transmission.

Chevrolet Volt

This plug-in hybrid car gives you 76 miles to the gallon, making it the most fuel-efficient compact car available. Although it can only travel up to 35 miles on its lithium-ion battery, when used with a combination of gas and electric power it can travel distances of 379 miles. This makes it ideal for long distance commutes or for anyone who racks up lots of mileage on a daily basis. Although it’s compact, the Volt also features a surprising amount of cargo and passenger space. It may not be suitable for large families, but for a couple on a road trip it could be a good green solution.

Honda Civic

The Civic comes in both regular and hybrid models, which operate at 45-50 mpg. Although it’s known for a somewhat bumpy ride on city streets, car reviews at state that the Civic provides smooth sailing on motorways. The Civic is reliable and easy to service, making it a safe and practical option for long distance journeys. Like the Volt, however, it’s not really suitable for large groups of passengers.

Ford Mustang V6

If you want to travel in classic style on your long distance journey, there’s nothing like the thrill of driving a sporty convertible. These are often eschewed in favor of more environmentally-friendly options, but the Ford Mustang V6 is able to top 31 mpg on the highway. This makes it one of the most efficient models in its class. It’s often offered by car hire fleets, if you want to take it for a temporary whirl rather than investing in a Mustang as a full-time vehicle.

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Although they come with a high sticker price, hybrid crossovers like the Highlander are often good choices for long distances. They provide plenty of space, both in the seating arrangements and cargo areas. They also offer the latest safety features and technology, along with excellent reliability. Furthermore, when choosing a hybrid you get all of the environmental friendliness of a smaller car to save on gas and lower your emissions.

These are just a few of the greenest choices that still tick the boxes of practicality and value for money on the road. The right car will depend on the nature of your journey, as well as your preferences.

Bike Vs Car Vs Bus In London

LTCbike car bus what is the best way to commute infographic 480x1768 Bike Vs Car Vs Bus In London

What’s the best way to commute to work in London? In their infographic, Bike Vs Car Vs Bus: What’s the Best Way To Commute?Evan Cycles compared the 3 different different ways to commute to work in the English capital.