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8 Walking Holiday Tips

com pyrenees 8 Walking Holiday Tips

Walking the Camino. Photo credit:

Planning a walking holiday to the Camino or another destination? Walking and cycling travel company shares these smart Camino walking holiday tips.

Here are 8 Walking the Camino Tips:

1. Get walking. “The best form of physical preparation is walking. Head out on some walks before you leave as this will help to build stamina and ensure you’re in the best condition possible.”

2. Bring the right gear. “It is important that your shoes have been well worn-in. Also, weather can have a huge impact on the items you will need to bring so make sure to check the weather before you set off and pack the appropriate clothing.”

3. Select the right route for you. “The most popular route is the French Way which stretches 800km from Saint Jean de Port to Santiago de Compostela however, you can choose to start your Camino at any point along this trail.”

4. Travel at your own pace. “Make sure you take the time to find your own walking pace and don’t feel pressured into trying to keep up with everybody else.”

5. Know the history. “It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the culture and discover interesting stories about the places you will be visiting before you set out.”

6. Practice the language. “Learning some words of the local language will help make the journey a lot easier! Being able to understand even just a few words will mean that you can read signs and interact with the locals.”

7. Select the season. “Choosing the right season is an important part of planning any Camino trip. Spring and Autumn are two very popular seasons to go as the weather is not too hot.”

8. Bring your camera. “There are many wonderful things to see and people to meet along your journey that you will undoubtedly want to remember forever so a camera really is absolutely essential!”

Eat, Drink, Walk Sydney

TGSydneyeatwalkdrinktour Eat, Drink, Walk Sydney

A laneway bar in Sydney, one of the venues on the Eat/Drink/Walk Sydney tour. Photo credit: Two Feet & a Heartbeat.

Walking a city can be the best way to see and experience it. In Sydney, one new walking tour is the flavorful Eat/Drink/Walk Sydney, a small bar tour by walking tour company Two Feet & a Heartbeat.

The small bar tour aims to get the city’s locals and travelers exploring hidden venues in Sydney’s Central Business District  in underutilized spaces including laneways and basements. Founded in Perth, Two Feet & a Heartbeat has created and conducted popular guided walking tours in Australia since 2007.

Two Feet & a Heartbeat’s Ryan Zaknich says the Eat/Drink/Walk Sydney tour is a “fun, relaxed and sophisticated way to re-engage with the city at night.” Four years ago, the company launched Eat/Drink/Walk Perth tour and has conducted sold out tours, three nights per week in that city destination ever since.

On the Eat/Drink/Walk Sydney tour, guests will visit three small Sydney bars and spend 45 minutes in each bar.  At each venue, guests will sample the house specialty food and drink. These dishes and drinks will range from mulled wine in teapots to espresso martinis, cocktails, single malt whiskey, homemade corn chips and guacamole and dumplings.

Eat/Drink/Walk Sydney
Group size: limited to 12 people
Days: every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Length: approximately 3 hours
Cost: $50 per person
Starting point: 6.30pm outside of Wynyard Station, Sydney
Booking & Information:

A Walking Break In Portugal

TGPortugal1 A Walking Break In Portugal

Quinta das Barradas, a working family farm country house in Algarve, Portugal. Photo credit: Quinta das Barradas.

Fancy a walking break in the sun?  If you’re into Nordic walking, then you might fancy a walking break at Quinta das Barradas in Algarve, Portugal.

The country house is hosting a series of long weekend Nordic walking breaks on a variety of scenic terrains in the region. Portugal’s Algarve is an ideal walking destination because of its sunny, mild climate which has an average of 3,000 sunshine hours every year.

Quinta das Barradas is situated a few kilometres from the town of Lagos on the outskirts of the Algarvian village of Odiaxere. Rustic and charming, the working family farm country house and restaurant is bordered by mountains, rivers, flora and fauna and a natural botanic pool.

TGPortugal3 A Walking Break In Portugal

Quinta das Barradas. Photo credit: Quinta das Barradas.

The Nordic walking long weekend breaks in Portugal are scheduled for select dates in 2013 and 2014. These walking holiday packages include:

  • Three nights’ accommodation;
  • Three scenic 2-3 hour guided walks covering the local Algarvian countryside, coastal and culture;
  • Transport to and from locations;
  • Breakfast and lunches;
  • A five-course gourmet dinner at the Boutique Hotel Vivenda Miranda;
  • A traditional Churrasco barbeque at the Quinta das Barradas and
  • Walking poles and airport transfers if required.

Walkers can also seek out more local experiences like booking a spa afternoon at the nearby luxury Cascade Wellness and Lifestyle Resort, dolphin watching, extra walks or historical tours of Lagos.

TGPortugal2 A Walking Break In Portugal

Quinta das Barradas. Photo credit: Quinta das Barradas.

Find out more at the Quinta das Barradas site.

Walking Tuscany

TGTuscanyCaminoWays Walking Tuscany

A walk in Tuscany: Tuscany via Francigena. Photo credit:

Fancy a walking holiday in Tuscany?  If you love walking in Europe, walking and cycling company has created a relaxed walking holiday in the Tuscan countryside.

The Tuscany walking holiday will highlight the region’s cuisine and explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites – Monteriggioni, San Gimignano and Siena. This package includes accommodation on a half-board basis, luggage transfers and a holiday pack.

Beginning in San Miniato, Italy, this 7-day holiday offers a easy, leisurely walk across the Tuscan countryside and visits of sites and villages on the way to Siena.

TGMonteCaminoWays Walking Tuscany

Monteriggioni. Photo credit:

Designed for all levels of walkers, this Tuscany walking holiday covers part of section 14 of the Via Francigena. The classic pilgrimage route of Via Francigena starts in Canterbury and crosses France and Switzerland on the way to Rome.

Some of the Tuscany walking holiday highlights include seeing:

  • The vineyards of Chianti;
  • The medieval walled town of Monteriggioni;
  • The hilltop town of San Gimignano;
  • The villages of Colle di Val d’Elsa and Gambassi Terme and
  • The Il Palio di Siena, the city’s colorful horse race.

Find out more by visiting

Walk Away Guide

TGWalkAwayGuide2 Walk Away Guide

Cover of the Walk Away Guide by travel writer Everett Potter. Photo credit: Ellen Barone/The Wayfarers.

“Walking is the most natural form of exercise and a walk through a landscape is the best way to get to know a place.” – Everett Potter, Walk Away Guide

Planning a walking holiday?  If you are, take a look at the Walk Away Guide written by travel writer Everett Potter for walking holiday company The Wayfarers. In the guide, personal trainer Marcus Shapiro, founder of, also offers travelers practical fitness advice.

“Even at two miles per hour – after all, this is not a race – the world can be so rich, so dense with history, meaning and beauty, that you may occasionally feel that you want to walk even slower,” says Potter.

The free, 34-page walking guide shares expert walking holiday advice on related topics including how to choose a destination; how to prepare; what to pack and who you’ll meet.

The Wayfarers adds that “a walking vacation is the ultimate in slow travel.. Just as the Slow Food Movement is about much more than eating, slow travel is about much more than reaching your destination.”

You can download a digital version of the Walk Away Guide at