Change To Australian Migrant Rules?

Australia is famed across the world as the premier destination for those seeking to emigrate. It offers a great deal in particular to residents of the United Kingdom: it’s sunny for much of the year, the food is excellent, the scenery is beautiful, and the culture and language are largely similar to that which we enjoy on this side of the planet, the perfect place to escape to with the help of companies such as the Emigration Group.

Another widely-appreciated fact about Australia is that it’s difficult to get into. Would-be immigrants will need to get around the country’s notorious points-based immigration system, which awards points to prospective migrants based on the skills they’re able to contribute to the Australian economy, the existing relatives they already have in the country, and several other factors.

2017 is a year in which the Australian government will review visa rules for very well-off migrants. The early indicators are, according to Reuters, that the requirements will be tightened, with English-speaking being higher on the list of requirements. This will see many of the mostly Chinese millionaires coming into the country via the Significant Investor Visa turned away. This follows on from a 2015 tightening of the SIV rules, which saw applicants required to invest in certain funds, and forbidding them from directly investing in property.

Of course, many of the very wealthy people looking to get into the country via this route will be doing so for the same reason as everyone else; Australia is, after all, a very pleasant place to live. But it’s also a path to escape the crackdown on corruption in China, which is causing many of the country’s wealthiest citizens to relocate both themselves and their money.

What is the Significant Investor Visa?

The significant investor visa, and its close cousin the premium investor visa, are both streams within the Business Innovation and Investment visas. These are designed to provide a boost to the Australian economy by drawing in high-net-worth individuals. If you’ve got oodles of cash floating around and you’d like to gain entry into the country, then this is perhaps the easiest way of doing it.

So exactly how much money are we talking about? Well, for the SIV, you’ll need to invest five million Australian dollars over a period of four years. If you’re going for the PIV, it’s fifteen million over a period of twelve months. So, depending on exactly how wealthy you are, you’ll be able to buy yourself into the country on a relatively short timescale. If you’re not in the net-worth category we’re talking about here, however, then you will almost certainly be better placed to gain entry under the more traditional skills-based visa system. If you’ve got the skills necessary to get through the test, then you should certainly consider making the switch.

Why move to Australia?

There are myriad reasons why Australia is such a popular destination for both tourists and expats. Firstly, it boasts some of the lowest population density in the world, with most of its surface being dominated by wilderness, and even the more populous zones being no more crowded than the average European city. This in turn leads to another benefit – less air pollution, which leads to superior health for everyone. This benefit is in turn supported by the health system, which is the envy of the modern world.

Another benefit of Australia is more difficult to quantify – it’s the laid back, friendly lifestyle for which the country is famed. The crime rate is low compared to other developed nations, and the natives are, for the most part, friendly and willing to give you the time of day. With such a lot to see and do, you’re never far from an interesting place to spend your time.

Australia is a country that’s packed with immigrants. More than 40% of people currently living there were either born overseas or are immediately descended from someone who was. The climate and landscape are similarly varying – the country is home to dense forests, arid deserts, and wonderful beaches, not to mention its natural crown jewel, the Great Barrier Reef. If you’re a lover of nature and wildlife, therefore, you should certainly consider a visit – and once you’ve made one, you’ll almost certainly consider moving to New Zealand or Australia on a permanent basis from the help of a company like Emigration Group. Australian and New Zealand Skilled Visas are far easier to come by than the special investment visas we’ve discussed here – and so you’ll be able to make the switch with relative ease. Provided, of course, that you’re able to bring the right skills to the table.

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