Different Ways You Can Travel to Other Countries for Free

Wanderlust is not an easy thing to satisfy. If you’ve been aching to explore new worlds, learn new languages, experience new cultures, and mingle with different kinds of people, budget limitations will be your main enemy. That is if you don’t know your way around free travel.

Yes, you can actually travel to other countries for free. Most of these opportunities will require a little bit of volunteer work for you, but it sure beats spending thousands on travel tickets and accommodation. To help you appease your wanderlust, we’ve rounded up some of the different ways you can travel to other countries and explore the world for free.

Participating in the Young Investigator Travel Award Program

If you have a knack for scientific exploration, and discreet investigations, you may participate in the Young Investigator Travel Awards headed by American Pain Society (APS). APS offers travel provisions and allowance to individuals with a background in research training (medicine, biostatistics, basic science, clinical science, and psychology. This is open to every individual who’s currently undergoing training in the degrees and fields mentioned.

Work at US Summer Camps

Children who want to enjoy all kinds of fun, summer activities flock to hundreds of Summer camps in America during the hottest season of the year. If you want to travel across America and live out your life-long cross country travelling dream, this opportunity is the perfect option for you. You’ll get to facilitate enjoyable outdoor activities with fun-loving kids and be one with nature. You’ll also get the chance to meet people and children of all walks of life, get paid, and enjoy free accommodation and food, on top of free travel expenses.

Write about Travel or Start a Travel Blog

Whether you’re guest writing for a prominent newspaper, or documenting your own travel experiences in an online journal or blog, you may want to start building a solid following to get press trip invitations from hotels, restaurants, and airlines. Some of these press trips even offer extra tickets to share with some of your closest friends and loved ones. The same applies to models and social media influencers. Still, don’t believe in the power of a solid following? Now, you do.

Teach English

If you think being an English teacher is difficult, you couldn’t be more wrong. All it needs to become a certified English teacher in any country other than the US is a completed TESOL or TEFL certification. With this requirement accomplished, you can easily travel to so many countries for free, with allowances, salary, and food, accommodation, and even insurance benefits. It’s important to note, however, that the amount you’re going to receive as payment for your services depends on the country you’re working in.


With the rise of so many working opportunities, we will be looking at much more ways to explore the world for free. If you harbour an adventurous spirit and you want to take every free opportunity that comes your way, you may want to try out some of these fun and free chances to travel, meet new people and explore cultures while you’re at it.

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