Do You Want a Luxurious Holiday? Here’s Why a Self-Catering Apartment is a Brilliant Choice

Staying in a hotel might seem like a good option when you plan a holiday, but if you’ve ever been on holiday with your family and booked a hotel, you know it’s not all that it appears to be. It may give you some level of comfort, but it’s always a little formal and it’s hard to truly relax when you’re confronted with the rules of the hotel and the schedule that you have to adhere to – not to mention the financial price you often pay.

Self-catering apartments solve all these problems; the advantages of such accommodation are truly numerous. Are you thinking about taking the family for some relaxation time? Do you want a luxurious holiday? Here’s why a self-catering apartment is a brilliant choice.


When you’re in a hotel or an inn, you tend to bump into other people – and if you’re a social person, that’s great. However, when you’re travelling with your family and value your privacy, self-catering accommodation is much better for the purpose. You’re sure you have your own privacy, you won’t be disturbed by other guests, and (equally important) you or your kids won’t be disturbing anyone else. It’s you and your family, just the way you like it.


No matter how well you plan it, there’s always going to be something that gets on your nerves at some point – not necessarily so with self-catering accommodation, because you are able to relax at your own time, whenever you want to. You’re in a home away from home, and can do as you please. You can have that glass of wine anytime you want it.

Your own schedule

When you stay in a self-catering apartment like the luxurious apartments from, nobody is going to arrange your schedule except you yourself; this is a big deal, because the notion of time constraints goes out the window. You’re your own boss, and you don’t have to watch the clock the whole time (which is the point of a holiday, after all).

More space

You’ll have a lot more space to move around in and will have more rooms to enjoy as well. It’s privacy and space in a more economical way.

Your choice of menu

No need to stick to the hotel menu – go to the local restaurants or prepare your own favourite meals. This is especially important if there are people in your family with dietary requirements.

With a self-catering apartment, your options are limited only by your own imagination (and not by a hotel’s schedule, a touring requirement, or constraints due to concerns about others). You do as you please, and that’s the point of a holiday, after all – to have fun and relax, not the way that is prescribed, but just the way you like it.

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