Go Green: Finding Nature in a City

The benefits of city living are clear, with the number of people living in cities expected to double by 2050. From being within close proximity of everything you could possibly need to have access to diverse entertainment, cities draw people from far and wide.

However, there’s nothing quite like the relaxing feeling you get when you immerse yourself in nature. And studies have even demonstrated that losing your connection with nature can have an adverse effect on your happiness and overall well-being.

So, whether you’re staying somewhere like the Downtown Philadelphia Hotel Marriott or you’ve been living in a city for a while, here are some of the best ways to find nature wherever you go:

Head Off the Beaten Track

A lot of cities will have great trails that connect the heart of the city to its surrounding suburbs, but these are often crowded, congested, and don’t provide you with that feeling of “freedom.” So, try to find hidden paths, routes, and roads that take you away from the hustle and bustle. Even if you don’t actually leave the city, tree-lined paths can make you feel as though you’ve escaped it for a while because they provide a sound barrier from the traffic and noise of the city.

Find a Park

Even though parks aren’t found in abundance in cities, there will still be some hidden away somewhere. Think Central Park in New York and Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. Every city, by law, will have to have reserved some of its space for recreation and parks, which is why these are often luscious green spaces that you can lose yourself in. Although it may seem obvious that these are the most accessible green spaces for city dwellers, they’re often underused so you’ll probably find yourself enjoying this space in peace and quiet.

Embrace Winter

Even if you’re traveling to a city in winter, it’s important to brace the cold weather and venture outside. Granted, heavy snowfall and below-zero temperatures can make this a bit of a challenge, but it can also feel incredibly exhilarating when you’re outside in the cold, crisp air. What’s more, when the snow does fall, cities often become a playground for activities, from building snowmen to snowshoeing, so get involved and embrace nature and winter in one.

Be Spontaneous

If you’re keen to find nature in a city, don’t make this into an arduous chore where you spend more time planning your escape than enjoying it. Add a bit of spontaneity into the mix, doing something in the spur of the moment. Get outside, head off on your own little route and see what adventure you can find – you might just surprise yourself.

Thankfully, finding nature in a city need not be hard as many places will have adopted some green spaces in the surrounding areas. All you need to do is embrace your adventurous side and get exploring these areas. Then, once you’ve headed off the beaten track you’ll feel at one with nature, leaving all the worries of the city behind.

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