Going green while traveling – Tips to ensure you spend an eco-friendly vacation

Initially, traveling the ‘green’ way takes enough effort at the beginning but once you begin traveling in the greener way, this will soon become your second nature and the extra steps that you take will keep improving the quality of your trip. You will not only feel good about your trips but this will also leave back a positive impression on the place which you visited but also offer you with too many meaningful memories throughout your life.

Apart from seeking help of Discount Vacation Card to slash off the rate of traveling, there are many other ways in which you can go green and end up with a better travel experience. Check them out.

During the stage of planning

Selecting an ethical destination is probably the first step to take. The non-profit organization, Ethical Traveler ranks each destination by their standards of protecting the environment, human rights record and social welfare record. You can check out “Addendum: Destinations of Interest” to widen your choice and check out the countries which rank within Top 10. Your tourism dollar supports all efforts to create and encourage other destinations.

Preferring a green hotel over a non-green one can also set a positive impact. There are certified green hotels which are in LEED Certified buildings, which utilize renewable energy, recycle thins and utilize eco-friendly cleaning products which gives guests an option to set an impact. You may even stay in hotels that are run locally and they are most often the greenest ways that are possible.

Touring with a green tour company and traveling with an independent guide can be the best way to make sure your money is doing the best for the economy of your destination. When you watch out for a tour company, look for the following:

  • The company should promote all sorts of ethical practices
  • They should leverage green office products
  • They should respect the local flora and fauna
  • They should have contributed enough to the community
  • They should take into account political and social issues that are destination-specific

While you’re traveling on road

Use public transport or walk while you travel on road as this can cut down the environmental effect and also give you the opportunity to meet locals. Rather than renting a car, move into a local bus or take a countryside bike ride.

Avoid using plastic water bottles as they are no longer safe to drink. You can instead carry a water filter like the ones that are powered by battery. If you carry with you a wide-mouthed bottle, you may treat water by the liter.

Eat food that is sourced locally as this will make you support the farmers of the region. Watch out for those restaurants which promote local food and even cook local dishes.

Hence, if you’re someone who is interested in saving the environment from getting tampered, choose to travel in the ‘green’ way. Follow the above mentioned tips and advices to complete a green tour successfully.

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