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Vintage Vespas in Naples, Italy. Photo credit: NapolinVespa.

Fancy a vintage Vespa tour in Italy?  The Vespa (“wasp” in Italian) is a classic Italian scooter brand made by Piaggio.

In Naples, you can take a city tour in a vintage Vespa with NapolinVespa.

“You will experience the legend of the two wheels that have accompanied the history of Italy since 1946,” says the company.

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A Vespa tour of Naples. Photo credit: NapolinVespa.

The Naples travel company offers a selection of guided tour routes with experienced local guides on their vintage Vespas named Audrey, Lollo, Sofia, Gregory and Bianca.

“(The guides) will offer alternative ways to taste the rich traditions and enjoy the splendid views this beautiful land offers,” says NapolinVespa.

Their vintage Vespas are equipped with an independent passenger seat and guides and passengers use a helmet with intercom. The NapolinVespa tours range from Naples historic city centre to panoramic to Amalfi Coast and customized tours.

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