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Cosmetology-College-Facilities-at-Remington-CollegeThe academic pressure, peer pressure, competition, family issues are some of the reasons for teens becoming troubled teens. Such teenagers are the perfect candidates for troubled teen programs. These children attending such programs need as set up where they assert and rediscover themselves.

We, at Mountain Homes Youth Ranch conduct troubled teen programs to give these troubled children a chance to succeed. We ensure that the children are the given the right ambiance to outgrow their follies and grow into healthy individuals. This is residential program where the children would live and learn in the midst of nature. In the new surroundings, away from home, the children would get a chance to introspect themselves, view others and develop a whole new view of the world and engage in positive activities.

The troubled teens program of Mountain Homes are divided into three segments: Beginning, Advanced and Ranch. Each of the segments has its own goal posts. In the Beginning phase, the concentration is on the appreciating the nature’s gift to humans in terms of resources such air, water etc., developing personal skill and knowledge, responsibility, team work and living life with minimal means. They are taught to live happily what they have rather than brood on what they haven’t got. As they go through the process, the teens would begin to learn about self-awareness, their strengths, and values such as cooperation, working together and being responsive to the community around them.

The Advanced phase of the troubled teen program deals with living harmoniously in the community. Here the children would get an opportunity to appreciate the interdependency involved in the community living. They would be living in a camping environment where bountiful opportunities would be provided to put into practice the skills they have learnt in the Beginning phase. The idea behind the phase to make them understand the gives and takes in a family living. Alongside, there would be counselling sessions both individually and in groups to substantiate the learning done practically.

The Ranch Phase is the final phase of the program. The major emphasis of the program is to work in group as one single family unit. At the end of the phase the teenager would have learnt lessons on trust and integrity. They would get to practically see and experience how actions of one person whether good or bad can affect everyone around. They get to practise all the skills learnt so far on independence and leadership.

They would keep in touch with their parents and family members through conference calls. This would help them to get back into their family set up with ease. The parents have a choice to attend the graduation ceremony of their ward. They could attend a seminar on the improving their parenting abilities and tour the campus as well.

The troubled teen program is conducted on a 15000 acre cattle ranch in north-western Colorado. The students get to spend time on high meadows, forests and mountains during the learning process. The silence, serenity and peaceful atmosphere would bring in more clarity in their minds and enlighten to move on the right path.

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