A Hotel Garden

Steenberg Manor House Garden 1024x674 A Hotel Garden

Herb Garden at Steenberg Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. Photo credit: Steenberg Hotel.

More and more hotel restaurants are growing and harvesting fresh produce from their own gardens.

In Cape Town, Steenberg Hotel’s two restaurants use fresh produce from the estate’s revived Herb Garden in their dishes.

The 500-square-foot Herb Garden will be nourished by a food waste recycling system using composting worms.

Chef Garth Almazan of Catharina’s and Chef Brad Ball of Bistro Sixteen82 are spearheading this “backyard to table freshness” project.

The chefs create dishes showcasing seasonal vegetables and fruit and aromatic herbs, including thyme, rosemary, coriander, basil, lemon grass, chives, picked daily from the Herb Garden.

Chef Almazan also supports local producers, sourcing vegetables and fruit from surrounding farms.

A local “Meat Free Mondays” campaign organizer, he serves new vegetarian dishes for lunch and dinner.  Since 2009, he has served fine dining vegetarian options at Catharina’s.

The hotel, which follows sustainable seafood guidelines, says it always looks for ways to green its operations and lower the estate’s carbon footprint.

“Every small effort made goes a long way towards conserving our corner of the planet for future generations,” says Gaby Gramm, hotel spokesperson.

For more info, visit the Steenberg Hotel site.

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