A Hotel + Art Gallery

city scape by Thomas Buchanan A Hotel + Art Gallery
Cityscape by Thomas Buchanan at Majestic Minima Hotel Adelaide in Adelaide, Australia. Photo credit: South Australia Tourism Commission/Majestic Minima Hotel Adelaide.

More and more hotels are celebrating and showcasing local art in their guest rooms. We love this trend towards hotels supporting local artists and culture.

In Adelaide in South Australia, travelers can sleep at an art loving hotel which has turned its guest rooms into an art canvas.

At Majestic Minima Hotel Adelaide, all of its 46 compact studio rooms were given over to emerging or semi-established South Australian artists to turn into their personal visions of “creativity & creation.”

ame no nuboko by Tree House Projects A Hotel + Art Gallery
ame no nuboko by Tree House Projects. Photo credit: South Australia Trade Commission/Majestic Minima Hotel Adelaide.

The artists’ disciplines range from street art to tactile installations. Travelers can stay in a specific Art Room which they select from the hotel’s online gallery.

Among the art room options are ‘Room #01 Life’ which features a “cartoon depicting life over the last four billion years”; ‘Room #11 Love’, a “serene and whimsical creation in golden hues”; and ‘Room #213 In Dreams’, a “fantasy themed” bedroom.

Find out more at Majestic Minima Hotel Adelaide.

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