How does the Ayurveda medicine help improve our health?

If you haven’t dealt with Ayurveda yet, then maybe this medicine will appear magical to you and even incomprehensible. This is so because although there are already enough Ayurveda centers in our country where good specialists work, we are used to trust the drugs of the modern western medicine and it’s difficult for us to accept alternative methods of healing (especially if they are full of incomprehensible for us terms). But actually…

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a holistic medicine that originates in India more than 3,000 – 5,000 years ago. The name of this alternative medicine comes from Sanskrit and literally means “science of health/life”. Unlike the medicine we know and which cures the illness after it has already appeared, Ayurvedic medicine is aimed at preventing the causes that could lead to the illness.

What is the Ayurveda philosophy?

Vedic science accepts that everything around us including ourselves is built from five elements – air, fire, water, earth and ether. During our birth these base elements are grouped in a way according to which we carry one of the three main energies (doshas) – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata dosha – connects the elements wind and ether and controls the body movements. When Vita dosha is unbalanced it could lead to dehydration, difficulty in breathing, etc.

Pitta dosha – controls metabolism and concentration. This dosha is connected to fire. Eating disturbances, anger and excitement display, etc. are observed when Pitta dosha is unbalanced.

Kapha – associated to earth and water and controls bones, muscles and cells in the body structure. An increased number of colds, weight gain, etc. are observed when this dosha is unbalanced.

Ever since our birth these three energies are ordered in our body. However, it’s always one or two of them that dominate and influence our health and development.

This “ordering” of the energies is called “Prakriti” and depending on which the dominating energies are in “Prakriti” (nature) it is determined what our nature will be, what will make us unique, what our physical and psychological characteristics will be. In other words, “Prakriti” is something like our “biological passport”.

How does the Ayurveda medicine help improve our health?

Ayurveda sees the human being as an inextricably linked whole – body, soul an mind. If any of the elements of which the whole is composed is disrupted, then symptoms and illnesses manifest that come to show us that something is not right and that somewhere the balance has been disrupted.

In order to restore the balance Ayurveda medicine applies different holistic therapies that will cleanse the bodies of the accumulated toxins and the mind of the problems, anger or depressions which prevent a person to enjoy life.

Popular and effective Ayurvedic therapies

*Panchakarma – this ayurvedic therapy aims at cleaning the body from the accumulated toxins and slags in it. It is performed in five stages and it’s extremely effective both for the normal functioning of the body and for stimulating of the brain activity. Panchakarma cures physical illnesses such as asthma, skin diseases, eating problems, rhinitis, sinusitis, etc.

*Marma therapy

This therapy is a type of massage during which specific points (marma) are massaged. Marma therapy helps the body to recover, clean out the accumulated stress and tiredness, helps with back, neck and head problems, influences the circulation of the blood.


This is a type of massage of the foot with herbal oil. There are points located on the foot that are directly connected to the body organs. With the help of this massage immunity is increased, insomnia is cured, metabolism is accelerated, PMS is milder and painless.

*Kati Basti

Therapeutic massage of the lower part of the back. Kati Basti helps with sciatica, abdominal pain, problems with the reproductive capacity.

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