24-Hour Live Streaming News

CNNAppforiPadhi first 1023x825 24 Hour Live Streaming News

The CNN app for iPad is now streaming 24-Hour news.  Photo credit: CNN.com.

Looking for online and mobile news sources?  If you’re in the U.S, CNN is now live streaming 24-Hour news online and on mobile.

This month, CNN and HLN’s television networks began streaming live on CNN.com, the CNN App for iPad and the CNN App for iPhone and iPod touch.

CNN.com also debuted a new video experience which can integrate live network TV into a video player with HD quality.

The new online and mobile streaming is available to some 50 million U.S. households with subscribers to participating pay TV providers including: AT&T, Comcast, Cox, DISH Network, Suddenlink and Verizon.

Online users can access the news by going to www.cnn.com/video; clicking on the “Live” tab and logging-in through their cable, satellite or telco provider with a username and password.

Mobile users can download the CNN App for iPad or the CNN App for iPhone and iPod touch and log in the same way.

The way the video experience works is that it optimizes the video quality for a user based on their Internet connection with the capability of HD quality.

Users can also browse through curated CNN video collections and TV show clips.

The video experience can provide up to four live streams of breaking news and events, original video series and on-demand video clips.

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