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Limassol has a very deep as well as colorful history. There are many historical sites to see while on your visit to Limassol. If you are planning for a holiday, Limassol stand the right place for you. You will find some of the famous historical sites such as Berengaria Castle, the place where Richard Lionheart married Berengaria, Kolossi Castle as well as the famous Ancient City of the Amathus. There are also many archaeological spots to enjoying seeing. Limassol boasts a very great coastline with trendy restaurants, superb beaches and world class bars. The place has a variety of holiday accommodation ideas like Limassol hotels, Cyprus, apartments, Villas and holiday homes to choose from.

Historic sites

Limassol receives very many visitors from different parts of the world. Visitors just pass by as they make their way usually to the famous historic sites which includes the Troodos Mountains or Akrotiri. Many people prefer booking their accommodation in Limassol. Limassol also has historic sites to offer to its visitors. Some of the historic sites to find here include Berengaria Castle, the famous ruins of Kourion, Kolossi Castle among other sites. To the east, you will also can across round stones that are believed to be part of the famous Early Stone Age. This form part of the major tourism site and people from different part of the world come here.

Limassol Festivals

Limassol festivals attracts many people all over the world. Limassol festivals actually last for 10 days and there are festivals you should never miss. They have jolly as well as amusing masquerading. This is a very old customs that form good part of tourism attraction. Nowadays, the festival has acquired an entertaining character, with very large and popular following. This is a special festival that attracts many people and you should not miss. You will enjoy seeing the carnival parade and large crowd usually from different parts of the island. In the month of September, the most famous Wine Festival takes place in Limassol. You will have a chance to taste the Cyprus wines that are freely offered. The Apollonia Beach Hotel in Limassol serves delicious traditional Cypriot food which includes souvlakia and souvla.

Limassol Walk

You should also walk the new and old city centre to the vibrant community that is full of very narrow labyrinth streets. The street is full of craftspeople as well as artists usually of all disciplines. You will find some of the best luxury hotels in Limassol on your way.

Night life

If you are looking for a night life, check out Yermasogea. This is a tourist area in Limassol where both tourists and locals meet in famous bars and clubs. You will find some of the famous artists here. The night parties will keep you lively. Some of the popular DJs are found here and you will enjoy special drinks. The traditions and cultures of Cypriot life form part of the Limassol tourism sector. Some of the traditions to enjoy include meze restaurants, beer and wine cellars.

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