Ecotourism in South Walton, Florida

If you are an ecotourist that loves the beach, South Walton in Northwest Florida is a vacation destination you need to visit! This unique area along the Gulf Coast is paradise dream and a green place to travel. And we are not just talking about the jewel-toned waves that inspire locals and tourists alike to fondly refer to this stretch of beach as the “Emerald Coast”! From its pristine beaches and untouched white sand dunes, unique marine life and wildlife, walkable coastal villages, and a focus on environmental education, South Walton beckons minimal-impact travelers from around the world.



South Walton, which includes well-known Destin and communities along Scenic Highway 30A, is home not only to some of the most pure and beautiful beaches, but also protected sand dunes. Here you will find the largest sand dunes in Florida, a key feature of this area’s geography, providing a habitat for local plant and wildlife, as well as a buffer that guards the mainland against storm surges and erosion. Visitors enjoy viewing the dune flora, such as sea oats and blue lupine, and may even catch a glimpse of the endangered beach mouse residing in the dunes. Because the sand dunes are susceptible to erosion, it is important that travelers remember to play their part in protecting the natural habitat by not walking or driving on the dunes.

In addition to its unique dunes, this area also boasts a number of state and local parks for visitors to connect with the environment. Parks include Grayton Beach State Park, Henderson Beach State Park, Gulf Islands National Seashore, and more. Spend the day walking the scrub and salt marsh habitats or searching for sea turtles and shorebirds.

Just off its coast, South Walton also features an extensive artificial reef system, which is a must-visit for eco-minded travelers. These artificial reefs are intended as a habitat for the area’s rich marine life. They also provide both recreation and research opportunities, allowing everyone from visitors to researchers to explore the ecosystem. Adventure experiences at the reefs are available for ecotourists of all ages!


Environmental education is an important aspect of the South Walton area. The Sea Life Discovery Center, EO Wilson Biophilia Center, and other centers offer opportunities for locals, visitors, and children to learn more about the natural environment. Education activities include learning about conservation and sustainability, as well as empowering individuals to be more involved in protecting the environment.

Besides attending actual learning centers, tourists are encouraged to explore and educate themselves about the area. Paddleboarding and kayaking are great ways to explore the sea life, as well as the dune lake habitats. Charter boats are available to explore the reefs, while some tour companies offer additional learning opportunities. Walking or biking along the 18-mile path on 30A gives visitors a chance to enjoy the outdoors with minimal impact on the ecosystem.

As a naturalist or adventurer who just wants to travel a little greener, this oasis should be at the top of your list. Reserve your South Walton vacation with Ocean Reef Resorts, and allow their team of reservation specialists to help you find eco-friendly activities that will make your trip an unforgettable one!


Top 3 Eco-Friendly Ways to Tour Ireland

One of the many attractions to the Emerald Isles is the fact that there is a huge emphasis on everything green. While you might know that everyone dons the colour green on St Patrick’s Day, that is just the beginning of how the Irish think green in almost everything they do. If you are planning an eco-friendly holiday, Ireland might be just the perfect destination. Here are the top three eco-friendly ways to tour Ireland.

1. Join a Guided Group Tour

If you are planning on visiting multiple places in Ireland, one of the biggest concerns among those who are environmentally conscientious is the amount of fuel you will be using to get from one location to the next. Consider the fact that every car on the road uses a significant amount of petrol and that the more tourists there are, the greater the amount of fossil fuels will be used in travelling from place to place.

Most often visitors hire a car at the airport but what if you joined a guided tour like those offered on Go Irish Tours? Although that bus uses a lot of fuel, it would not nearly equal the amount several dozens of vehicles would consume if each individual, couple or family travelled on their own.

2. Bike and Backpack Wherever Possible

While this would only be an option for younger people or those in great physical condition, most people working towards an eco-friendly society also subscribe to a healthy lifestyle. If you really want to see Ireland as it really is apart from all those tourist traps, the best way to spend your holiday is to backpack from village to village, campground to campground. You could even choose to stop at hostels or B&Bs along the way but no matter how you cut it, biking and hiking consumes no natural resources, other than the water you will be drinking along the way and a bit of organic food as well.

3. Spend a Week or Two Camping Your Way Around the Island

Speaking of making the most of nature on an eco-friendly trip to Ireland, camping is probably going to be the best way to spend a green holiday in a nation that is green in more ways than one. Get a list of the best camping sites on the island and then choose one or more that best suit what you are looking to see. Just remember to bring along any solar powered equipment you may need because the whole point is to rely less on fossil fuel generated electricity and more on living with what nature has to offer.

No matter what you do or where you go, you will find that Ireland has much to offer in the way of sustainable holiday destinations. It is, after all, the iconic green island and conservation of resources and traditional ways of life are integral to life on Ireland. This is one country where you can truly say you’ve spent a green holiday away from the trappings of life in the developed world.

The best Kayak vacation places in the United States

Many Americans are taking kayaking to another level. However, this sporting and leisure activity has to be undertaken in the best rivers since the US has several rivers and lakes. Are you wondering where the best places to kayak are? Then worry no more because at we’ve got your interest at hand.

Below is a list of nine if the best kayaking destinations whether you are an amateur, a professional or just on leisure and you need that crazy and amazing view and breeze.

Devil’s River in Texas

Devils river tops the list as among the best destination. As its name suggests, the destination has some views that may not be friendly to the amateurs. The river rises in the northwestern part of Sutton County and flows for an approximate 100 miles towards the Rio Grande. The river is however seasonal along other parts as it, therefore, tends to flow from the underground for few miles. The river can be dangerous to unprofessional people, and therefore a permit is needed for you to kayak in this wonderful water mass.

Its good quality of fresh water makes its scenery beautiful, breathtaking and worthy some expeditions on. The best time to go kayaking along this river is during the early spring to mid-summer and during the autumn as the winds are usually cool and bearable.

River Indian, Florida

From mangroves, glides to giant manatee and bottlenose dolphins, Indian River is another suitable spot for kayaking. The river has a Lagoon that makes it more attractive during the winter period. The lagoon offers a perfect scenery to do some professional or leisure kayaks.

Besides, the bioluminescent tours are the best that peddlers can be offered, as fish light up the underneath water leaving behind a glowing trail.

River Arkansas

Situated in the state of Arkansas, river Arkansas spans nearly 1500 miles starting from Grand Canyon. The river has relaxing float trips and wonderful Class IV water rapids. Long the west, the river has a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains and the Royal Gorge.

Lake Guntersville.

This is the largest lake in Alabama. Beginners enjoy stress-free peddling while the professionals can move into the clear water.

Gauley River

Gauley River earned a reputation as the best kayaking destination in West Virginia due to its class V rapids. It has a Sweet’s fall in its upper part. The river has many features that can be unsuitable for the faint-hearted ones.

Lake Tahoe

This is the best destination for beginners and learners. Lying between California and Nevada, the lake has clear water that is calm for any kayaking. The beautiful mountains give the lake a breathtaking view during the day.

River Tuolumne

River Tuolumne is the best spot for kayakers seeking to experience thrills in the white water. It has intense class iv and v rapids from its source in Yosemite National Park all the way to its confluence. Along the river, a rapid named Pinball has rocks that make kayaking more adventurous.

River Tyger.

Kayakers around South Carolina can enjoy the natural and fun-filled rapids in river Tyger. The river has a beautiful surrounding scenery that makes your kayaking rememberable.

Pere Marquette River.

Situated in Michigan, the river is a must paddle for the people around. The clear and shallow water flow at speed favorable for all beginners’ waters run swiftly and obstacle-free during the summer months. In just three to four days, you can kayak down the entire river stress-free.

Safety Tips For RV First Timers

There is nothing more exciting than taking your very first trip in an RV rental. No matter if you’re just going on a short weekend getaway or starting out with a longer journey, you are starting out on a lifestyle that will bring you great adventure and happiness plus enrich the lives of you and your family. Of course there are potential pitfalls as well, especially for first time RV travelers who may not fully know the ropes. For this reason it is incredibly important to take into account some basic safety tips that will help to alleviate any problems and keep you safe on your first journey. After all, the last thing that you want is to encounter an issue that will derail your trip and possibly endanger you and you traveling companions. As long as you follow these tips you will stand a much better chance of avoiding the basic starter pitfalls of the road.


Spare Tires

It is incredibly important to have a spare set of tires along for the ride. This goes for both summer and winter traveling. There is nothing that will derail your journey like a blown tire and no spare. This situation leads ti unprepared travelers being stranded on the road for long amounts of time. A blown tire is easily fixable as long as you have a decent spare and a jack. Always make sure that you have these with you and that you’ve practiced changing a tire so you know how to do it when needed. This will be the difference between fixing up your tire and getting back on the road and becoming stranded for many hours in a remote area. Becoming stranded can lead to food shortages and even to danger from exposure, not to mention delay your trip, so you want to avoid the possibility at all costs. Having a couple of spares and the tools you need to complete a tire change will make all the difference should you blow a tire.

Extra Clothes

No matter if you’re traveling in the summer or winter, you should always bring along a supply of extra clothes. Don’t forget that weather can change drastically no matter the month of the year. This way if the worst should take place you will be fully prepared. One of the basics you need to have along is a bundle of extra warm clothes. If you’re stranded for a long period of time then these clothes will come in handy in keeping you warm until you find the help you need and can get back on the road. Keep a bundle of extra sweaters, coats, and hats stashed somewhere in your RV just in case you should become stranded or encounter unexpected harsh weather.

Non Perishable Foods Foods

Since you may be many miles from the nearest store, food will be a major issue for your trip. Of course you will have many opportunities to stop for food on the road, but this will kill your budget fast. This is why you should have a food surplus along with you on your trip. This is where non-perishable food items such as canned or bagged food comes in handy. Since this food will not perish, you can stockpile it en masse and store it in your RV rental. This food will keep you fed throughout your trip and could even save your life should you become lost or stranded on the road.

Tire Chains

This is not only an issue for winter travelers. Getting mired down on the road can happen in any season, weather it be snow, mud, or anything else. Just like with a blown tire, this can easily be avoided by having the proper equipment on board. If you should be passing through particularly treacherous territory or doing some offroading for a stretch, pack some tire chains for your back tires which will help the vehicle grip the road better and help avoid getting stuck. It is a fact that tire chains go a long way toward avoiding getting marred down in snow and mud and other rough terrain, so anybody passing through rough conditions should be prepared with chains.

Staying safe on the road is all down to playing it smart. As long as you have a surplus of food and extra clothes, plus spare tires and equipment for get out of treacherous road conditions, chances are your trip will go off without a hitch. Always remember to get to know your RV rental ahead of the trip as well. Take if for a test drive and practice setting it up. Once you have this knowledge down and have packed up all the safety equipment that you need, you can rest easy and enjoy your trip knowing that you have your safety covered.

Planning a trip to the Bellarine Peninsula

Planning for a vacation can be a daunting task. Sometimes you just do not know where to begin especially if you are travelling to The Bellarine Peninsula in Australia’s southern state of Victoria. If you are unfamiliar with the area finding accommodation to suite your needs can be time consuming. Where should you stay? Where do you eat? These are common questions many travellers to The Bellarine Peninsula ask themselves. However, all this anxiety and pressure can be eliminated by one thing; perfect planning.

The Bellarine Peninsula should definitely be on top list of the places to visit if travelling to Victoria, Australia. This region is located between the Great Ocean Road and the laneways of Melbourne located on the Victoria coastline of Australia. It has become a regular getaway for many visitors especially on weekends and holidays, who wish to bath under the sun, surf and enjoy mouth melting brews.

Whether you are a local or foreign tourist visiting this place, there are some things that you must plan in advance for a fun and memorable trip. Here is a list of some of them;

Know Your Destination

Which places do you plan on visiting once you get there? The Lonely Planet is known as one of the great value destinations with numerous spots to explore. The best thing about the place is how everything is closely located since the region is relatively small. If you are planning on taking a two days only tour, you can easily squeeze your schedule and visit as many places as you wish. You can visit Geelong on the first day; go see the Bellarine taste trail. On the second day, you can explore the town and visit all its historic sites, Portarlington, Queenscliff, Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove and if you still have time, you can go cycling tracks, dolphin cruise ride or go for a walk adventure. You can make a list of activities earlier before embarking on your trip and once you get there, you can jump right into the exploration. You can learn about these places by searching online to see the most loved destinations in the Bellarine Peninsula.

Travel Arrangements

Visiting the Bellarine Peninsula is easy. It’s a quick 90 minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD. Or if you are arriving by plane it’s only 30 minutes from the Avalon Airport.

There is also a frequent train service from Melbourne to Geelong and plenty of taxis waiting to take you to your destination.

Bellarine Peninsula Accommodation

This is a must-have in your planning list. You do not want to arrive only to get stranded without a place to lay your head after a long day. You can book a hotel in advance for assurance purpose. The Nest offers you the best, comfortable and luxurious accommodation Bellarine Peninsula with all the amenities and facilities you could need for a memorable stay.

Few Tips For Your Next Camping Adventure

Do you have a taste of exploration and adventures? Do you like what it feels signing off from your phones and getting into the lap of nature? Is camping a thing that calms your mind? If you answered all this in a positive note then you’ve come across the right post. We are providing you with great camping tips which will be useful not only to novices but also to those who are experienced in this field. Contrary to common belief, you can have a successful camping trip without putting your comfort aside if you stay with companies like Royal Gorge Cabins which offers luxury camping. If done right camping is both enjoyable and adventurous.

Choose a camp that fits your size

When you choose a camp, make sure that it is of just the right size. It should neither be too big nor too small. Before choosing a camp it is best to take into consideration your exact need for space. Not only camps but choosing a perfect campsite is also a must for sleeping peacefully beneath the stars. Take care of the wind direction, so that you don’t have to inhale smoke coming all night. It is best to avoid a noisy neighbourhood and make sure you won’t be a noisy neighbour. People seek peace and adventure during camping, so keeping a low volume is counted as a camping etiquette. Although you must seek a tree shelter while placing your camp, but be careful about rotten trees or trees with dead roots as they are dangerous and can fall without warning!

Good food, Good day

Good food is essential to call it a day when one is out camping with friends and family. a successful day at camping. To have great food with the least amount of hassle one needs to make sure that they select special camping dishes that can be prepared easily. Selecting camping recipes and ready to eat meals will ensure that you have a less bulky travel bags. Another pro tip which not many people are aware of is to avoid the use of non-stick cookware as they emit toxic gases when used to cook food in a campfire.

Be Careful with the Bonfire

Fire is soothing at the end of a camping day but to keep it burning for long, 10 – 12 pieces of wood of normal size should be fed to the fire at a time. It prevents overuse and waste of both firewood and burning fuel. It is something standard and it may vary according to climatic conditions. Word to the wise, it is advised to fellow campers that they should take fire resistant gloves along as they come very handy when adjusting fire logs. If gloves are not available, a poker made of fire resistant material will do the trick.

Clean water is essential

Proper hydration while camping is a booster and keeps you from getting dehydrated. If you plan on collecting water from nearby water flow, carry a filter. These days a variety of filters with enhanced purification facilities are available. There are numerous varieties of water bottles available these days which can be good for space optimisation in your travel bags.

During camping, take care of your essentials and yourself. Don’t compromise while shopping for bare necessities for camping to save on some dough! Make sure you take basic medication, antibiotics and of course a First Aid Kit along as they may come in handy in emergency situations.


Questions to Ask Before Booking Vacation Rentals in Devon

A vacation rental home is a place to enjoy your weekend or holidays with either friends or family. Therefore it is crucial to take a good look at the property.

The following are the 10 important questions to ask before you book your vacation rentals.

What Are The Details Of The Cancellation Policy?

You can face an unexpected and sudden situation in a vacation home. So make sure you read the cancellation policy beforehand as it defines the terms and conditions of the property. You can learn about the rules and regulations as well as the refund policy.

What Are The Emergency Contacts If Something Breaks?

You know stuff happens, right? So why not stay prepared. It could be poor power connection, fused line or any other things. So the best way to counter all these is to keep all the relevant emergency numbers ready with you. If you know who to call, then you can fix the issue.

What Are The Supplies Not Included?

One vacation home is different from the other. And you must know about the things included and the things that are not. From one toilet to no toiletries, anything could be a problem if you do not go prepared. But with the prior information, you can bring the necessary stuff that the vacation rental is not providing.

How Much Will You Have To Spend?

There are other additional fees along with the cost of per night in vacation rentals in the Devon area. You might have to pay for the maintenance fees and security deposit as well. So make sure you always ask the property owner to do an agreement to ensure the fees that you need to pay and all the costs related to the particular vacation home.

What Is The Exact Property Location?

With the help of Google map, you can now easily find out the property address of your vacation home if it is linked with Google map. This ensures you to find the exact location of the property, how close it is with the nearest city hub or shopping centres.

How Good Is The Network Connection?

This may feel like unnecessary for people who are looking for an absolute screen-free vacation until there is an emergency situation and you need the use of your handset. You need to make sure that the mobile reception and connectivity stay good in the property you are staying.

Is There Any Cleanup Needed Upon Departure?

The basic cleanup that a vacation home needs when you leave take the trash out, clean the floor if anything clutters there, strip the bed and few others. But be sure to read the terms and conditions and agree to know the details.

Are There Any Insects Or Rodents?

This is a common scenario if the vacation home is poorly maintained. So always ask the owner to inform about it and bring some anti-insect sprays with you.

Is The Property Well Maintained?

Read reviews and feedback from other previous guests form the rental home’s website and other sources to know the pros and cons of the property. You deserve to know if the money you will spend is actually worth it.

What Will Be The Mode Of Picking The Key?

This is the problematic part in most cases. If the owner leaves the key in a lock box and text you the combination to unlock, then it is the best solution. But when the key has to be picked from a person and from a particular place, problems arise. As the person might leave for a dinner or their mobiles are unreachable. In those circumstances you might have to stay outside the vacation home, waiting after a tiring day.

3 reasons to spend your summer vacation in Moldova

Choosing where to spend your vacation can be a really hard task, especially if you want an unusual experience (or, why not, you’re considering just the cheapest options). There are a few places to visit that could give a totally unique experience, you just have to be brave enough and ready for a different type of trip. You can choose a hotel in Moldova and enjoy the free time or take a short travel around the country, either way, you’ll be enchanted by these advantages of this small landlocked European country, found between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the east.

So, why would you stop in Moldova? Here you go – 3 reasons to spend your summer vacation there.

1. Beautiful places

Even though Moldova is a landlocked country or does not have mountains, the country has a few wonderful places to visit. One of them is Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei), Moldova’s most tremendous sight. This archaeological complex has a rich cultural and historical significance, also a place of stunning natural beauty. Besides the Răut River, this open-air complex features fortifications, baths, caves, ruins, and monasteries – all which date back as late as the Dacian tribes of 2000 years ago. Due to the uniqueness of the area, a museum has been built to offer exhibits and provide information about this wonderful place.

You also got to visit the Cricova Winery. The second largest wine cellar in the world; it is certainly a place to see before you get old. It has 120 km of complicated roadways above ground and an elaborate tunnel system underground that resisted since the 15th century. Admiring 1.25 million bottles of wine will motivate you to take some with you, for sure.

Or you can visit even a larger wine cellar (but you will need a car for that) which extends up to 220km, under the ground and won its place in the Guinness World Records Book for having the largest wine collection, more than 2 million bottles, Milestii Mici.

If you were born in a city, you’ll enjoy for sure a visit to Padurea Domneasca (Royal Forest) Natural Reservation. This is the largest natural reserve in Moldova, it’s located in Glodeni. Make sure to admire the country’s oldest old-growth oak trees (the oldest oak there is estimated to be about 450 years old) and the place named “One Hundred Hills,” a landscape of rolling knolls.

2. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Whether you are a great fan of organic food or just a food lover, you’ll be fascinated by the imbued taste of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Cherries, strawberries, peaches, plums, blackberries, raspberry – consumed as they are or in smoothies, sangria or with ice-cream – all of this opportunities are healthy, tasty and cheap. You never tasted such fresh and delicious tomatoes and cucumbers as those that are sold in Moldova during the summer. All types of fruits and vegetables, along with fresh and aromatic herbs make the traditional meals even better than usually (and they are already full-flavored and delectable).

Moldova is an agrarian country, so most of the seasonal fruits and vegetables are organic and not genetically modified. In order to find the best deals, most likely you’ll have to visit a market (which can be pretty crowded and strange for those who are used to stores, but it is worth the effort).

3. The hotels

The best hotels in Moldova have all the conditions for a comfortable stay and a little bit more. A nice hotel in Chisinau can be enough for a pleasant vacation, even if you don’t visit all the touristic objectives in the country. The country is pretty small, so you can even stay at the same place and take small, one-day trips, in order to visit Orhei or Cricova (or any other place you like).

Reservations are pretty easy to make, as the booking system is well-developed in the best hotels. In order to book a room in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, a phone call or a short online visit could be enough. The price range is quite large, so you’ll be able to choose the level of comfort you want and afford.

So, give it a try, take the chance and spend this year’s summer vacation in Moldova. You’ll make some unique memories, for sure!

5 Unforgettable Annual Sporting Events in Las Vegas

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas and looking for exciting events to discover? If you’re a sports fanatic who loves the electric atmosphere that only a competitive sporting event can provide, the Entertainment Capital of the World has much to offer.

Each year, Las Vegas is host to a number of extremely unique events that can’t be found elsewhere. In this article, we recommend our top 5 picks for the most unforgettable annual sporting events to catch if you happen to be visiting the City of Lights.

Monster Jam World Finals

If you’ve never seen a 5-ton vehicle do a full front flip, you’re missing out! The Monster Jam World Finals at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas provide three days of adrenaline-fueled excitement complete with a BBQ, many kid-friendly activities and a six-hour Pit Party.

Watch as stunning monster trucks race at 70mph while avoiding obstacles and struggling to make turns sharper than a double-edged sword. There are plenty of activities for the whole family to do while here and the environment is well-suited to kids and teenagers.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

Sin City is often considered the mecca of headline fights and with good reason. Among these is the Ultimate Fighting Championship, the world’s biggest mixed martial arts competition, which brings multiple events to Las Vegas each year.

If you find traditional boxing to be a bit too yawn-inducing, the UFC ups the ante with faster paced thrills and more intense fighting. If you plan on visiting this July, you will have two chances to catch one of the UFC’s unmissable live events.

The Major Series of Putting Championship

The Major Series of Putting Championship puts a new spin on major golf tournaments by focusing on the art of putting to level the playing field. Pro and amateur putters from across North America compete for millions in prize money in an event that feels like a mix of the World Series of Poker and the U.S. Open.

You’ll never find an atmosphere this exhilarating at a run-of-the-mill golf tournament. This livewire event features thousands of cheering fans, giant leaderboards, music and animations in a custom-built venue.

National Finals Rodeo

The National Finals Rodeo is the leading championship rodeo event in North America. Pack your best pair of cowboy boots and bring your friends or family to enjoy one of the most exciting and unique atmospheres in Las Vegas.

Featuring great food and various special events, you certainly won’t be bored in between rounds of bull riding and steer wrestling. You simply can’t go wrong with this genuine slice of American pie.

Fall NASCAR Weekend

You would be hard-pressed to find an event with more dedicated fans than the Fall NASCAR Weekend in Las Vegas. One of the flashiest and most heart-pounding sporting events in Vegas, NASCAR will certainly satisfy your craving for excitement.

Whether you go for the fast bumper-to-bumper racing or the fan zones offering cool memorabilia and delicious eats, your Las Vegas experience wouldn’t be complete without buying a ticket to this action-packed extravaganza!

Final Thoughts

No other city knows how to put on a memorable show like Las Vegas. There are a wide range of sporting events to choose from year-round but the five laid out in this article are guaranteed to provide you with maximum fun and lasting memories.

4 Advantages of Last-Minute Road Trips

There’s nothing like a road trip: windows down, music loud, and nothing but possibilities in front of you. Not everyone has the money or time to take a long vacation somewhere exotic and warm, but you can always go on a day trip or drive off for the weekend. In many ways, a road trip is even more relaxing than a week-long vacation at a Sandals resort because you can leave almost everything up to chance and lose yourself in the moment.

Day Trips Are Easy


Image via Flickr by The Travel Manuel

Day trips are exciting, thrilling, and often spur-of-the-moment — at least, the best ones are. Too much planning strips a journey of all its spontaneity. Going on an adventure with no structured beginning or end will open you to new experiences. Driving a few hours away to spend the day in a new place is a terrific start. The beauty of a day trip is that you can pack light without worry and get home soon. Remember, though, that a day is 24 hours long, so technically, you can spend the night away from home and return the next morning or afternoon.

You Can Save on Accommodations

You might think that it’s more expensive to book a hotel room at the last minute, but that’s rarely true. Admittedly, you can’t take an unplanned road trip to a popular party town during spring break and hope to find an available room. During most times of the year, however, that’s not an issue.

On the contrary, if you stumble upon a hotel with vacancies available hours after check-in, stop in and talk to the front desk clerk. The odds are good that you can snag a discounted rate because the hotel isn’t at capacity. Hotels hate losing that much money, so they’re typically willing to drop the cost a bit.

Attractions Are Cheaper, Too

Similarly, popular attractions sometimes offer discounted ticket prices if they aren’t inundated with business. If there’s a museum or theme park within road tripping distance, head there outside of peak season. Not only can you book a less expensive room, but you can probably see your favorite exhibits or ride your favorite roller coaster without spending as much money. Even if you don’t save much, you can plan your trip so that the crowds are smaller.

There’s No Stress

The lack of extensive plans behind a day trip eliminates the stress that’s typically associated with a getaway. You don’t have to worry much about what you pack because you aren’t going away for very long. As you drive along, all you have to do is stop off at a motel with a vacancy sign. Getting food is as easy as pulling off the highway. Your only real concern is to follow where the road leads you.

Everyone needs some adventure in their lives. As long as your car is in working order and you have plenty of money for gas, you’re ready for a road trip. Where are you going to go?