Green Photos: Trains

EOE crossing Kanchanburi Bridge Thailand Green Photos: Trains

Eastern and Oriental Express crossing Kanchanaburi Bridge, Thailand.

The legendary Orient-Express has launched a new series of rail voyages through Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore aboard the Eastern and Oriental Express (EOE).

Called Chronicles of South-East Asia, the fall journeys feature excursions, overnight off-train experiences and guest lecturers.

The holidays visit traditional villages for local ceremonies, weave through rice paddies, pass through bustling cities, cross bridges and more.

Here are more scenes from the Eastern and Oriental Express:

EOE in Malaysia Green Photos: Trains

Exterior Scene 381 Green Photos: Trains

Presidential Compartment1 Green Photos: Trains

Restaurant Interior 11 Green Photos: Trains

Bar81 Green Photos: Trains

Images courtesy of the Orient-Express.

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