Planning a trip to the Bellarine Peninsula

Planning for a vacation can be a daunting task. Sometimes you just do not know where to begin especially if you are travelling to The Bellarine Peninsula in Australia’s southern state of Victoria. If you are unfamiliar with the area finding accommodation to suite your needs can be time consuming. Where should you stay? Where do you eat? These are common questions many travellers to The Bellarine Peninsula ask themselves. However, all this anxiety and pressure can be eliminated by one thing; perfect planning.

The Bellarine Peninsula should definitely be on top list of the places to visit if travelling to Victoria, Australia. This region is located between the Great Ocean Road and the laneways of Melbourne located on the Victoria coastline of Australia. It has become a regular getaway for many visitors especially on weekends and holidays, who wish to bath under the sun, surf and enjoy mouth melting brews.

Whether you are a local or foreign tourist visiting this place, there are some things that you must plan in advance for a fun and memorable trip. Here is a list of some of them;

Know Your Destination

Which places do you plan on visiting once you get there? The Lonely Planet is known as one of the great value destinations with numerous spots to explore. The best thing about the place is how everything is closely located since the region is relatively small. If you are planning on taking a two days only tour, you can easily squeeze your schedule and visit as many places as you wish. You can visit Geelong on the first day; go see the Bellarine taste trail. On the second day, you can explore the town and visit all its historic sites, Portarlington, Queenscliff, Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove and if you still have time, you can go cycling tracks, dolphin cruise ride or go for a walk adventure. You can make a list of activities earlier before embarking on your trip and once you get there, you can jump right into the exploration. You can learn about these places by searching online to see the most loved destinations in the Bellarine Peninsula.

Travel Arrangements

Visiting the Bellarine Peninsula is easy. It’s a quick 90 minute drive from Melbourne’s CBD. Or if you are arriving by plane it’s only 30 minutes from the Avalon Airport.

There is also a frequent train service from Melbourne to Geelong and plenty of taxis waiting to take you to your destination.

Bellarine Peninsula Accommodation

This is a must-have in your planning list. You do not want to arrive only to get stranded without a place to lay your head after a long day. You can book a hotel in advance for assurance purpose. The Nest offers you the best, comfortable and luxurious accommodation Bellarine Peninsula with all the amenities and facilities you could need for a memorable stay.

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