Questions to Ask Before Booking Vacation Rentals in Devon

A vacation rental home is a place to enjoy your weekend or holidays with either friends or family. Therefore it is crucial to take a good look at the property.

The following are the 10 important questions to ask before you book your vacation rentals.

What Are The Details Of The Cancellation Policy?

You can face an unexpected and sudden situation in a vacation home. So make sure you read the cancellation policy beforehand as it defines the terms and conditions of the property. You can learn about the rules and regulations as well as the refund policy.

What Are The Emergency Contacts If Something Breaks?

You know stuff happens, right? So why not stay prepared. It could be poor power connection, fused line or any other things. So the best way to counter all these is to keep all the relevant emergency numbers ready with you. If you know who to call, then you can fix the issue.

What Are The Supplies Not Included?

One vacation home is different from the other. And you must know about the things included and the things that are not. From one toilet to no toiletries, anything could be a problem if you do not go prepared. But with the prior information, you can bring the necessary stuff that the vacation rental is not providing.

How Much Will You Have To Spend?

There are other additional fees along with the cost of per night in vacation rentals in the Devon area. You might have to pay for the maintenance fees and security deposit as well. So make sure you always ask the property owner to do an agreement to ensure the fees that you need to pay and all the costs related to the particular vacation home.

What Is The Exact Property Location?

With the help of Google map, you can now easily find out the property address of your vacation home if it is linked with Google map. This ensures you to find the exact location of the property, how close it is with the nearest city hub or shopping centres.

How Good Is The Network Connection?

This may feel like unnecessary for people who are looking for an absolute screen-free vacation until there is an emergency situation and you need the use of your handset. You need to make sure that the mobile reception and connectivity stay good in the property you are staying.

Is There Any Cleanup Needed Upon Departure?

The basic cleanup that a vacation home needs when you leave take the trash out, clean the floor if anything clutters there, strip the bed and few others. But be sure to read the terms and conditions and agree to know the details.

Are There Any Insects Or Rodents?

This is a common scenario if the vacation home is poorly maintained. So always ask the owner to inform about it and bring some anti-insect sprays with you.

Is The Property Well Maintained?

Read reviews and feedback from other previous guests form the rental home’s website and other sources to know the pros and cons of the property. You deserve to know if the money you will spend is actually worth it.

What Will Be The Mode Of Picking The Key?

This is the problematic part in most cases. If the owner leaves the key in a lock box and text you the combination to unlock, then it is the best solution. But when the key has to be picked from a person and from a particular place, problems arise. As the person might leave for a dinner or their mobiles are unreachable. In those circumstances you might have to stay outside the vacation home, waiting after a tiring day.

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