Safety Tips For RV First Timers

There is nothing more exciting than taking your very first trip in an RV rental. No matter if you’re just going on a short weekend getaway or starting out with a longer journey, you are starting out on a lifestyle that will bring you great adventure and happiness plus enrich the lives of you and your family. Of course there are potential pitfalls as well, especially for first time RV travelers who may not fully know the ropes. For this reason it is incredibly important to take into account some basic safety tips that will help to alleviate any problems and keep you safe on your first journey. After all, the last thing that you want is to encounter an issue that will derail your trip and possibly endanger you and you traveling companions. As long as you follow these tips you will stand a much better chance of avoiding the basic starter pitfalls of the road.


Spare Tires

It is incredibly important to have a spare set of tires along for the ride. This goes for both summer and winter traveling. There is nothing that will derail your journey like a blown tire and no spare. This situation leads ti unprepared travelers being stranded on the road for long amounts of time. A blown tire is easily fixable as long as you have a decent spare and a jack. Always make sure that you have these with you and that you’ve practiced changing a tire so you know how to do it when needed. This will be the difference between fixing up your tire and getting back on the road and becoming stranded for many hours in a remote area. Becoming stranded can lead to food shortages and even to danger from exposure, not to mention delay your trip, so you want to avoid the possibility at all costs. Having a couple of spares and the tools you need to complete a tire change will make all the difference should you blow a tire.

Extra Clothes

No matter if you’re traveling in the summer or winter, you should always bring along a supply of extra clothes. Don’t forget that weather can change drastically no matter the month of the year. This way if the worst should take place you will be fully prepared. One of the basics you need to have along is a bundle of extra warm clothes. If you’re stranded for a long period of time then these clothes will come in handy in keeping you warm until you find the help you need and can get back on the road. Keep a bundle of extra sweaters, coats, and hats stashed somewhere in your RV just in case you should become stranded or encounter unexpected harsh weather.

Non Perishable Foods Foods

Since you may be many miles from the nearest store, food will be a major issue for your trip. Of course you will have many opportunities to stop for food on the road, but this will kill your budget fast. This is why you should have a food surplus along with you on your trip. This is where non-perishable food items such as canned or bagged food comes in handy. Since this food will not perish, you can stockpile it en masse and store it in your RV rental. This food will keep you fed throughout your trip and could even save your life should you become lost or stranded on the road.

Tire Chains

This is not only an issue for winter travelers. Getting mired down on the road can happen in any season, weather it be snow, mud, or anything else. Just like with a blown tire, this can easily be avoided by having the proper equipment on board. If you should be passing through particularly treacherous territory or doing some offroading for a stretch, pack some tire chains for your back tires which will help the vehicle grip the road better and help avoid getting stuck. It is a fact that tire chains go a long way toward avoiding getting marred down in snow and mud and other rough terrain, so anybody passing through rough conditions should be prepared with chains.

Staying safe on the road is all down to playing it smart. As long as you have a surplus of food and extra clothes, plus spare tires and equipment for get out of treacherous road conditions, chances are your trip will go off without a hitch. Always remember to get to know your RV rental ahead of the trip as well. Take if for a test drive and practice setting it up. Once you have this knowledge down and have packed up all the safety equipment that you need, you can rest easy and enjoy your trip knowing that you have your safety covered.

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