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A Day (and Night) in Dublin: Top Things to Do and See

Dublin is known for its vibrant, distinctive, and colourful personality which attracts visitors of all ages to this fascinating city. If you are in Dublin, whether only for 24 hours or for an entire month, you should know that the city has plenty to offer when it comes to cultural and historical attractions, entertainment, dining options, and more. Some of these attractions and things to do are obvious (such as enjoying a refreshing pint of Guinness – a must-try for all Dublin visitors), whilst some are not-so-well known. The trick is striking a nice balance between enjoying the popular attractions and taking part in activities which can make your Dublin holiday extra special and memorable.


Spend time at Temple Bar


Temple Bar is definitely one of the most recommended places to visit in Dublin, especially if you talk to any local. Whilst the area had a not-quite-savoury reputation in the past, Temple Bar has recently experienced a revival and is now known as one of the quaintest and most charming places in the city. At Temple Bar, you can easily find out what Dublin is all about, what with its proliferation of art galleries, bars and cafes, picturesque buildings and architecture, and cobblestoned streets. Temple Bar is also where you can find the Irish Film Institute, the Project Arts Centre, and the Gallery of Photography, which are all certainly worth a visit.


Take in the interesting Dublin Castle


Mind you, Dublin Castle isn’t what you would rightly call a ‘traditional’ castle. After all, it does not have any moat, it is not equipped with a drawbridge, nor is it laden with turrets. Instead, Dublin Castle stands out for its own distinctive appeal, being made up of a number of buildings built during the 18th century amongst 2 courtyards. You can take a stroll along the grounds but you can also spend time within the castle’s interiors for a fee.




Enjoy a relaxing few hours at Trinity College


Dublin is undoubtedly a busy city. But if you would like to get away from it all even for just a few hours and would like to experience beautiful scenery in a quiet, tranquil atmosphere, then Trinity College should be part of your agenda. Sunday mornings are the best time to take a walk along the College’s grounds, but any day of the week is fine as well. The campus itself is a wonderful example of architecture and design with a mixture of both contemporary and classic buildings and beautiful gardens. One tip: if you visit Trinity College during the summer, you could take advantage of spirited, highly-informative 30-minute tours from students.


Enjoy fine dining and a play or concert at any of Dublin’s iconic theatres


When you have spent a few hours in the sun and enjoyed what daytime Dublin has to offer, it is time to bask in the Dublin nightlife. One of the most recommended activities for a night in Dublin is watching a play or concert at any one of Dublin’s popular theatres, such as the Abbey Theatre, The Gate Theatre, or the Grand Canal Theatre. But before you watch that play or concert, make sure to treat your taste buds at any one of the fine restaurants Dublin offers. Some restaurants in close proximity to the theatres, such as Le Bon Crubeen (you can learn more about their services and menu offerings at even offer pre-theatre and early-bird dining options, where theatre and concert patrons can take advantage of gourmet cuisine at a reasonable price. And then, of course, after the play or concert, don’t forget to visit Dublin’s famous bars and pubs for a pint and a fabulous end to your Dublin holiday.



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