Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Price Comparison of Facilities and Tickets Between World’s Best Theme Parks Revealed

A new piece of research by UK based airport parking provider has compared the world’s best theme parks by VIP packages, annual passes, and ticket prices across all age groups. They found that the best parks for true adrenaline junkies were the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in China, with its two amazing rollercoasters, and the Europa Park in Germany, which has 12.

It was recently announced that Disneyland Paris has changed its pricing policies. It was revealed that holiday makers from Germany and the United Kingdom pay more for their tickets than their French counterparts. As a result, UK based airport parking provider AirportParking has created a new guide that enables people to compare facilities and ticket prices in 20 of the best theme parks in the world. In so doing, they have enabled thrill seekers to get the best value for money.

In the new piece of research, VIP packages, annual passes, and ticket prices were compared. The company looked at these prices for senior citizens, children, and adults, and they studied 20 of the best theme parks in the world. These parks were found in the United Kingdom, Paris, Japan, Chana, and the USA. Furthermore, they also looked at how many rollercoasters, water rides, and children’s attractions at these different parks.

For the true thrill seekers, the research looked at the different parks and found that Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in China had two, ranging to 12 found at German’s Europe Park. In terms of children’s rides, they ranged from 10 at the USA’s Universal Studios Orlando, to 90 at Europa Park. For people liking water rides, there were 19 parks to choose from, including the United Kingdom’s Legoland’s Vikings’ River Splash, and the USA’s Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Kali River Rapids.

Looking specifically at ticket prices, there were eight different parks that offered discounted prices for their senior citizens. This included Tokyo Disneyland and Europa Park. These tickets were cheaper than adult tickets. In some parks, including Lotte World in South Korea and the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, they cost the same as a child’s ticket. The age at which someone is classed as senior ranged from 60 at Alton Towers in the United Kingdom, to 65 at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Ticket prices for children varied greatly. Hong Kong’s Ocean Park was accessible for £17 per day. Walt Disney World theme parks cost £305 for 21 days. This was the best value for money, as it allows access to a range of parks. By comparison, Lotte Park costs £28 per day for adults, and £325 for 21 days at Walt Disney World.

Three theme parks, being Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, PortAventura, and Europa Park, had tickets for disabled people. For adults, prices ranged from between £18 and £29. Thorpe Park in the United Kingdom also offered free assistance tickets for carers of disabled people.

For people who look for a constant adrenaline rush, yearly tickets were available at 15 different parks. They ranged from £33 for children (Ocean Park) to £734 for adults (Disneyland Anaheim). With yearly tickets, people can access parks as often as they want, as well as receiving exclusive invites to events, and discounts on foods and drinks.

11 of the parks surveyed had VIP packages, starting at £21 and going upwards to £420. Benefits include priority seating, admission to restricted areas, all inclusive deals for children, and more.

A representative from AirportParking says: “Theme parks are expensive by nature. However, as our research has shown, there are significant price differences, as well as options to receive better value for money.”