Duomo Santa Maria

Planning a trip to Florence in the best time of the year

When planning a trip to Florence it is important to carefully organize your schedule, in order to be able to see all the stunning pieces of art

Italy has certainly some of the most amazing cities and places in the whole world and planning a visit there is the dream of a lifetime for the vast majority of the people. If you are lucky enough to have the possibility to visit Italy it is crucial to choose the best destination where to begin your journey.

Of the many cities of Italy, one could say that it is absolutely mandatory to explore at least 3 of them: Rome, Venice and Florence. Since Italy is not too big of a country it is certainly possible to visit the 3 cities during the same holiday, the important thing is to carefully plan your trip so that you do not end up missing the important things to see.

Let’s think for example of a trip to Florence: the city is small enough to be explored on foot, though it is also very rich in monuments, beautiful places and pieces of art to explore and see. The most important thing is, maybe, choosing one of the best hotel in Florence, located in the very heart of the city this enabling you to wander around the city on foot, without the need of renting a car or taking the public transport.

The things to see in Florence are really a lot, starting from the architectonical buildings like – above all – the Duomo: Santa Maria del Fiore was designed by Brunelleschi himself, maybe the most famous architect of the Renaissance; the dome is one of the most well-known pieces of architecture in the whole world and is a wonder to witness.

Another mandatory place to visit are the Uffizi, the most important museum in Florence, which is full of famous paintings as sculptures, like the Venus of Botticelli, the Tondo Doni by Michelangelo and the Madonna col Cardellino by Raffaello.

Apart from the artistic sites, the city is itself a wonder to explore, because it is full of small streets, amazing corners and piazzas where to meet people and enjoy the typical Italian lifestyle: a big part of your journey to Florence will in fact be eating, because the region of Tuscany is really very rich of delicacies that are absolutely worth a taste.