Energy Policy Act

Hemp Fuel

The Fundamentals: Two years of fuel can be gotten from hemp

Hemp ethanol/methanol- Gotten from the fermentation of stalk

Hemp Biodiesel-Gotten from the oil of the hemp seed when pressed.

Furthermore, woody/pulp matter is used in the production of methanol also known as wood alcohol while forest products, waste paper, grain sorghum, sugar crops (sweet sorghum and sugar cane) and various starch sources such as wheat, potatoes, barley, and cornare used in the production of ethanol. Ethanol alongside methanol can be gotten from hemp through procedures such as gasification and acid hydrolysis. The production of hemp ethanol is now very expedient because it isa form of fuel that can help us avoid oil wars, oil spills, and peak oil. It has been discovered that hemp is the most economically friendly fuel that can be grown on a scale large enough to cater for the needs of the world.

It is believed that the fact that the production of oil is threatened by hemp could be one reason both hemp and alcohol are prohibited.

What is Hemp Biodiesel?

Hemp Biodiesel refers to a broad group of ester-based oxygenated fuels that are gotten from hemp. In1895 the first diesel engine to run on vegetable oil was developed by Dr. Rudolf Diesel. The first ever engine run by vegetable oil was exhibited by Dr. Rudolf Diesel in a World Exhibition held in Paris, France. In this exhibition which took place in 1900, Dr. Rudolf Diesel made use of peanut oil as fuel. This act gave birth to the use of vegetable oil as engine fuel. Usually, the processing of hemp seed to get oil is used to make hemp fuel.

Quite some people consider hemp biodiesel a solution to the world’s fuel issues. This is because hemp biodiesel in addition to being domestically produced has acquired a level of road success in the United States.

WhyChoose Hemp Biodiesel?

The trio of the Department of Defense, US Department of Agriculture and the Congressional Budget Office have chosen biodiesel as alow-cost alternative fuel option for fleets if the requirements of the Energy Policy Act must be met.

In addition to being 11% oxygen by weight, biodiesel does not contain sulfur

Of all alternative fuels, only biodiesel can run in an unmodified diesel engine.

Biodiesel can be gottenfromoilseed crops like hemp. These crops can be easily gotten domestically. Thisis, therefore, a good reason to make use of hemp biodiesel.

The smell of hemp or popcorn becomes a replacement for the odor of petroleum diesel when biodiesel is used in diesel engines.This simply means with the use of hemp biodiesel; you do not have to get worried about any toxic smell.

Biodiesel is good for the lifespan of diesel engines as it has a lubricating effect which is lacking in petroleum diesel fuel.

Biodiesel has been successfully used in Europe for over 20 years and has covered 30 million US road miles

Biodiesel is known to be very biodegradable, considered to be less noxious than table salt,possesses a flash point of 300F. As a result of this, it does not pose any threat when handled.In addition to all these attributes, biodiesel can be conveniently stored in the same place petroleum diesel fuel is stored.Thismeans it can be transported and stored safely.

Biodiesel has completed the EPA Tier I Health Effects Testing under section 211(b) of the clean air act. It happens to be the only alternative fuel to have completed it at the moment.

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