Visit Iceland with Tauck Tours

When you mention Iceland, most people think of cold, barren places with a few geysers and lots of volcanos. However, there is actually a lot more to Iceland than that. Tauck Tours focus on delivering off the beaten track tours to people who want to have the holiday of a lifetime without having to cripple themselves financially. One of the tours they offer is a tour to Iceland. So why should you go there?

Iceland with Tauck Tours

When you visit Iceland with Tauck Tours, you will get to cruise various picturesque fishing villages, Reykjavik in all its cosmopolitan beauty, old farmlands and, of course, the true natural wonders of this remote country. Walk along landscapes of black lave, see fjords surrounded by mountains, see glaciers and sulphur fields, watch geyser spout up in the air and be amazed by majestic waterfalls. A trip to a thermal lagoon is not to be missed either.

Why You Should Visit Iceland with Tauck Tours

  • Iceland is a country that has been able to combine two opposing forces: fire and ice. There are hot volcanoes, geysers and thermal springs. At the same time, there are glaciers, frozen lakes and you can see the Northern Lights. Nowhere else in the world has this perfect combination been achieved naturally.
  • Iceland is a country with a beautiful history and folklore and this is something they continue to be proud of. Iceland, for instance, is one of the only countries in the world that does not have a McDonald’s (although the last meal ever sold at a McDonald’s there can be seen in a museum, where you will notice it has not rotten over the past two years). They are also the only country to date that has jailed the bankers, placing them squarely responsible for the financial crisis. Additionally, they have folklore, legends, myths and other fascinating stories about trolls, dwarves and various other mystical creatures.
  • The weather is always great. Nobody is going to go to Iceland to get a suntan, obviously. However, the climate is gentle, and so long as you have dressed properly, you should be able to withstand the colder temperatures. While cold, it is generally dry so you can enjoy the countryside and various sights that your tour operator will take you to without having to bring an umbrella or parka. Do expect to get wet, however, if you are visiting the geysers.
  • If you love live music, then you will lose your heart in Iceland. Home of the quirky, eccentric signer Bjork, the country has various other types of music as well. It has often been described as being very much like Ireland, with live music coming from every corner, inn and pub.

As you can see, there is plenty to do in Iceland. If you are going on holiday here through Tauck Tours, you know you are going to have a great time. You will truly lose your heart there seeing the beauties and true miracles of nature.

Use a Gatwick Airport Taxi to Open up London’s Delights

airport-transfers2 (1)

Everyone knows that London is one of the world’s great cities. If you are flying into Gatwick airport at the start of your visit, then using an airport taxi service is a great way to make sure that you reach your hotel on time, wherever in the city you are staying.

If you have flown into Gatwick for a break in London, then the last thing you want is to be kept waiting at the airport, hanging around for your transport into the city. Booking a taxi is an ideal way of dealing with this problem, as it means that efficient transport will be waiting for you at the airport. This makes reaching wherever you are going in London a much more straightforward process.

Deal with Distance

Many people who have not flown into Gatwick before will perhaps not realise just how far the airport itself is away from the city of London. Gatwick is located in the county of West Sussex, some miles to the south of London. Indeed, the centre of London is around 30 miles away and could take as long as an hour to reach in the car. A Gatwick Airport taxi is a good solution to the problem of travelling that distance.

Negotiating the journey via public transport such as the railway can take a long time. If you are not used to the way public transport functions in the UK, then this can be a confusing and stressful process, especially if you have family and luggage in tow. Your first few hours in the UK can be taken up with struggle, simply to make sure that you get to the right place so that the holiday can begin. Booking a Gatwick Airport taxi means that you can begin your break in a relaxed and settled state, rather than fretting and worrying.

See the Sights

Once you get into London, then the need to use a taxi becomes much less pressing. London’s great sights are all on major public transport routes and the transport infrastructure is very good, despite being very crowded at certain times of day. You can use the Tube to negotiate your way to many of the main attractions, especially the major museums and the locations associated with the Royal Family, such as Buckingham Palace.

Other major attractions, such as the Natural History Museum, the Tate and Wembley Stadium can be reached by public transport whilst you are in London. The main soccer grounds all tend to be on public transport routes too, if you enjoy sport, while the famous black cabs and red buses seem to be on every street if you do get lost at all.

Using a Gatwick Airport taxi to begin your holiday makes everything much simpler. By ironing the stress out of the beginning of your break, you free up much more time to enjoy what you have actually travelled to see: London and its wonderfully vibrant cityscape and sights.

Jennifer is a Londoner born and bred, though her parents came from Cork, in Ireland. A travel writer by trade; her favourite destinations are the Donegal coast in Ireland and Sydney in Australia. Throughout the course of her adventures, she has benefited from first-rate Gatwick airport taxi tranfer on many an occasion.