Les Distilleries Id

Very Nice, A Trip To The French Riviera

Planning a holiday to somewhere romantic in Europe is nothing new. Neither is picking France as your destination. Picking Nice over Paris, however, that’s uncommon right now. Nice is the anti-Paris in many ways. Its coastal location saves it from the sometimes drab grey skies of the French capital. Even in winter, the weather can stay calm. It usually goes ten years between snowfalls too. Not to mention Nice doesn’t suffer from a smog problem, due to all the traffic Paris has.


Nice is more about contemporary France. It is something you have to live in the moment of. Drinking a glass of wine or enjoying a cool beer is the best way to enjoy Nice. The bars of Nice are full of atmosphere. Les Distilleries Idéales is one of the most popular bars in Nice. The tables outside it are almost always in use. Whether you’re watching the world pass you by or just getting a bit of sun, having a drink outdoors in such a lavish environment is bound to be relaxing.


If you want to go all in with your sun tan, Nice’s beaches are the place to go. While the beaches are not the soft sandy fare but instead pebble beaches, deck chairs and mats are available for rental to save you discomfort. Not all parts of the beach are a public space. Some are private to a few Nice hotels. Venere.com have a good options of hotels with private beaches. Others may be reserved for certain people or require payment for access. Nice is less about specific landmarks and more about the experience. However, guided walking tours through Nice are available if you want to see what it has to offer culturally.


The Parc du Château for instance is a great vantage point. It overlooks Nice and the Baie des Anges. If walking up there isn’t possible for you, or you just don’t feel like it, there is a lift up to the location. Just don’t forget your camera. The nightlife in Nice is bubbling. As already mentioned, the bars and cafes are great places to socialise and congregate. Live music is also a part of this, if you find the right venues. Enjoy a drink from an ice cold glass and a tune from an acoustic guitar.


If you’re more the solitary and introspective type, Nice still has its wonders for you. Night walks along the coast while you breathe in the sea air. The Nice lighthouse is a nice attraction to watch if you’re something of a night owl too. Nice is a popular holiday destination. If your grasp on French isn’t sufficient to sustain a conversation, who’s to say there isn’t someone else there that you can conversate with in English? It’s never advisable to just hang around with other tourists though. Get out there and cross cultural and national boundaries.


When all is said and done, Nice is unique in that it’s a holiday destination where you don’t really have to see anything. You’re not pressured to visit as many landmarks as you can in a week. All you have to do is enjoy.