7 Best Islands to Have a Relaxing Vacation Trip

Warm, sunny and tropical islands are undoubtedly what we think of when we picture the word vacation. White sandy beaches and little umbrellas in cocktails might seem like things found only in a dream. But there are quite a few options to make your dream vacation happen. Relaxing is the main draw of an island vacation and you can get it while basking in the sun. Here are 7 of the best islands to visit if you want to have a truly relaxing vacation.

  1. Mykonos

Located in the calm Mediterranean Sea, Mykonos gives a different kind of exoticism to its vacation setting. The beaches are smooth as silk and the island is great for relaxation but also has enough to meet the needs of a party crowd. This is also not a particularly conservative island destination. The party crowd can be rowdy and some of the beaches allow nudity.

  1. St. Kitts & Nevis

If you want to get a truly beautiful Caribbean experience, St. Kitts & Nevis makes a fine choice. These twin islands can provide historical sites, picturesque backdrops or just resort to relax. What these islands really specialize in is privacy and lush tropical jungles. There are also fabulous restaurants and special events, like music festivals and Carnival.

  1. Galapagos Islands

When you see the name Galapagos, you probably think back to your school days, Charles Darwin and giant turtles. But there’s more to this relatively untouched and gorgeous string of islands. There’s a sense of freedom and exploration to be found here.

  1. Bora Bora

Though it’s a fairly small island (barely 6 miles long), Bora Bora is a fantastic choice for a getaway. It’s been referred to as the most beautiful island in the world, or at the very least, the South Pacific. While the warm weather and luxury hotels make it a great place to unwind, Bora Bora has a hefty price tag. So it’s definitely worthy of a vacation, just make sure to plan and budget accordingly.

  1. Maldives

Regardless of how you pronounce the Maldives are a beautiful destination for a vacation. Unlike other islands where you have to navigate huge, loud crowds, the Maldives offers quiet and seclusion. There are okay of activities too, like snorkeling.

  1. St. Bart’s

If you want to feel like you’re living the high-life while you vacation, St. Bart’s is the place for you. The island offers a soothing atmosphere for the jetsetter’s life but even non-celebrities can enjoy it. There are over ten public beaches that you can explore. And St Barts villa rentals are a great way to add a romantic element to your trip. You can get a luxurious villa right on the beach.

  1. Bali

If you want to relax but want to take in a bit more sightseeing Bali has a variety of attractions, both natural and manmade. The natural scenery of the island is breathtaking and you can experience high mountains and beautiful beaches. There are also several historical sites featuring timeless pagodas and temples.