The Best Activity Holidays in Europe

Experiencing everything that Europe has to offer is a desire of many a traveller. With so many countries to cover and an endless amount of travel, exploring Europe can be hard to plan and also come at a high price. As well as visiting the Eiffel Tower or seeking out true Italian pizza, consider taking an active holiday to see the best beaches and countryside that Europe has to offer.

Naples on Horseback

This part of Italy is home to Vesuvio National Park – so called because it surrounds Mount Vesuvius. While the park is full of roads for easy travel, nature tracks offer the perfect view. There’s so much to discover here, including the ancient ruins of Pompeii, the observatory and wildlife.

There are companies that offer horseback tours of Naples, including the national park, where you can ride through historic villages and explore picturesque coastal routes.

Hiking in Norway

Norway has a large network of nature trails that are explored by thousands of brave travellers every year. The landscape of this country makes it the perfect place to go hiking. View snow topped mountains, the Fjords and vast expanses of wilderness.

The highlight of hiking here is the chance to view the aurora borealis. For the best chance of viewing the magical northern lights, hike here in the colder months between October and February. Pack wisely for warmth, including hiking boots, gloves and an insulated water proof jacket.

Cycle the French Alps

Forget the Tour de France, this country offers so many places that can be explored by bicycle. Pack your tent, hire a bike and tour the Alps for an unforgettable adventure holiday. Look here for different maps and routes that also cover Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

Note: Cycling the Alps is not for the faint hearted. If you’re thinking of undertaking this extreme activity, make sure you train beforehand.

Surfing in Portugal

For some people, a beach holiday relaxing on a sun lounger sounds perfect, but for others, it’s their worst nightmare. A surfing holiday may be the perfect antidote. Unbeknown to many, Portugal is a haven for surfers. Whether you want to go to the Algarve, Lisbon or Porto, you enjoy living by the beach. Spend your days surfing and the evenings exploring the area’s charm and cuisine. You will return home refreshed, cultured and more toned.

Hopefully you’re feeling inspired to cycle, hike, or surf your way across Europe!