Penny Board

BackPacking In Style

Backpacking around the world is an incredible experience for those who love a sense of adventure. Roughing it up staying in hostels whilst experiencing the amazing intrigue of other cultures, it is something that seems almost like a rite of passage for young people. With that being the case, although backpacking lends itself to only bringing the bare minimal of gear; that does not mean that you cannot travel in style! Here are a few key pieces to bring along with you that will keep you looking trendy yet practical during your ventures:

Mixing And Matching

When it comes to traveling in style, you will want to bring with you some lightweight pieces that still lend themselves to be practical. It is good to remember that you will probably be experiencing a variation of climates throughout your travels, so pack a range of pieces is vital. You can easily match these by bringing a colour palette that all compliments each other, with the idea that you can literally throw anything on and have it still look stylish!

Multi-Use Items

As you will be very limited in what it is you can actually pack, so bringing multi-use items is essential. This can range from a Swiss Army Knife, which comes in for all kinds of situations, or an X-bowl, which is great for eating. Having items such as this will work out to be hugely cost-effective for you, and what is even better is that they can still look good at the same time.

Cruise Even Whilst Travelling

More often than not whilst travelling, you will possibly find yourself in a hurry. Whether it is to a certain landmark or you are meeting up with fellow backpackers, a cost-effective and stylish way of travelling from place to place would be to invest in a Penny Board. These little skateboards are fantastic to travel with as they are easy to ride and fit in to even the smallest of backpacks; you will look effortlessly cool whilst cruising around your favourite cities.

Whilst there may only be a limited amount of ways to look the part, where possible, the clothes you take with you should be versatile, allowing for both practicality and style whilst on your travels. Whilst it is the experience of backpacking that is the most important part of your travels, this does not mean you cannot still look the part. So get ready to be the envy of every other backpacker with your trendy yet efficient new travelling gear.