10 Tips on How to Travel Cheaper, Greener, and Safer

Whether you’re a solo traveller wanting to explore the world or a family just trying to enjoy the holiday season, knowing how to travel cheap, green and safe is important. There are plenty of travel tips and tricks you can master to make your trips that much more enjoyable, but these next 10 top tips will help you get started right away.


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Book Early

Always try to book your hotels and flights early whenever possible. You can find great deals on hotels and flights when you plan your trip early. If you’re thinking about taking the entire family to Tenerife, for instance, you can find deals from Adeje Gran Hotel and other great properties in the area.

Research the Area

Find out more about the things you can do at the destination. You should also learn more about local customs and safety tips before your trip. The information will help you prepare for any situation you might have to deal with along the way.

Pack the Right Carry-On Gear

A small torch, an umbrella, a multi-tool and a first aid kit could be just what you need to save the day. Depending on when and where you’re traveling, you may need to pack these items into your daypack for extra convenience.

Stay Connected

There are plenty of Wi-Fi rentals and local SIM card deals available online. It’s always best to make sure you can connect to the internet easily at your destination. Don’t rely on hotel Wi-Fi and always have a backup internet connection for when you need to check something online.

Smartphone and Batteries

Your smartphone is now officially the best traveling buddy to have. You can book hotels, search information and do virtually everything on a smartphone. Make sure you can charge your phone easily and that you carry spare batteries – or a power pack – just to be extra safe.

Have Backup Cards and Emergency Cash

These two things, a backup credit card (or a couple of them) and emergency cash, should be packed separately. You need to be able to resort to these emergency items should – God forbid – your daypack get stolen during the trip.

Have Travel Insurance

I know paying a fee for several trips without making any claim seems like a waste of money, but you should never stop buying travel insurance, especially when you’re traveling abroad. You never know when the insurance coverage might save you.

Check Your Documents

Make sure you have at least 6 months before your passport expires if you’re traveling overseas. You should also make sure you have a valid visa – or can get one upon arrival – and that you make copies of all your travel documents. Remember that separate bag you use to store the emergency cards and cash? Pack copies of your travel documents there too.

In Case of an Emergency…

It is also important to add your emergency contact information to your luggage tags and other personal items. Don’t forget to check how you can deal with emergencies on your trip too; for instance, you should know what to do if you lose your passport, such as where the embassy is located and what other things you need to prepare.

Prepare for Some Fun

Last but not least, always prepare yourself for some fun. That’s what holidays are all about. You may need to prepare some time before the actual departure, just to anticipate traffic and other possible issues. Leaving in a stressful condition is not how you want to start your trip.