Tenerife things to do

The summer gets closer each day but if you just can’t wait for a further 3 months why not book a visit to the warm and friendly Tenerife? This sunny Spanish island has lots of amenities on offer which will have you raving on and on to friends and relatives about your adventures during the last holidays in Tenerife long after your return. In this article we present you with 4 of our favourite activities taking place on the island from splashing around a fun waterpark to walking towards the highest peak of Spain which also happens to be one of the three volcanoes that gave birth to the island itself!


Siam park

If you decide to bring family along or even if you just are a fun loving individual, the Siam Park is a great place to visit during your holidays in Tenerife! Amongst the newest amusement parks in Europe, Siam Park has a wide array of water slides and amusements for a full day packed with fun and exciting splashes! The only issue might be its good reputation which attracts lots of people during peak season so if you happen to visit then, it would be good to spend the extra money for a fast pass to all the rides. If you get tempted for a second try to any of the slides or activities you can do so for half price before you leave the park, which is a further reason to make you want to visit!

Teide National Park

For the hikers or plain admirers of nature, the Teide National Park is the place to visit! Walk around this wonderful natural monument and climb atop the highest peak of Spain (3718 metres), which also happens to be the volcano that started it all! If you are not a fan of hiking, you can always take the cable car to the top to enjoy the scenery and take some of the best pictures overlooking Tenerife with the horizon stretching to the nearby islands. Worry not about its volcanic nature as the crater has been inactive for the past 7000 years, making it an absolutely safe destination for enjoying nature of the island on your holidays in Tenerife!

Playa del Duque

This golden stretch of sand in Costa Adeje is amongst the most well-known beaches on the island! Home to some stunning views and good quality resorts and restaurants, this is a crowd favourite which is kept well warm into the winter, making it a great beach to visit with family any time throughout the year. If you want to make your life a bit easier, you can opt for renting electric bikes to carry you on the promenades and atop the hilly area surrounding the beach.

Cruz del Carmen to Punta del Hidalgo, Anaga Mountains

Probably one of the best hikes on the island, the trek from Cruz del Carmen passes through the Anaga mountains and through the wonderful Mercedes forest, ending at the beach of Punta de Hidalgo 7.5 miles away. This is a well signed trail that carries you through the magnificent nature of the island and as such it is a must see during your holidays in Tenerife if you want to get a taste of something different to the usual tourist attractions.

Cutting Costs and Emissions When Travelling Through Spain

Travelling can be very expensive, and most options aren’t green either. It is possible to travel in a green and low-cost way though – here’s how.


Travel by Rail


Train travel is a great way of getting around Spain if you’re looking to travel the length and breadth of the country. Going between cities by bus is possible and maybe slightly cheaper, but you’ll spend a lot longer traveling. And that means you’ll have a lot less time to do the fun things.


If you’re thinking of travelling to lots of town and cities, and maybe even to other neighbouring countries such as France, you should definitely buy a rail pass. This will take a lot of the cost of train travel away. I wouldn’t recommend hiring a car; it’s expensive and not very green!


Choose Alternative Accommodation


As you’d expect, Spain is packed full of great hotels, but they’re not cheap. If you want to cut the costs of accommodation while in Spain, you should think about looking at other options and avoiding hotels altogether. The other options available to you are just as good but a lot cheaper.


So what are your options? If you’re staying in the big cities, there are lots. For example, there are lots of holiday apartments in Barcelona. You can just rent one out for the duration of your stay. You get more space than in a hotel, at a lower price. Or if you want something really low-cost, you could stay in hostels.


Take Your Bike


It’s a good idea to move between cities by using the train as I mentioned above, but when you’re getting around the towns and cities themselves, it’s best to use a bike. Spain’s streets are pretty safe and accommodating for cyclists so you have nothing to worry about as long as you stay safe and wear a helmet.


You’ll also save a lot of money. The last thing you want to do is waste your money on taxi fares. Walking is a possibility in some cities, but not the ones that are more spread out. If you don’t feel like cycling a lot of cities have underground metro systems that are pretty cheap.


Eat as the Locals Do


In Spain, eating food in the evening is a lot more expensive that it is during the day. That’s why a lot of people in Spain have a small breakfast, a large lunch and a small evening meal. This makes the cost of eating much cheaper than if you made your evening meal your main one.


There are a few other local secrets you can use to bring down the cost of eating in Spain. Firstly, don’t be lured into the big restaurants in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, they’re tourist traps. Instead find the small places to eat in. Secondly, in some cities you can get tapas for free with every alcoholic drink you buy. You might have to get drunk too, but it’s a great way of getting a free meal.


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Make sure you follow these tips if you want a green and low-cost holiday in Spain!