How Golf is going Green?

As golfers, we are regularly spoilt by lush, rolling fairways and immaculate, true running greens. However, with climate change and other environmental issues causing damage to our fragile planet, golf has been taking great steps to ensure it is playing its part in going green. So exactly how is golf going green? Golf has come under criticism from environmentalists, who are concerned about the practices of keeping golf courses in great condition. However, golf courses around the world have been Read more [...]

Business Travel Tips for Unique Sized Men- What Clothes to Pack?

So, you tickets are done for your big business meet and you are well prepared with the presentation and everything. Hey, hold on do you really think you are actually ready? The necessity to pack relevant business attire remains a big consideration that needs instant attention. Especially if you are a big and tall man, you need to be all the more conscious and selective while buying clothes. Why to opt for online shop? Since you are already busy with preparations for the business meeting, you obviously Read more [...]

Visiting Thailand

Thailand is beautiful with remarkable places to see during the day, and exciting hot spots to visit at night. Going to this country on business doesn't imply having to stay in a hotel room once the work day is done. For those taking their holidays in Thailand a full agenda of taking in the sights, and having exciting adventures is only a matter of planning. Thailand's businesses are thriving and the country is considered a emerging economy. Exports bring many business men and women from around Read more [...]