Traveling to Israel with your kids – Some ideas of enjoying together

While Israel is a popular destination and is well-known for being a religious pilgrimage, but still majority of the tourists don’t place Israel at the top of their holiday destinations. Due to the mostly negative press coverage that the country is bestowed with, it is not accepted in a proper way as it deserves. People rarely realize that Israel is a living history goldmine so ancient and deep that you can hardly believe it. There are tourists who find each and every facet of the country so meaningful and rich which the kids won’t definitely understand but there are many other things that the youngsters would love in Israel. Read on the article to know more on some traveling ideas to Israel along with your kids.

  1. Nimrod’s Fortress: We all are sure about the fact that kids usually love the idea of castles and fortresses as this give wings to their imagination. Who wouldn’t love the ancient castle-like fortress with staircases and tunnels, vistas and statues as far as your eyesight would reach. History, hide and seek, princesses, pirates and there are endless things that your kid can imagine about. Even the parents of kids will surely love the history of this location and its essence.
  2. Eating Hummus & Pita: Most of the kids fear the idea of eating new food, but not in Israel. In this country, the norm is to eat with your hands. When you dip your pita bread into the hummus which is covered with cream. The cost varies from one location to another and hence there is no fixed price.
  3. Mount Bental: This provides a vast view for adults and it also offers mysterious excitement for the kids. Although these dark tunnels have a drab past, they give new life to your children to move through and search things. While tourists visit there, a group of tourists release a bunch of balloons to watch where the wind takes them and this is seen as a great exercise and activity. This location offers kids a hands-on experience to know about some important chapters of history and the modern state of Israel.
  4. The Dead Sea: The Dead Sea constitutes of 33% salt, which is 10 times the typical amount which is found in other oceans. This is called the Dead Sea as there’s no life that grows in this sea. Due to the high salt content in this sea, you can float with ease, lift up your arms and legs, read a newspaper and stay high out of the water. The mud at the sea-bed also carries some healing properties and your kids will simply love to spread the mud all over their body.

Therefore, if you’ve travelled to Israel and you don’t know how to travel to different parts, you can opt for a Shlomo Sixt car rental Israel and use the vehicle to move to various parts. Take into account the above mentioned tips to enjoy your vacation with your kids.

What Should You Pack if You Go Traveling?

Traveling is such a fantastic thing, but what should you actually take with you? Naturally, much of this depends entirely on the type of travel that you will do. A backpacker traveling through Australia for a year will have very different needs to someone who booked on one of the many Globus Tours that exist. Below, however, are some of the things that everybody needs to carry with them, whether physically or in their mind.

Day Packs

A day pack is what you carry with you during your travels when you are exploring. It needs to be big enough to carry some souvenirs that you may purchase, but not so big that it gets in the way. Always have some money in there (not your entire vacation budget) and a bottle of water.

Things to Have Prepared

You also need to have a number of things prepared. Most of these don’t have to be physically taken with you. Some of the things to consider include:

  • Travel insurance. If something does go wrong, you want to be ok.
  • Your Skype details. If you stop by an internet café and you know your Skype login details, you can quickly contact your relatives and let them know how your vacation is going.

What to Actually Pack

So what do you need to pack in your suitcase? As stated earlier, a lot of it depends on the type of travel that you will be doing. For instance, a backpacker should always carry a first aid box, but someone who goes on a regular holiday really has no use for it. However, some things everybody needs include:

  • Clothing. Make sure they are suitable for wherever you are going to. Even if you go to a hot area, however, you should still carry at least one pair of long trousers or a long skirt, and a long sleeved shirt or wrap of some kind. This is because even the hottest areas can get cold during the day and it is sometimes beneficial to be wrapped up against mosquitoes.
  • Toiletries. While you should be able to easily purchase these (same with clothing), it is generally better to bring something you are used to. Things like shaving cream and razors, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, makeup and so n are all important to go in your toiletries box.
  • Your camera. Never, EVER, leave home without your camera. Whether you are using an actual camera or sticking to the camera on your phone is irrelevant. You simply cannot go on vacation without taking plenty of holiday snaps. It is an opportunity for you to look back at all the fantastic things you have seen and to reminisce about the good time that was had by all.

If you have paid attention to all of the above, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time while you are away. Vacations are about releasing stress, so the last thing you want is to feel stressful because you have forgotten one of these thinsg.

Travelling Tips to Ensure Absolute Luggage Safety

Travelling to some new place is always exciting but at the same time, it is important that you take care of your belongings in an absolute safe manner. You will be obviously become heart-broken or frustrated if your luggage gets stolen or lost while you are on the move. Thus, it is important that you buy the best luggage locks and ensure security of your valuable belongings in an apt and systematic way.

It is often said that traveling light is an ideal safety measure. However, in this modern day time when crime is on the rise, this is not enough at all. So, this article has brought to your attention some of the vital factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Getting to know about some fruitful tips

  • First and foremost, it is advisable that you select some good luggage bag that comes with special security features. It is better that you keep a keen eye on specialized locking mechanisms or even double zippers. By going for such advanced techniques, other people or burglars won’t be able to open your bags.

  • Placing an identification tag in all your belongings before you head out for your journey is also helpful in a number of ways. Here, it is extremely important that while labeling your luggage indication of your name is done in an eligible manner. Additionally, you can also indicate your phone number of any other contact details.

  • Another important tip that you should also place individual tags to the small bags or even pouches that will be placed along with your main baggage. At the same time, it is also suggested that you take printouts of your travel itinerary and put it inside your luggage bags. In case, your luggage gets misplaced or taken to another flight, it will be easy for the airport authority to trace your particular belongings.

  • Prior to traveling, it is recommended that you opt for a reliable service pick up. It is here that you can avail skilled and reputed drivers who are professionals capable of providing premium services in an apt manner. They will handle all your travel issues and in case if you need any extra services such as baby seat or pet holders, you need to communicate with them before hand and state your particular requirements.

  • It is extremely necessary that you maintain the checked baggage receipt in a safe manner. If you ever happen to lose your baggage while traveling, these receipts will act as strong piece of evidence. You are just required to give them to the concerned airline and then, they will do their part of work.

Nowadays, Tamperlock has been gaining a lot of attention amongst travelers across the globe. It is an ideal baggage locking system that guarantees absolute safety of your suitcase or bags. It is an innovative locking technology that can’t be opened without solid proof of tamper from uninvited people and especially thieves or burglars.

Business Travel Tips for Unique Sized Men- What Clothes to Pack?

So, you tickets are done for your big business meet and you are well prepared with the presentation and everything. Hey, hold on do you really think you are actually ready? The necessity to pack relevant business attire remains a big consideration that needs instant attention. Especially if you are a big and tall man, you need to be all the more conscious and selective while buying clothes.

Why to opt for online shop?

Since you are already busy with preparations for the business meeting, you obviously don’t have the time to go out and shop. This is where an online store that specializes in big and tall clothing for men comes into focus. This paves way for the perfect shopping destination where you can buy clothing required during your business trip.

Let us talk about 3 essential clothing items needed when you travel for business purpose. Let’s get started right away.

Suits- If you are headed towards an important business meeting, it is absolutely crucial to invest in some good quality suit. As soon as you step in to give that important business speech or presentation, it is essential that you look good. When you know that you are smartly dressed for the occasion, a strong sense of confidence builds within you and it is guaranteed that you will excel in your business meet. Don’t forget to buy ties and belts to go with your business suit.

Tees-A business trip doesn’t necessarily mean that your travel bag will only consist of formal clothes. For those who are traveling to exotic nations such as Thailand or Malaysia for their business meet, it is strongly advisable that you buy colorful and cool tees for yourself. Big and bulky men don’t always find tees that match their body structure and thus, settle for simple black t-shirts that are baggy and loose. Join hands with the ideal online store and put a complete end to such worries. It is here that you can view a huge array of casual wear such as tees and t-shirts that too at budget-friendly price rates.

Sleepwear- Looking good on the outside is important but then, your sleepwear essentials should also be appropriate. You just never know with whom you will be sharing your room during the business trip. The inner wear forms an integral part of clothing because if you aren’t wearing comfortable underwear, you tend to fidget now and then. This will obviously come about as a wrong impression amongst your colleagues as well as seniors. Besides underwear, you can also buy pajamas that are comfortable and help you in getting good sleep.

So, what makes you wait? Click on to Big and Tall Men’s Clothing to view clothes and accessories specially designed to fit the heavy and tall men. Such clothing will definitely make your business trip comfortable and trendy all the way. It is time to become stylish and become the center of attention even when you are on the move.

Cutting Costs and Emissions When Travelling Through Spain

Travelling can be very expensive, and most options aren’t green either. It is possible to travel in a green and low-cost way though – here’s how.


Travel by Rail


Train travel is a great way of getting around Spain if you’re looking to travel the length and breadth of the country. Going between cities by bus is possible and maybe slightly cheaper, but you’ll spend a lot longer traveling. And that means you’ll have a lot less time to do the fun things.


If you’re thinking of travelling to lots of town and cities, and maybe even to other neighbouring countries such as France, you should definitely buy a rail pass. This will take a lot of the cost of train travel away. I wouldn’t recommend hiring a car; it’s expensive and not very green!


Choose Alternative Accommodation


As you’d expect, Spain is packed full of great hotels, but they’re not cheap. If you want to cut the costs of accommodation while in Spain, you should think about looking at other options and avoiding hotels altogether. The other options available to you are just as good but a lot cheaper.


So what are your options? If you’re staying in the big cities, there are lots. For example, there are lots of holiday apartments in Barcelona. You can just rent one out for the duration of your stay. You get more space than in a hotel, at a lower price. Or if you want something really low-cost, you could stay in hostels.


Take Your Bike


It’s a good idea to move between cities by using the train as I mentioned above, but when you’re getting around the towns and cities themselves, it’s best to use a bike. Spain’s streets are pretty safe and accommodating for cyclists so you have nothing to worry about as long as you stay safe and wear a helmet.


You’ll also save a lot of money. The last thing you want to do is waste your money on taxi fares. Walking is a possibility in some cities, but not the ones that are more spread out. If you don’t feel like cycling a lot of cities have underground metro systems that are pretty cheap.


Eat as the Locals Do


In Spain, eating food in the evening is a lot more expensive that it is during the day. That’s why a lot of people in Spain have a small breakfast, a large lunch and a small evening meal. This makes the cost of eating much cheaper than if you made your evening meal your main one.


There are a few other local secrets you can use to bring down the cost of eating in Spain. Firstly, don’t be lured into the big restaurants in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, they’re tourist traps. Instead find the small places to eat in. Secondly, in some cities you can get tapas for free with every alcoholic drink you buy. You might have to get drunk too, but it’s a great way of getting a free meal.


Image Source


Make sure you follow these tips if you want a green and low-cost holiday in Spain!

Green Tourism in Sicily. Best Activities

With the rise of awareness for the preservation of Sicily, eco-tourism has been introduced in the last couple of years in the aim to promote the richness and the heritage of this beautiful land while leaving lesser carbon footprints as compared to commercial tourism. In the light of this new development, people are realizing the importance of responsible travel that provides fresh, interesting and more memorable experiences while preserving the earth.

Sicily is perfect for experiencing green tourism and when you are itching to travel there, staying in a villa in Sicily is one of the best ways to enjoy the most of the local atmosphere. Near the sea or in the countryside, it will be always unique. Here are some green tourism activities that might interest you while on your vacation in Sicily.


One of the best things to do in Sicily is to go horseback riding in the mountains. provides experienced riders a 2-day trail through the roughest but most picturesque parts of the Madonie mountains. This is an opportunity to appreciate Sicily’s sceneries and learn something about the botanical species that thrive there. Riding 7 to 8 hours daily, the excursion will bring you to the area of Piano Battaglia, with a height of 1600 meters. You can avail of this excursion from April to December but tour itineraries can be changed depending on weather conditions. The cost includes the necessary equipment. There are English-speaking guides as well.

Another interesting activity for travelers is grape harvesting and wine tasting. There are agri-tourism companies that provide vacationers an experience of a green holiday., on the time of their grape harvesting, which is the whole-year-round, shares this genuine experience to anyone. Other estate activities such as wine tasting tour, wine-making, and olive gathering and pressing, are also some of the things one can partake in. The methods of olden days are even used. Moreover, tourists can even experience other farm activities such as pruning of citrus trees and harvesting.

Sicily is also full of festivals the whole year round. The Ottabrata Zafferanese happens during the whole month of October, thus the name. This is a perfect event to experience the celebration of local products of the area. There is a particular theme for every Sunday such as chestnuts, grapes, honey, mushrooms, to name some. The whole town is covered with food stands and there are particular areas where you can find the salty foods and another for the sweets. Local products are also on display including art and handicrafts made of wood, iron and ceramics for example. There is sampling of the local products that surely you will find quite enjoyable. You will have a very entertaining cultural experience.

Birdwatching lovers can also have a wonderful time in the Vendicari Nature reserve. Being a wet zone, migratory birds pass through this area every year. For those interested, the tour is composed of hiking in the southerly and northerly regions across marked trails. This is even a chance to see the former salt wetlands and the lagoons while learning about the native flora of salty and dune environments. You will be able to watch herons, wild ducks, pink flamingoes and other migratory birds and stationary fauna. On the side, there is also an opportunity to see the neighboring places. offers tours from 9:00 to 18:00. There are tons of green tourism activities available in Sicily.

Voluntourism: Holidays That Make A Difference

Over recent years, voluntourism has had a lot of negative press. Which is unfortunate, considering the good that you can do, giving up a few weeks of your holiday to help the betterment of others and the environment. You only need to do a quick Google search, in order to find horror stories about voluntourism, but if you choose the right company and pick the perfect project, you can really help impoverished areas of the world.

Choose Your Project Wisely

Rule number one of voluntourism: choose your project with care. Some projects are created without the permission of the community, in order to cater for voluntourists. Many of these well-meaning travellers leave feeling cynical and disappointed by being placed in a poor project that has very little impact.

Assess your skills. Don’t just choose whatever you’re offered, because you think that every little helps. Unless you are skilled at brick-laying, don’t go and build a library. Unless you have some sort of teaching experience or qualification, don’t go into a school to educate children. You’re doing more harm than good. Ask yourself: what can I offer as a voluntourist? You may find that staying in the UK is your best bet.

Save Money Where You Can

Try to go to your area of choice for a reasonable amount of time, to make a stronger impact. In order to do this, you will have to be clever with how and when you book your flights – try following Bravofly on Twitter to find out about travel discounts. You can also save money on your accommodation, if you live like the locals, instead of opting for a hotel outside of the area you’ll be working in.

Look For The Lesser-Known Charities

If you stumble upon an organisation that has flashy advertising, this should be your first red flag. Usually, it’s the quiet charities – doing good work on the ground – that are your best bet. If organisations are spending a load of donated money on heavyweight promotion, you may want to look elsewhere. Obviously, steer clear of any for-profit businesses. You may be able to ask-around to find recommendations for great charities to work with.

Always do your research before you make your decision. Voluntourism can be expensive to do, so it’s important to make it count, for you and for the people you are helping.

The Benefits

We all go on holidays to escape the monotony of our daily lives. You may be surprised at how relaxing and life-enriching it is to work hard for others, in a climate and country that you are unfamiliar with. If you are someone who is a spa/beach addict, this may not be the adventure for you. But if you’re not afraid of going back to basics, and getting your hands dirty, you could make memories that will last forever.

Would you consider giving up your holiday for others? Let us know in the comments below.

BackPacking In Style

Backpacking around the world is an incredible experience for those who love a sense of adventure. Roughing it up staying in hostels whilst experiencing the amazing intrigue of other cultures, it is something that seems almost like a rite of passage for young people. With that being the case, although backpacking lends itself to only bringing the bare minimal of gear; that does not mean that you cannot travel in style! Here are a few key pieces to bring along with you that will keep you looking trendy yet practical during your ventures:

Mixing And Matching

When it comes to traveling in style, you will want to bring with you some lightweight pieces that still lend themselves to be practical. It is good to remember that you will probably be experiencing a variation of climates throughout your travels, so pack a range of pieces is vital. You can easily match these by bringing a colour palette that all compliments each other, with the idea that you can literally throw anything on and have it still look stylish!

Multi-Use Items

As you will be very limited in what it is you can actually pack, so bringing multi-use items is essential. This can range from a Swiss Army Knife, which comes in for all kinds of situations, or an X-bowl, which is great for eating. Having items such as this will work out to be hugely cost-effective for you, and what is even better is that they can still look good at the same time.

Cruise Even Whilst Travelling

More often than not whilst travelling, you will possibly find yourself in a hurry. Whether it is to a certain landmark or you are meeting up with fellow backpackers, a cost-effective and stylish way of travelling from place to place would be to invest in a Penny Board. These little skateboards are fantastic to travel with as they are easy to ride and fit in to even the smallest of backpacks; you will look effortlessly cool whilst cruising around your favourite cities.

Whilst there may only be a limited amount of ways to look the part, where possible, the clothes you take with you should be versatile, allowing for both practicality and style whilst on your travels. Whilst it is the experience of backpacking that is the most important part of your travels, this does not mean you cannot still look the part. So get ready to be the envy of every other backpacker with your trendy yet efficient new travelling gear.

Take A Volunteer Vacation!

If wanderlust is calling you, consider taking a volunteer vacation to South Africa. You’ll see this beautiful and interesting country from a totally different perspective, experiencing South African culture unlike any tourist. As a volunteer, you’ll work alongside community members to make a difference in the lives of children and animals who need your help.

If you’ve always wanted to see wild animals up close, there are over 10 packages available that place you right on rehabilitation reserves. Depending on what species you choose, you can be living with cheetahs, rhinos, horses, elephants, or various marine life. After an extensive training orientation, you’ll be responsible for the daily care of these animals. Your chores will cover the day-to-day operations of these sanctuaries, ensuring that the animals have a clean, safe, and comfortable place to live. Under the direct supervision of animal experts, you’ll help feed these creatures, making sure that they are healthy enough to one day be released back into the wild.

There are also rewarding opportunities that connect you with sick or orphaned children. You’ll be placed in a community hospital, offering a distraction to these ill children. Your number one duty will be to provide love and attention to these children who are so often ignored. By supporting them during their time of need, you’ll create a significant difference in their quality of life. As just one of many helping these children, you’ll create long-lasting bonds with your fellow volunteers and the patients alike.

When you’re ready to schedule your volunteer vacation, ensure that the best and most experienced travel tourism company facilitates your stay. Companies like Volunteer SA can guarantee your safe travel by offering reliable transportation to and from the airport and a supportive network of guides that will welcome you to your accommodations. Of course, accommodations and meals are provided by these tourism companies, so you only have to worry about your duties as a volunteer.

A volunteer vacation is a great way for anyone over the age of 18 to see South Africa in a completely unique way. You won’t be a typical tourist, seeing only the sites for your own purposes. As a volunteer, you’ll be working towards something bigger than yourself. The reward will be in seeing the animals and children you help live happy and healthy lives. The added bonus will be all of the long-lasting relationships you’ll build with community members, children, and fellow volunteers.

Ironman Mont-Tremblant: Bigger and Better Than Ever

In the world of sports, few events can boast a reputation for endurance that comes close to the Ironman. This race is known across the world as one of the toughest events there is, and every year it arrives in Mont-Tremblant for one of the qualifying races for the world championship. Here’s what you need to know if you want to spectate or take part in the race.

Overview of the Ironman

The Ironman is a race that is held in locations all over the world and is organized by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). It consists of swimming, cycling, and running, and there is a time limit of 17 hours to complete it. It is widely considered to be the most difficult one-day event anywhere in the world, and any athlete who completes the race within the time limit becomes an ‘Ironman’.

Races are held all over the world throughout the year, and athletes can use these to qualify for the world championship each year in Kailua-Kona in Hawaii, which has been held here since 1978.

2015 Event in Mont-Tremblant

The race in Mont-Tremblant is one of the qualifying races that are held all over the world, with 50 qualifying slots up for grabs. It is a very popular event in Mont-Tremblant every year, and this year will be no exception. The race will be held on August 16 where an army of 3,000 volunteers will help out to make it into the success it always is.

It starts early in the morning with the 2.4-mile swim in Lac Tremblant, which is warm at this time of year. This is followed by a quarter-mile run where spectators cheer the athletes on. Then there is the 112-mile bike course that winds through the mountains and forests of the surrounding area. Finally, athletes run the 26.2-mile run that takes in Le P’tit Train du Nord. This was once a railway, and now it is a linear park, the longest of its kind in the country.

The Perfect Opportunity to Visit Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant is the perfect setting for the Ironman event. Ironman athletes visit with their friends and families each year and spend time enjoying the destination and all it has to offer. Over 2,500 athletes will compete this year from countries all over the world, making it a fantastic time to be here.

Located in the Laurentian mountains in Quebec, Mont-Tremblant is a world-famous ski and outdoor sports destination that is popular with people booking Mont Tremblant luxury rentals throughout the year. The Ironman event is always one of the biggest events of the year, but there is plenty more to see and do here including hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, golfing, and more.

If you are not taking part in the race, turn up to cheer the athletes on. You can spectate at various strategic points, and when the race is over you can go and experience all of the other activities in the area.

Plan to Visit Mont-Tremblant to See the Ironman

The Ironman Mont-Tremblant is set to be a fantastic event again, just like it is every year. If you want to cheer on the athletes—or take part yourself—book this weekend in August into your diary and have a fantastic time watching the event as well as enjoying all the fun that Mont-Tremblant has to offer.

Margaret Bowers is vacation planner. She loves sharing her insights on the web. Her articles can be found on many travel and vacation websites.