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Green Tourism in Sicily. Best Activities

With the rise of awareness for the preservation of Sicily, eco-tourism has been introduced in the last couple of years in the aim to promote the richness and the heritage of this beautiful land while leaving lesser carbon footprints as compared to commercial tourism. In the light of this new development, people are realizing the importance of responsible travel that provides fresh, interesting and more memorable experiences while preserving the earth.

Sicily is perfect for experiencing green tourism and when you are itching to travel there, staying in a villa in Sicily is one of the best ways to enjoy the most of the local atmosphere. Near the sea or in the countryside, it will be always unique. Here are some green tourism activities that might interest you while on your vacation in Sicily.


One of the best things to do in Sicily is to go horseback riding in the mountains. provides experienced riders a 2-day trail through the roughest but most picturesque parts of the Madonie mountains. This is an opportunity to appreciate Sicily’s sceneries and learn something about the botanical species that thrive there. Riding 7 to 8 hours daily, the excursion will bring you to the area of Piano Battaglia, with a height of 1600 meters. You can avail of this excursion from April to December but tour itineraries can be changed depending on weather conditions. The cost includes the necessary equipment. There are English-speaking guides as well.

Another interesting activity for travelers is grape harvesting and wine tasting. There are agri-tourism companies that provide vacationers an experience of a green holiday., on the time of their grape harvesting, which is the whole-year-round, shares this genuine experience to anyone. Other estate activities such as wine tasting tour, wine-making, and olive gathering and pressing, are also some of the things one can partake in. The methods of olden days are even used. Moreover, tourists can even experience other farm activities such as pruning of citrus trees and harvesting.

Sicily is also full of festivals the whole year round. The Ottabrata Zafferanese happens during the whole month of October, thus the name. This is a perfect event to experience the celebration of local products of the area. There is a particular theme for every Sunday such as chestnuts, grapes, honey, mushrooms, to name some. The whole town is covered with food stands and there are particular areas where you can find the salty foods and another for the sweets. Local products are also on display including art and handicrafts made of wood, iron and ceramics for example. There is sampling of the local products that surely you will find quite enjoyable. You will have a very entertaining cultural experience.

Birdwatching lovers can also have a wonderful time in the Vendicari Nature reserve. Being a wet zone, migratory birds pass through this area every year. For those interested, the tour is composed of hiking in the southerly and northerly regions across marked trails. This is even a chance to see the former salt wetlands and the lagoons while learning about the native flora of salty and dune environments. You will be able to watch herons, wild ducks, pink flamingoes and other migratory birds and stationary fauna. On the side, there is also an opportunity to see the neighboring places. offers tours from 9:00 to 18:00. There are tons of green tourism activities available in Sicily.