Take A Volunteer Vacation!

If wanderlust is calling you, consider taking a volunteer vacation to South Africa. You’ll see this beautiful and interesting country from a totally different perspective, experiencing South African culture unlike any tourist. As a volunteer, you’ll work alongside community members to make a difference in the lives of children and animals who need your help.

If you’ve always wanted to see wild animals up close, there are over 10 packages available that place you right on rehabilitation reserves. Depending on what species you choose, you can be living with cheetahs, rhinos, horses, elephants, or various marine life. After an extensive training orientation, you’ll be responsible for the daily care of these animals. Your chores will cover the day-to-day operations of these sanctuaries, ensuring that the animals have a clean, safe, and comfortable place to live. Under the direct supervision of animal experts, you’ll help feed these creatures, making sure that they are healthy enough to one day be released back into the wild.

There are also rewarding opportunities that connect you with sick or orphaned children. You’ll be placed in a community hospital, offering a distraction to these ill children. Your number one duty will be to provide love and attention to these children who are so often ignored. By supporting them during their time of need, you’ll create a significant difference in their quality of life. As just one of many helping these children, you’ll create long-lasting bonds with your fellow volunteers and the patients alike.

When you’re ready to schedule your volunteer vacation, ensure that the best and most experienced travel tourism company facilitates your stay. Companies like Volunteer SA can guarantee your safe travel by offering reliable transportation to and from the airport and a supportive network of guides that will welcome you to your accommodations. Of course, accommodations and meals are provided by these tourism companies, so you only have to worry about your duties as a volunteer.

A volunteer vacation is a great way for anyone over the age of 18 to see South Africa in a completely unique way. You won’t be a typical tourist, seeing only the sites for your own purposes. As a volunteer, you’ll be working towards something bigger than yourself. The reward will be in seeing the animals and children you help live happy and healthy lives. The added bonus will be all of the long-lasting relationships you’ll build with community members, children, and fellow volunteers.

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