The Best Andalusian Fairs

Calling all fair-lovers out there! If you are looking for a place loaded with festivals and fair, Andalusia is the perfect place to go. Andalusians are known to be happy people, as they love to enjoy life as much as they can. Every weekend, they have something to celebrate.

However, with so many celebrations held in Andalusia, it won’t be easy for you to pick the best one to enjoy. To help you narrow down your choice of the best Andalusian fairs, here’s an article of the best Andalusian Fairs, it is recommended to look for a car hire Malaga, because you can visit cities or events that are far of the airport.

  1. Jerez de la Frontera Flamenco Festival

Aren’t sure where to go this coming February and March? Then, why not explore Jerez? Here is where you can discover most of the Andalusian culture. You will definitely get some exercise since this festival is filled with dancing, hand-clapping, and fancy colors.

In connection to that, Jerez plays a part of the famous “Golden Triangle”. As a matter of fact, it has a crucial role in the history of music and dance. Unsurprisingly, locals dedicate a wonderful festival for it annually and this festival is named as the Flamenco Festival. This two-week festival typically takes over the entire city with workshops and performance.

  1. El Entierro de la Sardina

It is a special ceremony held yearly at the end of Carnaval. When translated literally, it means “the burial of the sardine”. Andalusians made it possible in honor of Ash Wednesday. The long-standing tradition even gained respect from the popular painter Goya, which let him dedicate one of his paintings on it. According to experts, this festival signifies a burial of the devastation of the past that nowadays are carnival’s excesses.

  1. Semana Santa

Hailed as the most significant week for Andalusians, especially for Catholics, the celebration occurs in March. It consists of eight days of celebrations in every corner of Andalusia. However, the most striking ones are held in Malaga, Sevilla, and Granada.

  1. International Choir Festival Canta en Primavera

In this festival, best choirs from different parts of the world come in Malaga. Lots of concerts happen daily in the Cathedral of Malaga. Aside from that, most of them are free. It usually commences with a parade and ends up with a lively street concert. Thus, it’s one of the most anticipated festivals for music lovers out there, particularly for those who love choir-music.

  1. Festival of the Horse

It has been noted that Jerez de la Frontera is dubbed as the horse capital of Andalusia. Aside from the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Arts, Jerez also boasts the Feria del Caballo, the largest festival in Andalusia. It is a week-long horse fair which comprises of traditional costume and dance, equestrian parades and competitions, and bullfights. This festival originally began more than 500 years ago as a commercial livestock fair. The main highlights of the festival are the lovely Andalusian horses and dresses.

Final Thoughts

Staying in Andalusia means a lot of fun. Make sure you’ll get the most of this place or else, you’ll miss half of your life.

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