The best Kayak vacation places in the United States

Many Americans are taking kayaking to another level. However, this sporting and leisure activity has to be undertaken in the best rivers since the US has several rivers and lakes. Are you wondering where the best places to kayak are? Then worry no more because at we’ve got your interest at hand.

Below is a list of nine if the best kayaking destinations whether you are an amateur, a professional or just on leisure and you need that crazy and amazing view and breeze.

Devil’s River in Texas

Devils river tops the list as among the best destination. As its name suggests, the destination has some views that may not be friendly to the amateurs. The river rises in the northwestern part of Sutton County and flows for an approximate 100 miles towards the Rio Grande. The river is however seasonal along other parts as it, therefore, tends to flow from the underground for few miles. The river can be dangerous to unprofessional people, and therefore a permit is needed for you to kayak in this wonderful water mass.

Its good quality of fresh water makes its scenery beautiful, breathtaking and worthy some expeditions on. The best time to go kayaking along this river is during the early spring to mid-summer and during the autumn as the winds are usually cool and bearable.

River Indian, Florida

From mangroves, glides to giant manatee and bottlenose dolphins, Indian River is another suitable spot for kayaking. The river has a Lagoon that makes it more attractive during the winter period. The lagoon offers a perfect scenery to do some professional or leisure kayaks.

Besides, the bioluminescent tours are the best that peddlers can be offered, as fish light up the underneath water leaving behind a glowing trail.

River Arkansas

Situated in the state of Arkansas, river Arkansas spans nearly 1500 miles starting from Grand Canyon. The river has relaxing float trips and wonderful Class IV water rapids. Long the west, the river has a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains and the Royal Gorge.

Lake Guntersville.

This is the largest lake in Alabama. Beginners enjoy stress-free peddling while the professionals can move into the clear water.

Gauley River

Gauley River earned a reputation as the best kayaking destination in West Virginia due to its class V rapids. It has a Sweet’s fall in its upper part. The river has many features that can be unsuitable for the faint-hearted ones.

Lake Tahoe

This is the best destination for beginners and learners. Lying between California and Nevada, the lake has clear water that is calm for any kayaking. The beautiful mountains give the lake a breathtaking view during the day.

River Tuolumne

River Tuolumne is the best spot for kayakers seeking to experience thrills in the white water. It has intense class iv and v rapids from its source in Yosemite National Park all the way to its confluence. Along the river, a rapid named Pinball has rocks that make kayaking more adventurous.

River Tyger.

Kayakers around South Carolina can enjoy the natural and fun-filled rapids in river Tyger. The river has a beautiful surrounding scenery that makes your kayaking rememberable.

Pere Marquette River.

Situated in Michigan, the river is a must paddle for the people around. The clear and shallow water flow at speed favorable for all beginners’ waters run swiftly and obstacle-free during the summer months. In just three to four days, you can kayak down the entire river stress-free.

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