The city of Orlando offers the best tourist attractions – Explore your options

Orlando is certainly one of the most visited tourist regions which have a record of tens of millions of visitors throughout the year. Amidst the popular destinations, some of the main tourist attractions are SeaWorld Orlando, Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Within the easy reach is the Kennedy Space Center. The establishment of the few amusement parks has motivated the investors and there are thousands of hotels in the area of Orlando, numerous golf courses, thousands of restaurants and various other attractions.

If you’re planning on an Orlando and Vegas vacation, you should know the best destinations that you shouldn’t miss out on your vacation. Here are few such names.

#1: Walt Disney World

Perhaps the most famous family attraction of Florida is Walt Disney World and it has retained its position since many years now. Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios, Epcot Theme Park are few highlights which have always entertained parents and children. Hence, you can well understand that there’s enough that you can do and see to engage your children and families. Besides, there is Downtown Disney which can cater to an adult crowd with restaurants, shopping, music venues and theaters.

#2: Universal Studios

Universal Studios provides a look at the studio of Universal Studios but it also has various forms of entertainment and attractions. This is a combination park and working studio which was designed along with Steven Spielberg to offer visitors a really immersive experience with movies. Such attractions are designed to entertain children and adults and lure a number of families.

#3: SeaWorld

With the dolphin and whale show, big aquariums, touch pools and a costly list of rides, this is more than enough to draw a big crowd. It also offers opportunities for close encounters with other residents and dolphins. SeaWorld in Orlando is among the biggest marine parks and therefore it is a must-visit.

#4: Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is located just nearby SeaWorld, Orlando and is one of the premium attractions. The tourists can experience the best mysteries of sea in a setting of island resort. Few options can include snorkeling through a reef, swimming with dolphins and wading through stingrays. When on land, you can sit back on the lounge chairs which will give you a typical tropical feel. Visitors can buy all-inclusive pass for a day due to the immense popularity of Discovery Cove.

#5: Islands of Adventure

The islands of adventure are located at Universal Orlando and it has 5 unique islands, each of them are created with a disparate theme and your visit to these islands will become complete with the different forms of entertainment.

#6: Typhoon Lagoon

This is Disney’s most famous water parks that you will find there and with the several rides and slides and wave pools that are available, small children can always enjoy themselves. When you visit Shark Reef, you can get a chance to swim with bonnethead sharks, with leopards and also along with stingrays.

Therefore, now that you know the best places to visit in Orlando, what keeps you waiting? Pack your bags and book your tickets to Orlando!

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