The vitality and necessity of staying at eco-resorts – Reasons to stay in one

By the definition of this word, an eco-resort is the type of lodging facility which puts in efforts to minimize its carbon footprint while giving back to the environment. For some people, this definition would definitely be too lenient and unprofessional. With the growing numbers of eco-resorts in small, uninhabited and tropical locations, the marine environment is all that helps such locations earn their daily living.

Although there are Vitality Resorts which can alter your entire travel experience, yet there are many more necessary things that are offered by green resorts which make them a better place to live in. Read on to know more on eco-friendly resorts.

Eco-resort – What should you expect from them?

Well, there are enough of them but in order to stay in one, you don’t require flying half-way through the world to enjoy the essence of eco-resorts. There are several lodging facilities in the US which are all environment-friendly. Among them, there are few which reach out to extreme measures to remain sustainable. Do you want to know about some of their policies? Here are few.

  • No usage of bug repellants or chemical fragrances
  • No smoking
  • You have to either leave your shoes near the door or cover them with neoprene booties lest you bring in pollutants from outdoor
  • You have to leave your personal belongings like grooming objects at home as you’ll be given all organic products

There are many who give in their best efforts to travel to a place to seep in the green culture and this is why it is said that sustainability and tourism go hand in hand. When the ultimate reasons for commuting to a certain area are eliminated, the accomodation facilities will also close. The resorts which are eager to retain their base of customers, they will abide by the environment-friendly policies and assist the local surroundings. Hence, even though you might require emitting a little bit of carbon to drive to a green place, it’s all that you should do as that is what matters.

How to know whether or not a resort is an eco-friendly one

Firstly, you could ask the resort authorities whether or not it is an eco-resort. Or you can directly ask for the valuable opinions of the past guests through the social networking sites. In majority of the states which focus on sustainability, they are usually proud of the efforts and they take a step ahead to promote their efforts. There are even some that feature a green page on their company website. Some others might seek a 3rd party certification and this is one of the best ways of ensuring that your resort is eco-friendly.

So, you require doing your homework and reading up the principles and policies of the places which you’re visiting. But in case you’re an adventurous person and wish to retain things for your next generation, think of spending free nights at the Maldives.

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