5 Pet Travel Tips

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When you’re traveling, does your pet have a safe and enjoyable trip too?

“Travel consultants know the right questions to ask and where to find the answers, which means that your pet can be the perfect addition to a perfect vacation,” says Chris Russo, ASTA president and chair.   For example, your travel agent can call ahead and find out if your hotel or motel is pet-friendly.
Here are 5 other pet travel tips from ASTA:
  • See the vet first. “Before you take your pet anywhere, take him to the vet for an overall checkup, and ask for the number of an associate in the area where you will be staying. If you’re unsure whether your pet is up for the trip – ask.  Most airline and state officials mandate a clean bill of health in the form of a health certificate dated within 10 days prior to travel before your pet can fly. Traveling abroad sometimes assumes an automatic quarantine upon arrival whether or not there is an outbreak of a disease.”
  • Always keep an ID collar on your pet. “Make sure your name and phone number is on your pet’s ID collar. Always travel with favorite toys, proof of vaccination and proper licenses. Bring color photos of your pet, too, in the unfortunate event he gets lost.”

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Photo credit: TravelingGreener.com


  • Research the rules and regulations. “Because airlines limit the number of pets that can be on board at once, have your travel agent notify the airline of your pet when your reservation is made. Also ask for the allowable dimensions of your pet carrier. Regulations state that dogs and cats must be at least eight weeks old and fully-weaned before flying. Written instructions for food and water must accompany any shipped pet regardless of the amount of time they are scheduled to spend in transit.”
  • Know the ‘kennel’. “Let your pet eat and sleep in the kennel before you leave. Prior to departure, exercise, feed and give water to your pet, and place a dish for food and one for water inside the kennel. If you’re shipping your pet, write the words “LIVE ANIMAL” on the crate with arrows pointing in the upright direction, and put your name, phone number and address on a well-fastened label.”
  • Take care on road trips. “Be careful if you’re driving to your destination. Countless pets die each year from heatstroke after being left alone in hot cars. As a general rule, if you leave your car, your pet should leave. If you park, make sure it’s in a shaded area. Exercise is necessary – make frequent stops for water and exercise, keeping a leash on your pet at all times. If your pet is unaccustomed to car trips, take some practice drives. And, leave a window of six hours before a car trip during which your pet is not eating.”

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