Year round people travel all over the globe, whether it is for business or for leisure. And as you probably well know by now, there is plenty that can go wrong as you go to book your stay or flight or even navigate your way throughout a new city. Fortunately, there are numerous travel apps available to ease all of this—all you need is your cellphone and you are good to go.

So which apps should you check out? These are the top 3 worth using:

1. PlanChat

If you are planning a trip with a group of people, Planchat is the app for you. It allows everyone to share different ideas on an easy to use platform for the group to see. There is a photo and video share feature provided. Include where you’d like to go, what attractions you’d like to see, top restaurants you’d like to explore as well as any shopping stores in the area. Planchat allows you to coordinate all of these activities, making the planning process go much more smoothly.


Since some destinations aren’t child-friendly, most parents have to often go out of their way to explore various locations and activities to go to or do. With that said, Yuggler is the perfect app for parents who are trying to accommodate the interests of their children. Before traveling, simply select a destination you’d like to go to, such as Europe or somewhere tropical and Yuggler will inform you of all the child-friendly locations within that city. Want parameter specifics, there is a search filter to narrow your results. However before you should embark on your trip, make sure you have a home security system in place before you go so you can prevent a home burglary from occurring while you are away.


Lecaleur lets you explore and see things from a local’s perspective. After all, sometimes it’s good to get off the beaten path and explore where locals in the area eat and shop. What if you could find the perfect boutique, market or restaurant that isn’t jammed packed with every other tourist flocking to it? So many tourists do the same thing when they travel to a specific city or town, so they aren’t experiencing the full effect of a destination’s highlights.

These apps will undoubtedly enhance your traveling experience. Plan your trip and enjoy all the sights your destination has to offer. Who knew so much could be accessed with just your phone or tablet?

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