Traveling to Israel with your kids – Some ideas of enjoying together

While Israel is a popular destination and is well-known for being a religious pilgrimage, but still majority of the tourists don’t place Israel at the top of their holiday destinations. Due to the mostly negative press coverage that the country is bestowed with, it is not accepted in a proper way as it deserves. People rarely realize that Israel is a living history goldmine so ancient and deep that you can hardly believe it. There are tourists who find each and every facet of the country so meaningful and rich which the kids won’t definitely understand but there are many other things that the youngsters would love in Israel. Read on the article to know more on some traveling ideas to Israel along with your kids.

  1. Nimrod’s Fortress: We all are sure about the fact that kids usually love the idea of castles and fortresses as this give wings to their imagination. Who wouldn’t love the ancient castle-like fortress with staircases and tunnels, vistas and statues as far as your eyesight would reach. History, hide and seek, princesses, pirates and there are endless things that your kid can imagine about. Even the parents of kids will surely love the history of this location and its essence.
  2. Eating Hummus & Pita: Most of the kids fear the idea of eating new food, but not in Israel. In this country, the norm is to eat with your hands. When you dip your pita bread into the hummus which is covered with cream. The cost varies from one location to another and hence there is no fixed price.
  3. Mount Bental: This provides a vast view for adults and it also offers mysterious excitement for the kids. Although these dark tunnels have a drab past, they give new life to your children to move through and search things. While tourists visit there, a group of tourists release a bunch of balloons to watch where the wind takes them and this is seen as a great exercise and activity. This location offers kids a hands-on experience to know about some important chapters of history and the modern state of Israel.
  4. The Dead Sea: The Dead Sea constitutes of 33% salt, which is 10 times the typical amount which is found in other oceans. This is called the Dead Sea as there’s no life that grows in this sea. Due to the high salt content in this sea, you can float with ease, lift up your arms and legs, read a newspaper and stay high out of the water. The mud at the sea-bed also carries some healing properties and your kids will simply love to spread the mud all over their body.

Therefore, if you’ve travelled to Israel and you don’t know how to travel to different parts, you can opt for a Shlomo Sixt car rental Israel and use the vehicle to move to various parts. Take into account the above mentioned tips to enjoy your vacation with your kids.

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